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Colorblind To Reason

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(This happens on our first day of school when I am freshman in High School. I have a rare condition which makes me completely colorblind.)

Me: *Introducing myself to other students* “And also, I’m colorblind.”

Student: “Cool! Oh, wait!” *gets up and waves hand in front of my face* “How many fingers am I holding up?”

Me: “…”


See If It’s Possible To Reproduce That Reaction

| MA, USA | Health & Body, Math & Science, Students

(I’m in a biology class and the teacher is going over the subjects we are going to cover. No one’s paying much attention, not even this goody-two-shoes uber-Christian kid, until something comes up…)

Teacher: “So, our next topic is locomotion. And then after that is reproduction.”

Student: “AGGGHHHH!”

(He yells with a mixture of horror, pain, and disgust. The entire class drops dead silent and stares at him for a good ten seconds.)

Teacher: “I take it that’s not your favorite subject?”


A Name That Doesn’t Travel Well

| Switzerland | Field Trip, Students, Transportation

(My last name, Nielsen, while common, causes my school some grievances, as they keep thinking it is Neilson. My middle name is uncommon and they can never spell that right either. We are at an airport as we are going on a field trip.)

Airport Attendant: “Sorry, but we don’t have a Mr. Niel-sen on this flight.”

Me: “Is there a Mr. Neilson?”

Airport Attendant: “Yes, but different middle name, there is no ‘g’ in it.”

Me: *turning to my homeroom teacher* “Odd as this may sound, could you please tell me how to spell my name?”

Teacher: *spells my first name without a flaw and my middle name without the ‘g’* “N-e-i-l-s-o-n.”

Me: *back at the airport attendant* “I probably didn’t order the ticket, so if there is any issues here we can at least agree I am not the one who doesn’t know how to spell my name?”

(They let me go on the trip, though they shouldn’t have.)

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