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  • July's Theme Of The Month: Great Timing!

    July Theme Of The Month: Great Timing!

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    Introducing July’s Theme Of The Month: Great Timing!

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    Collegiate Logic

    | USA | Students, Teachers

    Professor: “Can you imagine signing away the next 4-8 years of your life and hoping you get something good out of it?”

    Student: “Isn’t that what we do in college?”

    Has Some Other Doubts About Biology

    | New Delhi, India | Language & Words, Technology

    (My class teacher, who also happens to be my bio teacher, has distributed her number to everyone in the class. I message her to discuss a doubt. This takes place after the discussion.)

    Me: “Okay, man! I think I got it now!”

    (Realising my mistake, I quickly send back:)

    Me: *Ma’am*”

    Ma’am: “Okay… man.”

    Above The Reading Level


    Made A Naboo-boo

    | USA | Bizarre/Silly, Movies & TV, Students

    (I’m attending a lecture by one of my favorite teachers, in an exceedingly cold auditorium. Sitting near the front, I can see what he cannot: a man in a rubber Jar-Jar Binks mask, lurking at the back of the stage. He goes on with the lecture, unaware, while everyone else is whispering and pointing.)

    Teacher: “All right, guys, what’s up?”

    Jar-Jar Guy: “Uh… Ex-squeeze me!”

    (He dashes past the teacher and out the door.)

    Teacher: “Um… What?!”

    (Luckily, he’s really laid back. The only time a prank made him mad was when a bunch of students staged a light-saber battle on stage and it took up half the class.)

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