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    Category: Teachers

    Allying Yourself With The Teacher

    | VA, USA | Awesome, Books & Reading, Geeks Rule, Teachers

    (Since there is a book fair at my school and my friends and I are avid readers, my friend and I get passes from lunch to go to the book fair. We end up losing track of time and get to our next class, English, about halfway through the period.)

    Friend: “We’re so sorry that we’re late, [Teacher]!”

    Teacher: *sees bags full of books in our hands* “No problem! You went to the book fair, right? What books did you guys get? I hear that Allegiant is out.”

    (She didn’t even punish us for being tardy. Sometimes it pays to have a fan-girl for a teacher. We were so grateful that we gave the teacher a copy of Allegiant for Christmas!)

    Racism Is An Ugly Color

    | Prague, Czech Republic | Bigotry, Language & Words, Teachers

    (It is the start of my first year at high school, and our teacher does not know our names yet. She has just offended one of my Asian classmates, but she apologises, saying it won’t happen again.)

    Teacher: “Anyway, back to the question I originally said. Anyone know the answer?”

    (No one answers. The professor points in the direction of the desk in which another one of my Asian classmates sit.)

    Professor: “Okay, so, what about you, yellow guy?”

    (The whole class looks at her with disbelief.)

    Asian Classmate: “Pardon me?”

    (The professor looks dumbfounded for a moment before realising the misunderstanding that has happened and bursting into laughter.)

    Professor: “Sorry, sorry, I meant the guy in the yellow shirt in the desk behind you.”

    (The class joined in on the laugh, and we finished the period on a happy note.)

    That Snow Way To Behave

    | UK | Bad Behavior, Teachers

    (At our boarding school there are two teachers who are sisters and used to be students here. They are both sweeping snow that people have trekked into the hall.)

    Teacher #1: “Snow used to be a lot more fun when we were kids.”

    Teacher #2: “Because we didn’t have to tidy it up?”

    Teacher #1: “Yeah, that… and do you remember that time someone threw snowballs in the corridor?”

    Teacher #2: “That was hilarious. Who did that?”

    Teacher #1: “Same person who built a huge snowman and left it right outside the front doors.”

    Teacher #2: “Oh, yeah. I forgot about that. Maybe it WAS me.” *notices us listening in* “…that was very naughty.”

    Not Chickening Out Of History

    | Lexington, KY, USA | Awesome, History, Pets & Animals, Teachers

    Professor: *discussing the auspices in Roman religion* “And when they were in a place without birds, such as they open sea, they usually carried sacred chickens with them along with some sacred grain which they’d spread on the ground or something to let the chickens peck at.”

    Class: *sniggering*

    Professor: *in the most epic voice possible* “RELEASE… THE CHICKENS!”

    Fifty Swings Of Grey

    | NY, USA | Rude & Risque, Teachers

    (We are in the intermediate swing class at NYU. We’re practicing a move called the whip for a dance called lindy-hop.)

    Instructor: *to the leads* “Be careful when you do this with your follow. If you do it too hard, it could hurt her shoulder. Ladies like soft whips.”

    (Needless to say, it took us a few minutes to stop laughing.)

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