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(I’m in my Human Resource Management class. About 75% of the class is male; however, the professor is female. We are having a class discussion on different types of discrimination in the workplace.)

Classmate #1: “Okay, okay… I get where you guys are going with this, but aren’t there jobs that women shouldn’t do?”

Professor: “Explain.”

Classmate #1: “Like really physical jobs. Those are for men! Also, being in management—”

Professor: “Be very careful with what comes out of your mouth next, [Classmate #1].”

Classmate #1: “But managing is a man’s job!”

(Every girl in the classroom, including myself, whips around in their chairs and stares at him.)

Classmate #2: “So, what are you saying? That only men should be managers?”

Classmate #1: “NO! That is not what I said!”

Me: “Really? Because that is what JUST came out of your mouth.”

Classmate #2: “So, what do you think women should be doing instead of managing?”

Classmate #3: *shakes his head* “[Classmate #1]… Dude… just admit that you’ve lost and don’t answer that question!”

Classmate #1: “Women should be teachers, or secretaries, or just stay at home. Leave the managing to the men!”

Classmate #4: “WHAT?!”

Me: “So, what about those of us who are female and management majors? We’re just out of luck in your world?”

Classmate #1: “Um… Well, when you put it that way, no…”

Me: “That doesn’t line up with what you said earlier about us needing to be teachers or secretaries.”

Classmate #1: “[Professor]! Help me! I didn’t mean it!”

Professor: “Nope. What you’ve been saying for the last five minutes is a massive HR violation and would get you fired in the real world. You deserve whatever these girls dish out at you. And, by the way, they are ALL Management majors!”

(He got very quiet after that.)

Extra Credit For Using Common Sense

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(I’m taking a science lab. Student #1 is what is referred to as a non-traditional student at the college. She’s middle-aged and has a small child. Student #2 is a rather obnoxious know it all (who really doesn’t know it all). Our lab is at three to five pm, but one night at around nine pm there is a guest presentation offered for the entire college. If we go, our professor gives us extra credit. I go and see Student #1, who has her daughter in tow. The little girl sits still the entire time and happily colors. She’s not a distraction at all. The next day is our lab and when I get to the room, Student #2 is already there.)

Student #2: “I saw you at the lecture.”

Me: “Oh, yeah, I liked it a lot.”

Student #2: “Did you see [Student #1]? Can you believe she brought a kid?”

Me: *taken aback* “…yes?”

(A reasonable person would have realized her daughter’s caregiver during our lab time wasn’t available during the lecture.)

College Of Fools

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(I work in student services, and a lot of my calls are to help students who can’t figure out how to log into the school’s system or find their transcripts. A few of my favorite comments recently:)

Student #1: “I tried all my passwords — Batman, SuperBatman, SuperCoolBatman — and nothing works!”

Student #2: “My first and last initials? You mean, like, the first and second letter of my first name?”

Student #3: “I tried to order my transcript from [Other College] and they want to charge me for it. Can’t you just call them and ask them for it so they’ll send it for free?”

Student #4: “I don’t see why I have to set up an account with you. I don’t want the email address, and if I can’t log in to the system to register for classes, then you’ll just have to do it for me and that will be your problem, not mine.”

Student #5: *after having an account go to collections* “Well, I ignored the bill because I wasn’t going to go back to your school. Now you won’t give me my transcript if I don’t pay? I need it right now, so I don’t think I should have to pay the bill since I’m still not coming back to your school.”

It Had To Be Asked:

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(In history class, we’re learning about the Quakers. One student decides to ask this very important question.)

Student: “Did they, like, invent oatmeal?”

As Real As Your Common Sense

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(I am in chemistry class my junior year, because I didn’t do any of the work the previous year. I have a 100 average in the class and the class is full of not-so-smart people. As we’re watching a reenactment of a scientist discovering something important in the 1800s:)

Classmate: “Wait, is this real? Like, are those the actual people?”

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