Change Your Opinion In A Flash

| Indian Orchard, MA, USA | Family & Kids, Geeks Rule

(A little kid comes up and he’s wearing one of those plush animal hats that are so popular.)

Me: “Hey, I like your hat.”

Kid: “It’s a cheetah!”

Me: “That’s way cool. That’s the fastest animal on Earth. It’s faster than any person or animal. Even a horse can’t run faster.”

Kid: “Except The Flash.”

Me: “Oh, yes, The Flash.”

The Yuck Stops Here

| Indian Orchard, MA, USA | Bad Behavior, Staff, Students, Transportation

(I am a crossing guard. On this particular day, several middle school students are waving and smiling at random motorists, then laughing about it.)

Me: “Are you trying to annoy the drivers?”

Students: *giggling “Yes!”

Me: “That’s my job!”