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A Catalog Of Errors

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(One of our classmates is a ditz, and very aware of it. We all like her very much, and she provides great entertainment for the class. Our teacher is explaining a book classification system, telling us it was created in 1933 in India.)

Teacher: “We don’t use it here much, but the theory on which it was based has been used to create search engines online, like Google.”

Classmate: “Wow, I didn’t think they had the Internet back then!”


The Advertisers’ Job Here Is Done

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(It’s tornado season. We have been on tornado lockdown since around 3:30. It’s now 5:15. We have gotten word that there have been funnel clouds sighted nearby. We are instructed to get the kids silent and back into cover position.)

Me: “[Student], turn around, put your head down, and get your hands over your head.”

Student: “Miss, I don’t want to crease my sneakers!”

Me: “Your shoes are not worth more than your life. Get your head down!”

Student: “Nuh-uh, these shoes were, like, $200.”


Need To Re-Sequence Your Answer

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(We are discussing conspiracy theories about the deaths of celebrities. We get to the part about the autopsies.)

Teacher: “Technology wasn’t very advanced back then so we couldn’t be certain about what actually caused the death of people.”

Student: “When did they invent DNA?”


Failed The Math

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(I am about to start my first year of college, and have signed up for a first-year seminar on the Swiss mathematician Euler and his work. I find out at the same time that only six other people are in the class. This was the discussion I had with my mom after finding out.)

Me: “Hmm, I wonder if I’ll be the only girl. At least, the class will be mostly guys. Not a lot of girls like math.”

Mom: “[My Name], think about what you just said.”

Me: “What? I mean, it’s not that I think girls can’t do math. They just don’t very often. You know I’m the nerdy exception.”

Mom: “[My Name]. For being so smart, sometimes you can be really stupid.”

(Key detail: the college I’m about to begin attending is a women’s college.)


Shouldn’t They Just Be Called ‘Pools’?

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(I am in an honors physical science class and we are looking at nuclear reactors as part of our nuclear unit. We are discussing where they store the waste.)

Teacher: “…And they store the waste in giant sized swimming pools.”

Student: “Wait, do they go swimming in the pools?”

Me: “Yeah, [Student], they go swimming in those pools.”

Student: “Wouldn’t that be dangerous?”

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