New Year, Same Casual Racism

| Perth, WA, Australia | Bad Behavior, Bigotry, Teachers

(This is my second year in a row I have this particular teacher, and the third time in total. I had already left her class once because I couldn’t stand her, and I regarded it as a miracle that I remained in her class the second time. This occurs around March, as she calls the roll.)

Teacher: “[Asian Student #1]?”

(This student is absent. She continues on.)

Teacher: “[Asian Student #2]?”

(This student is also absent.)

Teacher: “Hmm. Must be Chinese New Year.”

Other Student: “What the h***?”

Teacher: “Oh, come off it.”

(Needless to say, I didn’t remain in her class again.)


Translations And Spiders And French, Oh My

| UK | Language & Words, Teachers

Teacher: “Bonjour!”

Me: “You sound particularly bright today, Miss.”

Friend: “Why the French, though?”

Teacher: “I was thinking about something that happened on a French exchange trip.”

Me: “Oh, yeah?”

Teacher: “Instead of saying ‘no thanks, I’m full’ when declining food, I accidentally told them I was pregnant.”

Me: “Nice one.”

Friend: “Is there a moral of the story?”

Teacher: “Don’t go on French exchange trips.” *pauses then walks over to a microscope, holding something* “Do you want to come look under a microscope at this dead spider I found?”


See If It’s Possible To Reproduce That Reaction

| MA, USA | Health & Body, Math & Science, Students

(I’m in a biology class and the teacher is going over the subjects we are going to cover. No one’s paying much attention, not even this goody-two-shoes uber-Christian kid, until something comes up…)

Teacher: “So, our next topic is locomotion. And then after that is reproduction.”

Student: “AGGGHHHH!”

(He yells with a mixture of horror, pain, and disgust. The entire class drops dead silent and stares at him for a good ten seconds.)

Teacher: “I take it that’s not your favorite subject?”