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Hogwarts Kitchen Staff

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(As some of the cafeteria ‘stations’ close earlier than others, my coworker is starting to pack up the extra food for the night. As she is doing this, a student approaches her.)

Coworker: “I’m sorry, we’re closed.”

Student: *points at the food she’s packing away* “Food.”

Coworker: “Um…”

Student: “There’s still food.”

Coworker: “Closed. We’re still closed.”

(The student let out an exasperated sigh and walked away. What, did they think the food just magically vanished the instant that the station closed or something?)

Must Have Been Studying Relativity

| CA, USA | Exams/Tests, Time

(While I was working in the tutoring/study center of my college, at the sign-out desk:)

Customer: *handing me his card* “Aw, yeah! I studied for hours! Must have broken study records! Yeah!”

(He goes on like this as I sign him out and doesn’t slow down after, all the way out the door. My screen shows the duration of his visit.)

Me: *to my coworker* “He was here for 20 minutes…”

Not Saved By The Bell

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(At my college library at closing time, we signal by pressing a bell at 15 minutes, 10 minutes, and then 5 minutes to close. There are always two people on closing shift: one person stays at the checkout counter to help people check out books and the other person walks around the floors, politely reminding everyone that it’s time to leave. One night, after I have rung the 15 minute and 10 minute warning bells, a girl storms up to the checkout counter.)

Girl: “Someone up there keeps ringing a bell. You need to make them stop. It’s very loud and I’m trying to study!”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, I did. That’s our closing warning bell. We’re closing for the night in 10 minutes. Please pack up your books to leave.”

Girl: “Humph! Well, you shouldn’t make it so loud. I have a test to study for!”

(Guess who made me and my shift-mate 10 minutes late to close that night while she packed up her books?)

Leaping Ahead Of The Teacher

| GA, USA | Awesome, Students, Teachers, Time

(At the beginning of my freshman year of high school, my great-grandmother died. The ensuing funeral activities, requiring a flight across the country, put me out of school for eight days after having only attended one day so far that year. As a result, when I return, I don’t know my teachers very well. This occurs on my first day back.)

Teacher: “[My Name], since you were gone so long, can you tell me why we have a leap year every four years?”

Me: “Because a day isn’t exactly 24 hours, it’s—”

(I finish my sentence, though he talks over me for this particular part.)

Teacher: “23 hours and 56 minutes.”

Me: *finishing my sentence without skipping a beat* “…and four seconds.”

(The rest of the class suddenly “OOOOOH”s, making me a bit anxious because I have no clue what I did wrong.)

Teacher: “I’ll let it slide this once, because you haven’t been here. But you never correct a teacher.”

(For the rest of class, I would catch my classmates glancing over and snickering. By the time class was over, I was almost in tears from the ridicule.)

Happy Holidays… Unless You’re In Retail

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(We’re talking about jobs before school starts. I don’t have one, but Classmate #1 works at a restaurant, and Classmate #2 works at a popular store where you can buy stuff for a little more than a dollar.)

Classmate #1: “I worked Christmas Eve this year, until 8:00.”

Classmate #2: “So did I. They had us there until 8:30.”

Me: “You work in food service, and you work in retail. You’re SURPRISED?”

(Then I remembered a small detail.)

Me: *looking at [Classmate #2]* “And you’re Jewish!”

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