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Got It A Brit Wrong

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(This takes place in my geography class. We’re looking at Great Britain.)

Teacher: “Now who can tell me what countries are part of Great Britain?”

(A few people raise their hands, including me, and the first couple people get the question wrong. Finally she gets to me.)

Me: “England, Scotland, and… Ireland?”

Teacher: “Close. It’s actually Wales, not Ireland.”

Other Student: *points and starts laughing at me*

Teacher: *glares at the other student* “You shut up. You guessed Italy and Germany were in there.”



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(I’m in eighth-grade health class and the teacher is talking about sperm.)

Teacher: “There are around 250 million to 300 million sperm cells in one ejaculation. Only one cell reaches the egg while the other cells die.”

Student: “Wait… so, that’s like, genocide, right?”


Rivers, Canals, Whatever

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(I coach a trivia team. This takes place during tryouts.)

Me: *reading trivia card* “Though famous for being blue, this river has a brown hue as it flows through Vienna.”

Student #1: “The Thames!” *mispronounced with a long A*

Student #2: “That’s the ‘Thames’ –” *pronounced correctly* “– and it goes through London, not Vienna! The correct answer is the Danube.”

Student #1: “Well, how was I supposed to know? I’ve never been to Italy.”

Student #2: “What does Italy have to do with it?”

Student #1: “That’s where Vienna is.”

Student #2: “Vienna is Austria. Why did you… Oh, wait… You were thinking of Venice.”

Student #1: “There’s a difference?”

Me: “[Student #1], if you make the team, you are not allowed to answer any geography questions. Ever.”

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