Michelle 2020!

| Lancaster, PA, USA | Politics

(We’re in fifth grade learning about government. Our teacher is a woman.)

Teacher: “Now, if the president dies while in office, do you know who becomes president then?”

Student: *raises hand* “The president’s wife?”

Teacher: *laughs* “No! It would be wonderful if that were true, though!”


A Decent Grade Of Consideration

| Kansas City, MO, USA | Excuses, Homework, Popular, Time

(It has been a pretty rough day for me since I am feeling rather crummy. I’ve already missed two classes of geometry. It’s my first time in a week that I’ve even stepped foot in the room and to my horror we have a test over a unit I know nothing about. Apparently I wasn’t the only one who wasn’t prepared as I go up to ask for make up work. Note: we have these books called ‘think books’ full of notes we can use on our test to help us out.)

Student: “Can you just curve it up? I’m going to get kicked off the team if I have a ‘D.’”

Teacher: “I don’t care. You had plenty of time to study and prepare and you didn’t even bring your think book. That’s like playing baseball without a helmet.”

Student: “Please, I promise I’ll come in everyday to study for the next one.”

Teacher: “No, you said that after the last one.”

Student: *walks away* “Man, that’s bull-s***.”

Me: “Hi. I was sick these past couple of days and I was wondering if you had any make up work?”

Teacher: “It’s all on e-campus.”

(I begin to walk away when she stops me.)

Teacher: “Don’t worry about the test today. Just get that work done.”

Me: “Why?”

Teacher: “Because you asked politely.”

(I was surprised at that, as most teachers in our school wouldn’t care and have you take the test regardless, fail it, then do a retake. I can’t thank that teacher enough because it saved my grade that semester.)


Totally Wired For This Drill

| USA | Physical, Students

(We are in class discussing an upcoming lockdown drill. We’re told that when the lockdown starts, we have to crouch down along the wall by the door.)

Student #1: “But if someone’s in the building, they can look through the door window and see all our backpacks and stuff.”

Student #2: “If there ever is a real lockdown, we should set up a trip wire.”

Student #3: “Yeah, and someone should wait by the door with a textbook to slam down when the guy trips over the wire.”

Teacher: “You three should be in charge of lockdown drills.”