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The Civil Wrong Movement

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(We have just finished a test in my American history class about the Civil Rights movement.)

Girl: *to her friend* “Man, that last question was hard! I couldn’t remember which came first, the Civil Rights movement or the Civil War!”


Return To The First Grade

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(This happened when I was in seventh grade history class. We are talking about Lewis and Clark.)

Teacher: “And on their return trip—”

Student: “Wait, what’s a return trip?”


The Sad State Of Education

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(In my ninth grade geometry class we have a teacher who can best be described as a bit of a space cadet. Somehow we get on the topic of the number of states in the US.)

Student: “The US has 50 states.”

Teacher: “No, there are a 52.”

(The rest of us stare at her.)

Me: “No, he’s right; there are 50 states.”

Teacher: “That can’t be true, because they added Alaska and Hawaii when I was in school.”

Me: “Right. Those two were added to 48. Which they call the ‘Lower 48.'”

(The rest of the class keeps trying to convince her that there are, in fact, only 50 states. She finally pulls out an almanac in order to prove us wrong. Seeing that the almanac lists the states in three columns of 17, she informs us that there are 51 states in the US.)

Me: “Does it list the District of Columbia?”

Teacher: “Yes.”

Me: “DC isn’t actually a state.”

(She let it go after that, but kept saying that she was sure there were 52.)


Talk About An Easy Challenge!

| Chicago, IL, USA | Extra Stupid, Students

(This student is known for being talkative, and the teacher knows it best. It is just before announcements start.)

Student: “[Teacher], can I call my mom?”

(Announcements start.)

Teacher: “If you can make it through announcements without talking, sure.”

Student: “Okay.”

(Five seconds later.)

Student: “I just hope it goes fast because my mom is leaving for work soon.”

(Cue the teacher face-palming and the other kids staring at him in annoyance.)


Your Intelligence Exists In A Bubble

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(My school is in the process of switching to online evaluations of instructors, but the chemistry department is still doing written ones. This takes place while one is being administered for a lab lecture I’m in. As chemistry majors, we’ve all done this a hundred times.)

Administration Lady: “Who else needs a Scantron or and evaluation sheet? Does anybody need instructions? Any questions?”

Student: *joking* “Yeah, I’ve completely forgotten how to fill in bubbles.”

Administration Lady: “Okay. Any intelligent questions?”

Half The Class: “Ouch.”

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