Gone Way Past The Border Of Stupidity

| Winnipeg, MT, Canada | Extra Stupid, Geography

(I’m in ninth grade English class and we’re working on group projects about the Canadian governmental parties. My group of three has gone so far off topic that we’ve landed on citizenship and what happens if a baby is born on a plane flying over a foreign country.)

Group Member #1: “I was born on the border of Mongolia and Africa, but I’m Canadian. Explain that.”

Group Member #2: “What did you just say?”

Group Member #1: “What?”

Me: “Are you sure about that, [Group Member #1]. Are you sure?”

Group Member #2: *points at the map at the wall* “So you were born in Afghanistan?”

Group Member #1: “Uhm. I, uh, was kidding?”

(He hasn’t lived this down. It’s become a running joke in our class about him being from the Mongolia-Africa border.)


Teacher Is On His Own Frequency

| Lynchburg, VA, USA | Awesome, Math & Science, Teachers

(My physics teacher often gets off topic. At the time we are discussing electromagnetic waves and she is pointing out how the higher frequency waves are more deadly, when she says this.)

Teacher: “Isn’t energy proportional to the frequency?”


Teacher: “I just made that up but it sounds right.”

(Sometimes I love my teacher.)


Gotta Carve’em All

| NC, USA | Games, Pets & Animals

(Back in middle school art class, our teacher is introducing our next project: arctic animals carved out of Ivory soap. He quickly carves an eagle, and is asking the class for suggestions on what to demo next.)

Me: “A narwhal!”

Classmate: *gives me a disgusted look* “Pokémon aren’t real, [My Name]!”