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(One of my friends is very suggestive. Today I made a stick out of paper, and he wants to “knight me” with it.)

Friend: *somewhat seductive tone* “Let me knight you, [My Name].”

Me: “No.”

Friend: *same tone* “It’ll be fun, just for the night.”

Me: “No, [Friend].”

Friend: “You’ll be the knight in…” *looks downward* “…shining…” *looks back* “armour.”

Me: “By Shiny Armour, do you mean actual shiny metal or lubricant?”

Friend: *continues looking at me*

Me: “Right, you’re going on the internet.”

Friend: “I’m already on the internet, [My Name].

(Yes, there is something wrong with him.)

Friend: *watching me post* “Kinky.”

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