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They Scored A Triple ‘F’

| Antwerp, Belgium | Extra Stupid, History

(I’m on the bus passing F. Rooseveltplaats which translates as F. Roosevelt Square when I overheard following:)

Teenager #1: “Yeah, you know, the “F” stands for “Franklin” and I researched this guy. He was an American president, you know.”

Teenager #2: “Don’t you mean Theodore Roosevelt? Maybe it is Theodore Franklin Roosevelt?”

Teenager #1: “No, it’s Franklin; maybe there are two presidents Roosevelt?”

Teenager #2: “The only other Franklin I know is Benjamin Franklin. Maybe the square is named after the two of them.”

Teenager #1: “Maybe.”

Teenager #2: “You know, Franklin invented the kite.”

Teenager #1: “Really?”

Teenager #2: “Oh, yeah. For us, a kite is nothing but back then, they didn’t have much for entertainment and it was quite a big deal.”

(This was as much as I could handle but fortunately my stop was up.)


If The Name Fitz

| ID, USA | Books & Reading, Extra Stupid

(I’m in a high school music appreciation class. A friend of mine in this class is a classic blonde both physically and mentally. She’s sweet and smart, but can be ditzy at times. We’re studying jazz and the teacher is just starting to introduce us to Ella Fitzgerald.)

Friend: “Ellafitz. That’s a funny name!”

(Most of us were too nice to laugh out loud, but it still makes me chuckle. I miss her.)


Not Presenting The Best Version Of Themselves

| Durban, South Africa | Exams/Tests, Extra Stupid, Popular

(My colleague and I are filling out registration forms to give presentations at a conference.)

Colleague: “What did you put for “Title”?”

Me: “I put ‘PhD student.’”

Colleague: “I put ‘Miss.’”

Me: “Well, I guess we’ll find out which one was correct.”

(Some time later our supervisor comes out of his office struggling not to laugh.)

Supervisor: “I think where they asked for ‘Title’ they meant the titles of your presentations…”

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