To Sleep, Perchance To Teach

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(I tend to have bad insomnia, especially near the end of term. I am at school and functioning on about an hour of sleep. In drama, we are moving around props because there are a few drama studios scattered around the school. One of the props is a sofa that is currently tucked into the corner of the studio we are doing the performance in. Everyone loves my drama teacher because he is really nice and absolutely hilarious, and tends to be sympathetic towards students.)

Teacher: “[My Name]?”

Me: “Sorry?”

Teacher: “Can you get the candelabra from the theatre? It should be backstage.”

Me: *sleepily* “Okay…”

Teacher: *concerned* “Are you okay? You seem a bit spacey.”

Me: *explains about insomnia*

Teacher: *addressing class* “Okay everyone, here are your jobs.” *assigns tasks*  “[My Name], go and sleep on the sofa.”

Me: *shocked* “Sorry…?”

Teacher: “There’s a sofa with your name on it. Now, go and sleep.”

(I did as he said and got comfortable on the sofa. I was so exhausted it didn’t take me long to drop off. I was awakened half-an-hour later by my friend so that we could go to Chemistry. I was extremely thankful, and my friends thought it was hilarious. It made my day one hundred percent better.)


You Really Hope They Got The Flashcards Mixed Up

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(We are playing a review game right before a test.)

Teacher: “What is an example of a universalizing religion?”

Student: “Hitler!”


Riders On The Storm

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(My freshman year I live in an all women’s dorm where you could hear almost everything through the walls. One afternoon my roommate has her friend wait out a bad storm in our room when we start hearing a bed squeaking and moaning coming from the floor above us. Ten seconds later it stops.)

Friend: “Well I’m not sure who’s more embarrassed: that girl, her boyfriend, or the unfortunate audience.”