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Downside Up

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(I am the teacher. While reading directions to a lab, I also read the lame cartoon I had included on the lab sheet. When the class laughed/groaned, one of my students finally perked up:)

Student #1: “Wait, what?”

Me: “I just read the cartoon.”

Student #2: “But my paper’s in Spanish!”

Student #1: *reaching over and turning paper* “Your paper is just upside down.”

Student #2: “Oh.”


No One Expects THAT Spanish Inquisition

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(I’m a history major and have loved history since as long as I can remember. However, this professor is unprofessional, rude, and often gives inaccurate information. There is about ten minutes left of class after we go over the last night’s readings, so he’s giving some background “history” regarding our readings. I’m not really listening because he often says things I don’t believe are historically accurate. I’m just staring at my notes when suddenly he says something that peaks my interest.)

Professor: “Queen Isabella believed that when Jesus came, all the Jews in the world would be killed. That’s what the inquisition was really about. She was trying to help them.”

Me: *thinking in my head* “What the actual…”


Walt Dumas

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(One of my biggest memories of my freshman year was when we were playing Kahoot! It’s a fast-paced review game that you can play with any device.)

Question: “What book did Niccolo Machiavelli write?”

(I chose the incorrect answer: The Three Musketeers.)

History Teacher: “This is a question for fun. Who actually wrote The Three Musketeers?”

Boy: “Walt Disney?”


A Rose By Any Other Game

| San Marcos, CA, USA | Extra Stupid, History

(This class is on Medieval English literature. Unfortunately, due to how my brain is structured, I have no filter from my thoughts to my mouth.)

Teacher: “So this was written just after the War of the Roses—”

Me: “So not the one fought at the Rose bowl?”


A Staple Part Of The Lesson

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(My economics teacher was fun and laidback. One day, he got a memo from the administration and asked the class about it.)

Teacher: “I got this memo that I should watch out for students stapling themselves. Do you guys know about this? Are kids stapling themselves?”

Class: *laughing, shaking heads* “No. We haven’t seen that.”

Teacher: “Okay, well, nobody staple themselves. That’s a rule now.”

(The teacher in the classroom next door turns on a video and a musical intro starts playing VERY loudly.)

Teacher: It sounds like they’re watching Little House on the Prairie. ‘In this episode, Laura staples herself.’”

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