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    Made A Bad Roll Call

    | FL, USA | Geeks Rule, Students, Theme Of The Month

    (It is the weekly meeting of my College’s science fiction, fantasy, and gaming club. The vice-president is required to call the meeting each week.)

    Vice President: “I hereby call this meeting of [Club] to order! Everybody roll for initiative.”

    (Half of the club immediately pulls a 20-sided die out of their various bags, rolling them across the floor, and calling out their results. Five minutes of this go by .)

    Vice President: *rubbing his temples with one hand* “Okay, guys for future reference when I call a meeting to order by asking you to roll for initiative, DON’T ACTUALLY ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!”

    The Teacher’s Demands Are Not Final (Fantasy)

    | CO, USA | Games, Geeks Rule, Teachers, Theme Of The Month

    (My teacher doesn’t believe in giving extra credit to students who want it just to pass. When they ask for it, he gives them crazy requirements for them to earn it. Note: He’s also a giant nerd and doesn’t hide it.)

    Student: “Is there anyway for me to get extra credit so I can pass?”

    Teacher: “[Student], you’re so far down the hole right now you need all the help you can get. Go tame a Chocobo, befriend a Yoshi, and find an Elder Scroll, and you may have enough help to pass this class.”

    (The next class she comes in with a plush Chocobo and Yoshi, and a replica of an Elder Scroll.)

    Teacher: *without any surprise when he sees her* “Good. Put the same effort into this catch up packet here and you have a chance of passing.” *hands her a thick stack of papers*

    (Apparently she did, because she passed!)

    Teacher Just Got +5 Cool Points

    | Ukiah, CA, USA | Geeks Rule, Teachers, Theme Of The Month

    (I am a college student. I know this subject well and am several weeks ahead in the homework. This is four weeks into the semester and it’s the first time I’ve been playing while the teacher happened to walk by. Previously I had always been either doing my work or helping my classmates.)

    Me: *playing a popular MMORPG*

    Teacher: *walks up behind me without me noticing* “Is that [Game]?”

    Me: *jumps in surprise* “Uh, yeah.”

    Teacher: “What level are you?”

    Me: “81.”

    Teacher: “Cool” *continues wandering to help other students*

    Striking The Right Note

    | CT, USA | Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Students, Teachers

    (Our chemistry teacher is very smart, but sometimes also strict and a stickler for details. One of my friends is very good at the class, but not quite so detail oriented, and the teacher often gets on him for small omissions. By midway through the year, my friend is getting sick of it.)

    Teacher: “[Friend]! Look at this lab report!”

    Friend: “What about it? It’s right isn’t it?”

    Teacher: “Yes, but you didn’t label the notes and calculations columns! How am I supposed to know which is which?”

    Friend: *in a deadpan* “See the column with all of the numbers in it? Those are the calculations.”

    (By some miracle, my friend got away with that.)

    Caught With Their Pants Down

    | UK | Language & Words, Students

    (We are all aged six. We have a temporary ‘teachers helper,’ who is American. She takes half the class for outdoor sport, which was a cross-country run. As it is winter we are wearing track suits. We run through some long grass and get very wet. We get back to the classroom.)

    American Teacher: “Take your shoes and pants off, and put them on the radiator. I will go and get some towels.”

    (When she gets back, there are eight girls and six boys all naked form the waist down. That day she learned that in the US pants are trousers and in the UK pants are underwear. We learned that fact, too!)

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