Proof You Have More To Learn

| Denmark | Math & Science

(While studying how to do mathematical induction proofs, this came out of my fiancée’s mouth.)

Fiancée: “You know? I really like doing induction.”

Me: “You do?”

Fiancée: “Yeah! It’s like writing an essay with math!”

Me: “That’s what a proof is, love…”


Teaching Them Organ-ically

| Germany | Health & Body

(Religion course. Nearly end of class and we just finished a topic:)

Teacher: “Next time, we will talk about organ donation. I will bring something with me.”

Students: *laughing*

Teacher: “No, not what you think! I mean an organ donor card!”


Couch: Sponsored By Netflix

| NM, USA | Sports

(We are eighth graders on a field trip to a local high school for a retreat. There are multiple juniors leading small groups. We are doing ice-breakers to get to know each other. The group leader asks us if any of us play sports. There are six people in my group.)

Group Leader: “Do any of you guys play any sports?”

Girl #1: “Volleyball.”

Me: “Swimming.”

Boy #1: “Soccer.”

Boy #2: “Lacrosse and Tennis.”

Girl #2: “Couch.”

Me: “I think we all play couch.”