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Deputy Heading For Trouble

| UK | Bad Behavior, Staff

(I am currently in sixth form and heading to a teacher’s classroom to pick up a project I’m working on. As I enter the building I cross paths with a teacher who taught me for five years straight, but recently was promoted to deputy headmistress. This teacher also interviewed me for my admittance into sixth form. During my time under her we didn’t really get on. She didn’t like anyone else having opinions other than hers and kicked me out frequently for either disagreeing or asking for clarity, so I already have little respect for her. In my school, sixth formers are the only students allowed to be out of uniform.)

Headmistress: “Where are you going?”

Me: “To Miss [Teacher]’s room.”

Headmistress: “Don’t you think you should be in class?”

Me: “No. I don’t have a lesson until this afternoon.”

Headmistress: “Do you realise you have just admitting to truancy to a deputy head?”

Me: “Sixth formers have study periods.”

Headmistress: “You’re a sixth former?”

Me: “You let me in…”

Headmistress: *squinting her eyes* “Where’s your timetable?”

(I take it out.)

Headmistress: “Where is your PRINTED timetable? The one you got at the beginning of the year.”

Me: “Sixth former. We don’t get them printed.”

Headmistress: “You’re far too young to be in sixth form. You barely look GCSE age.”

Me: “So I’m a fourteen year old with facial hair and out of uniform, and I have a timetable for lessons that you can’t even get a GCSE in?”

Headmistress: “Attitude!”

(She drags me by the arm to every group tutor in the GCSE years (10/11), and all verify that I am not in their group, their year, and am indeed a sixth former. She refuses to accept this and tries to take me to the reception. I sprain my ankle when she opens a door but lets it swing back at me making me lose my balance. I’m past done by this point. I rip myself out of her grip and head to my sixth form centre.)

Headmistress: “GET BACK HERE!”

Me: “Complain all you want, but I am DONE with you.”

Headmistress: *chasing after me as I limp* “I’ll have you excluded for this!”


(We make it to the sixth form centre but she bars me entry, along with everyone else trying to enter or leave. Our head comes out of her office.)

Head: “[Headmistress], what on earth are you doing?”

Headmistress: “Having this BOY expelled.”

Head: “Expelled? What for?”

Headmistress: “Truancy, attitude, assault.”

Me: “Assault! If anyone has been assaulted it’s me. My ankle’s already swelling.”

(The headmistress starts this crazed rant which includes me assaulting her because she broke a nail when I broke free, screaming and swearing at her, and lastly, skipping my English lesson.)

Head: “But, [My Name] doesn’t do English at A-Level.”

Me: “I don’t.”

(We end up going down to reception to have them verify my age. The headmistress acknowledged that I was in fact a SIXTH FORMER. I have my driving license on me, which helps, which I also wish I had shown earlier. The headmistress then waltzes away as if nothing is wrong, while I sit with an ice pack on my foot. My head speaks to me.)

Head: *shaking her head* “How ever did she last this long…”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Head: “Hazard a guess as to why she was promoted.”

(I shake my head.)

Head: “Because so many students complained about her that the only position she could fill was one where interaction with students was at a minimum, and that so happened to be the deputy head.”

(It was good to know I wasn’t the only one who hated her. She’s still there.)

The Teacher Forgot All Your Birthdays

| Lithuania | Bad Behavior, Children, Teachers

(I am in first grade. I am very excited to start learning but, honestly, I am not the brightest kid. On our first day, our teacher lines us all up by height and tells us each to say our name and then say our birthday. I am a bit was scared when it was my turn to say it.)

Teacher: “And when is your birthday?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

(This seemed to anger the teacher even further as a few previous kids didn’t know their birthdays either. She stood all the kids who didn’t know their birthdays in a separate line and started to shout at us.)

Teacher: “How can you all not even know your own birthday?! Now, I want you all to go home tonight and write your birthday on a sign and hang it around your neck and come to school with it, understand?! Not one of you dare come without it!”

(I was terrified since I couldn’t think of a way to make a sign myself and was almost in tears. Another girl was unfazed, though, and just told me she wasn’t going to make one, but I honestly believed what the teacher was shouting. When my mom picked me up I didn’t tell her anything since I was too embarrassed to tell her and only had one thing to ask.)

Me: “Mom, when is my birthday?”

Mom: “Oh, it’s [Date].”

(The next day no one showed up with any signs around their neck and the teacher seemed to have forgotten the incident all together.)

The Day The Students Flipped

, | KS, USA | Awesome, Bad Behavior, Non-Dialogue

My school has a cafeteria with high ceilings and windows with ledges about 30 feet up the wall. My classmates have been adamantly practicing the bottle flipping that has been going around the Internet, but as the class clown I know I can’t be outdone by some freshman with a sports drink bottle.

The cafeteria sells special juice bottles that I decide will he perfect for my stunt. I buy one, empty it to about right for bottle flipping, and stand near a wall. Keep in mind I haven’t told anyone what I’m going to do, but soon a couple people see me and the entire cafeteria quickly silences.

I can see the administrator giving me the stink eye, but I don’t let that stop me. I toss the bottle up and by some stroke of luck it lands perfectly on the ledge and the whole room fills with cheers.

I got detention for a lunchroom violation, but each day another food item appeared on the ledge. First there was applesauce, then a box of milk, another water bottle, and finally a sandwich, before the school finally posted an SRO near the ledge to watch for people like me.

Detention For Joffrey

| MI, USA | Bad Behavior, Bizarre/Silly

(This takes place in my eighth grade health class. One of my friends, who is generally a pretty quiet and shy kid, happens to be in the same hour as me. Our teacher begins a discussion on healthy diets.)

Teacher: “So, what kinds of things do you drink on a daily basis?”

Friend: *quietly whispers* “The blood of my enemies.”

(The entire class heard him, including the teacher, and about half the class broke out laughing.)

The Only Relevant Color Is The Yellow Cowardice Of The Faculty

| Lexington, KY, USA | Bad Behavior, Bully, Parents

(There’s been one bully that has been causing trouble for everyone. Only a handful of students in our school are black, me included.)

Me: “What’s with [Bully], anyway? I know the principal at least has to know about what he’s been doing.”

Classmate: “She actually came to talk to our class about him last year. She said that we just have to learn how to deal with him, and there isn’t much they can do about it.”

Me: “So, in other words, they don’t want to expel him because he’s black, and they’re afraid his parents might sue.”

Classmate: “That’s what I’m thinking.”

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