Follow My Misdirection

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(In Spanish class we are playing Kahoot, a multiple choice quiz game. The quiz is about a specific verb tense, which is formed using the “opposite” of the usual verb endings. When a trick question comes up, the teacher reminds us:)

Teacher: “Remember, you want to use the opposite ending.”

(We all give the correct conjugation for [tense], and the game tells us we are wrong.)

Teacher: “This sentence starts with ‘Creo que,’ which is a time when you don’t use [tense]. It should just be a regular present tense verb. It’s a trick question.”

Me: “Wait a minute, you told us to add the opposite ending. Wasn’t that a lie?”

(Note that although unexpected, the switch-up is not outside what we’ve learned.)

Teacher: “I wanted you guys to get it wrong so I could explain it to you.”

Me: “…?”


Reading Too Much Into It

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(I’m squinting at the board to read.)

Teacher: “[My Name], are you in horrific pain or just trying to read? Or is that the same thing for you?”


Trumpet Versus A Strumpet

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(We are getting ready for band class. One of the trumpet players is grabbing her instrument case from her locker when suddenly her case opens up, all the contents spilling out and making a huge mess: valve oil, cleaning grease, etc. This includes her trumpet, which clatters to the ground hard enough to dent the instrument so badly there is no way she can play it without major repairs. Obviously, she is shocked and sad because of this, and as a few people go to comfort her, another girl starts laughing.)

Girl: “That’s what you get, f***ing slut! F*** your trumpet!”

Me: “Excuse me? Why the h*ll are you laughing?”

Girl: “That b***h though she could be so sneaky and hit on my boyfriend? Nuh-uh! She needs to stay the f*** away from him!”

Trumpet Player: “What…? I’m not hitting on your boyfriend! I don’t even know who your boyfriend is!”

Girl: “Yeah, you do, c***! You thought you could be so clever and hide it, huh? F***ing naming your trumpet after him!”

Trumpet Player: “I named my trumpet ‘B. B. King’…”

(It should be noted that our concert band players have a tradition of naming their instruments after musicians. For example: My saxophone is named after Louis Armstrong.)

Girl: “Exactly!”

Me: “She named her trumpet after a musician…”

Girl: “No! Those are my boyfriend’s initials!”

(Both the trumpet player and I suddenly realize that one of the boys in our school happens to have initials that spell out “B. B. King.”)

Trumpet Player: *suddenly calm* “I’m going to explain something to you very clearly, so we don’t have this misunderstanding again…”

Girl: “What? That you’re a f****** wh*** that should kill herself?”


Girl: “I’m not paying for s***!”

(The trumpet player’s family threatened to sue the girl’s family unless she paid for the damages. And it turned out that the girl’s boyfriend wasn’t really happy for the loving gesture consisting of property damage over a coincidentally-named instrument. He dumped her.)