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    The Last Dance

    | Perth, WA, Australia | Bizarre/Silly, Students, Teachers

    (It’s our last week of high school before we graduate and all of the non-exam classes have finished doing work to allow for the people who do have exams to study. Because of this, most of us in this class are playing around. This class is combined with the year below us due to its small size which is normal with non-exam classes. Two boys are mucking around making a lot of noise and distracting the year below us.)

    Teacher: “I know it’s your last week but can you please try and be quiet so the rest of the class do work on Friday? I don’t care what you do. You can dance on the tables, for all I care!”

    (On Friday the two boys begin to play music and start to dance.)

    Teacher: “What are you doing?!”

    Boys: “You said on Monday we could play music and dance on the tables.”

    Teacher: “I know I did, but you are distracting that Year 11 girl who is trying to do her work!”

    Year 11 Girl: “I don’t mind, sir.”

    Teacher: “Well I do!”

    Joke So Old It’s A Ghost

    | Dubuque, IA, USA | Movies & TV, Students

    (This takes place in the sociology class I took. We’re talking about the social aspects of media and the topic of cell phones and young children come up.)

    Student: “I don’t understand why kids are getting cell phones in grade school. I mean, my niece is six. Who’s she gonna call?”

    Half The Class: “Ghostbusters!”

    Cheat You Out Of Your Supervision

    | USA | Exams/Tests, Students, Technology

    (I’m disabled. My instructor should provide a room for me because I have extra time and a computer for my exam.)

    Instructor: “You’re in [room].”

    Me: “Thank you. I can I bring my class laptop?”

    Instructor: “No, you can take your personal laptop.”

    Me: “And who will supervise me?”

    Instructor: “I didn’t find anybody.”

    (I passed an exam in an unsupervised room, with my personal computer with Internet access and with all my lessons available for me. I’m not a cheater, but it’s a cheater’s heaven!)

    Alcohol Is A Solution


    Doesn’t Leave You In The Dark With The Details

    | USA | Homework, Students

    (I have an English teacher who gives us creative writing prompts on the weekends as extra credit. She is incredibly open minded and doesn’t seem to mind my morbid and sometimes disturbing sense of humor and dark subject matter that turned up frequently in my assignments. My most recent story has involved such lovely topics as murder and implied cannibalism and had a serial killer protagonist, all played for very dark and disturbing laughs. Most of us are done with the day’s work, so we are having a discussion with her.)

    Teacher: “I love how much I can learn about you all from your creative writing assignments. For example, [Classmate #1] likes horses, so she often writes a horse into her stories.”

    Classmate #1: “I’ve been thinking about branching into ducks. I really like ducks too.”

    Classmate #2: “What did you learn about me from my assignment?”

    Teacher: “Well, I know that you like to play football with your uncle. I also learned that [Classmate #3] likes to write romance and fantasy but doesn’t like writing sad stories.”

    Me: “What did you learn from my assignment?”

    Teacher: “To run from you in dark alleys.”

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