Flush That Idea Down The Toilet

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(Our English teacher has nothing planned for the day, so she decides to explain to all us freshmen what we should do during our upcoming lockdown drill.)

Student #1: “Well, that’s all good advice if we’re in the classroom, but what if it’s during a passing period?”

Teacher: “Just duck into the nearest classroom.”

Student #1: “What if we’re in the bathroom?”

Teacher: “Well, get decent first, but be quick. Don’t stop to wash your hands or anything. If you’re really that worried about clean hands, there’s hand sanitizer in every classroom anyway.”

Student #2: “Wouldn’t the intruder hear the toilet flush and head straight for me?”

Teacher: “Don’t stop to flush the toilet.”

Student #3: “But they’re automatic. They flush the second you stand up.”

Teacher: “Okay… On second thought, don’t stand up. Don’t even move. Just… Pull your feet up and pray, I guess.” *muttering* “Why anyone ever thought those new toilets were a good investment is beyond me.”


I’m All Out Of Elbow Grease

| USA | Art/Design, Health & Body, Teachers

(I am taking a ceramics class in college. I have fibromyalgia which causes pain and stiffness in my muscles and joints. I also have a muscle disorder. This is affecting my work and causing me pain so I decide to talk to my professor. My professor is known for shouting “Elbows down! Push!”)

Me: “Hi, Professor. I’m still having trouble with my work. I think it is because I can’t physically put my elbows down and it is hard to push. I have a muscle condition and fibromyalgia.”

Professor: “So, do you want to stop?”

Me: “No, I’ll keep trying.”

Professor: “Okay, you go back and I will come see.”

(I return to my space and restart working, even though it is painful.)

Professor: *exasperated* “Elbows down! Push!”


Making You Feel Like A Plumbum

| TX, USA | Language & Words, Math & Science

(I am in an advanced chemistry class towards the end of the year. We are going over lead, for which the atomic symbol is ‘Pb.'”)

Student: “What element is Pb?”

Teacher: “That’s lead.”

Student: “Wait, what’s a peeb?”