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  • Tear The Horoscope To Pisces

    | Hobart, TAS, Australia | Extra Stupid, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (In a first-year journalism class, the professor has just explained that new, or ‘cub,’ reporters often get given the less desirable roles, such as writing the TV guide, horoscopes, etc.)

    Student: *raises hand* “Excuse me, did you just say young reporters write the horoscopes?”

    Professor: *confused* “Yes?”

    Student: *scandalized* “But do they know anything about astrology?!”

    (The whole class bursts into laughter at her naïveté, especially for a budding journalist!)

    Should Have Read Up On It First

    | Brattleboro, VT, USA | Extra Stupid, Health & Body, Students

    (In my freshman year I have a social studies teacher who has us play Pictionary to memorize vocabulary words. One student, the troublemaker, is lying on the floor and refusing to participate.)

    Troublemaker: “I can’t play this.”

    Teacher: “Why not? Do you need to go to the nurse?”

    Troublemaker: “Yes!”

    Teacher: “May I ask why?”

    Troublemaker: “I’m dyslexic.”

    Teacher: “[Troublemaker], you don’t even know what dyslexia is.”

    Troublemaker: “MY DYSLEXIA HURTS!”

    (The troublemaker proceeds to storm out of the room.)

    Me: “Dyslexia doesn’t hurt.”

    Teacher: “I know. Also, how does it prevent you from playing Pictionary?”

    Putting The Psycho Into Social Psychology, Part 2

    | AZ, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (We are in a psychology 101 class in a lecture hall at the beginning of a midterm. A few minutes in, a student’s phone starts to ring loudly.)

    Student: *answering the phone, yelling* “WHAT?!… A FIRE?… AT THE CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL?! I’M ON MY WAY!”

    (The student proceeded to stand up and rip off his jacket, revealing a Superman t-shirt and cape. He then runs up to the front, across the stage screaming ‘up up and away,’ trips, and runs out of the room.)

    Professor: “And that is why there is good money in psychology.”

    Putting The Psycho Into Social Psychology

    Has No Street Smarts

    | Bay Area, CA, USA | Teachers, Technology

    (A former classmate organized a reunion dinner for those who took Japanese class in high school. The teacher, who is near retirement age and a bit slow at technology, gets lost on the way, and we spend over an hour giving her directions by phone. By the time she arrives, everyone has finished eating and the restaurant is closing.)

    Classmate #1: “I’m so sorry, Sensei! I should’ve picked somewhere closer!”

    Teacher: “No, I’m sorry for being late. I tried to follow your directions, but the street names were confusing.”

    Classmate #2: “What kind of phone do you have? Maybe next time you can use the GPS on your phone. Let me see.”

    (The teacher shows him her iPhone.)

    Classmate #2: “See! You do have a smartphone!”

    Teacher: “Yes. But I am not smart, so I don’t know how to use this one.”

    Boy, Is He A Fool

    | Hamilton, ON, Canada | LGBTQ, Students

    (During gym class in freshman year, I end up arguing with one of the meaner boys in the class. I have recently come out as gay to the school, but this classmate doesn’t know that yet. We are standing outside of the room for the LGBTQ club.)

    Classmate #1: “You can go back to your little-boy club and just make out with all of them! I bet you’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

    Classmate #2: “Umm, I actually think he would be quite okay with that…”

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