A Capital Pun

| Boston, MA,  USA | Language & Words, Punny

(I teach senior design students at a university. I am grading reports at home and grumbling about the multitudinous grammar errors.)

Me: “I swear, this group dumped a can of commas at random all over their paper!”

Husband: “Hmm.”

Me: “And the random capitals! It’s like they have no idea what to capitalize, so they just capitalize every other word and hope!”

Husband: “So you are railing about the evils of capitalism, but you are not a commanist?”

Me: “Okay… that is so going on NotAlwaysLearning…”


Maybe They Weren’t Born In The USA

| Northboro, MA, USA | Musical Mayhem

(Because I only need three history classes to graduate, I skip history my junior year and take a junior class my senior year. One day the teacher comes in holding a CD.)

Teacher: “All right! We’re listening to The Boss today!”

Me: “Oh, man! Yes!”

Classmate: *after nobody else says anything* “Uhm… The Boss?”

Me: “Wait… you don’t know? Bruce Springsteen!”

(A few of my classmates nod at this, but most of them still seem confused.)

Me: “You don’t know Bruce Springsteen?!”

Classmate: “I guess it’s a generation thing…”

Me: “I’m ONE year older than you!”


And Not A Seconds Too Soon

| IL, USA | Awesome, Food & Drink, Teachers

(Today is the day that the food inspector is here. As such, the lunch procedure is slightly changed, including not being able to get seconds. Eventually, the food inspector leaves, and our teacher goes over to us.)

Teacher: *in a stage whisper* “The evil food lady is gone! We can go get seconds now!”


Smart Comment

| DC, USA | Teachers

(We are working on setting goals in class. The students are researching what is needed to get into their chosen future career.)

Boy: “Miss, what do you want for your career?”

Me: “I’m already in my career. I’m a teacher!”

Boy: “But you’re so smart…”

(I had to smile after that!)


A Lannister Always Pays His Student Debts

| Scotland, UK | History, Movies & TV

(It’s 2014, and I’m beginning my first year of university. One of my electives is ‘Early Medieval Scottish History’ and this is the first lecture.)

Lecturer: “Welcome to Medieval History! We have an unprecedentedly large number of you in the class this year! We had to find a bigger lecture hall! It’s so great to see so many bright new faces ready to be imparted with knowledge!”

(A beat.)

Lecturer: “You’re all here because of Game of Thrones, aren’t you?”

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