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    Taking A Vacation From Recess

    | CT, USA | Homework, Teachers

    (My family is planning to go to Disney World for our first family trip. I’m in the 4th grade, and we’re taking the trip in the fall to avoid the crowds, so I’m missing some school for it. This takes place just before we leave.)

    Teacher: “[My Name], you said you’re going to be taking a vacation, right?”

    Me: “Yep! We’re going to Disney World!”

    Teacher: “How fun! Well, I got together the work we’ll be doing when you’re gone, so you’ll have it for when you get back.”

    Me: “Oh, okay!”

    (I take the very thick packet of worksheets, not thinking much of it. Over the course of the vacation, I occasionally do a sheet or two, but it remains mostly untouched, as our vacation schedule is very busy. A week later, I’m back at school.)

    Teacher: “Welcome back, [My Name]! Did you have a nice trip?”

    Me: “It was the best!”

    Teacher: “Glad to hear it! Do you have your worksheets for me?”

    (I hand him the small pile of papers I’d had time to finish.)

    Teacher: “…This isn’t all of the work I gave you.”

    Me: “Well, no, but I was busy, and you didn’t say I had to have it all done.”

    Teacher: “This is completely unacceptable. You’ve been incredibly irresponsible.”

    Me: *getting upset* “But I was on vacation! You never told me it was all due when I got back, and even if you had I wouldn’t have had time to do it!”

    Teacher: “There’s no excuse for falling behind like this! You’ll have to stay in for recess until you finish all of this.”

    Me: “But… but I’ll just do it at home!”

    Teacher: “No, you have to learn your lesson.”

    (I cried, but the teacher wouldn’t budge. My parents were livid, but couldn’t get him or the principal to let me do my work at home. I spent two weeks worth of recess finishing the work he gave me – which only proved to me that there was no way I could have finished it all on my vacation!)

    Practically Intelligent

    | Falkenberg, Sweden | Bad Behavior, Teachers

    (I’m 17 years old and attending a practical program aimed towards handling food and baked goods. There is a saying that students attending the practical programs do it because they are less smart and lazier than those attending the theoretical programs. I’m in a mandatory performance meeting with the teacher responsible for my program. We talk about school and the teacher is looking over my grades looking surprised.)

    Teacher: “Why are you attending this program?! You are INTELLIGENT!”

    It’s Even Worse In Reverse

    | WA, USA | Health & Body, Teachers

    (In my school, freshman health class is mandatory and at the very end of the semester we cover sex ed. On the last day of class we’re shown a video on childbirth which includes actual footage. The video ends five minutes before class does and we’re all sitting around uncomfortably.)

    Teacher: “Wasn’t that fun? Who wants to see it again?”

    (Our teacher then proceeds to rewind and replay the birthing scene several times over.)

    Teacher: *smiling at us* “Remember, if you look away you fail the class and have to retake it next year.”

    (The bell rang in the middle of the third replay and we could not leave fast enough.)

    Ever-Present Voice Of A Teacher

    | VIC, Australia | Teachers

    (At our school we have multiple classes combine, and the teachers take turns teaching the entire group. This is the last lesson before the holidays and one of the teachers is telling us about holiday lectures for subject.)

    Teacher #1: …because I’m sure you all could use a break from hearing our voices all the time.”

    Teacher #2: *quietly* “God, yeah.”

    Me: *sniggers*

    Teacher #2: “You heard that?”

    Me: “Yep!”

    Teacher #2: “I should have been quieter, then.”

    Multiple Class Syndrome

    | Rochester, NY, USA | Homework, Teachers

    (I’m taking a 101 drawing course as part of my freshman year. The freshman course for art students in my college is very rigorous. The professor that teaches this particular class is an adjunct, so this is her only class and her first year teaching it. This conversation happens about a month into the class.)

    Professor: “I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed in you guys. A lot of you don’t finish your assignments on time, and when you do they aren’t up to the quality I’d expect.”

    Student #1: “Well, you do give us an awful lot of work…”

    Me: “Yeah, the assignments you give us are usually at least 10 hours of work on their own each week.”

    Professor: “That’s not so bad! You only have, like, three other classes, if they all give you the same amount it would be about a full work week!”

    Class: “…”

    Professor: “What? What did I say?”

    Me: “[Professor], most of us have a total of about six or seven classes a week. I think a few of us might have eight.”

    Professor: “Really!? No way!”

    Student #2: “I have my schedule right here if you don’t believe it…”

    (She apologized profusely and cut down on our workload after that!)

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