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    Category: Teachers

    Became The Butt Of Your Own Joke

    | USA | Ignoring/Inattentive, Language & Words, Teachers

    (My music teacher is in a middle of a talk of how he went to see an orchestra performance.)

    Teacher: “Yes, so, at that performance, I noticed the conductors likes to hold the last note, even though it’s not written on the music. I have no idea why we both do that.”

    Me: “Just to be a butt.”

    (That was when I realized he had stopped talking and everyone in the classroom heard my comment.)

    Teacher: *laughing* “Sorry, what did you say?”

    Me: *quickly* “Nothing…”

    Teacher: *still laughing* “I’m sure you said something.”

    Me: *becoming embarrassed* “Nope, nope. Didn’t say a word.”

    Teacher: “You’re changing color. You said something.”

    Me: *shaking my head quickly*

    Teacher: “All right… So, the reason people hold the last note to get have the performers practice better. NOT to be a butt…”

    A Fine Translation

    | USA | Language & Words, Love/Romance, Teachers

    (Our theater teacher is explaining Romeo and Juliet to us because some of my classmates are having a hard time understanding the language used.)

    Teacher: “So here Romeo says, ‘but soft! What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon who is already sick and pale with grief that thou her maid art far more fair than she.'”

    (The teacher pauses for effect.)

    Teacher: “Basically he’s saying, ‘d***, that lady’s fine!'”

    Foolishly Charging Ahead

    | Chicago, IL, USA | Books & Reading, Homework, Teachers

    (It is April Fools’ Day and my history teacher is assigning the homework for that night. My friend and I always finish the homework in class while still talking. We are reading the narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass.)

    Teacher: “Okay, so here is your homework for tonight!”

    (Points to whiteboard which reads ‘finish chapters five and six, with vocabulary and all study questions.’)

    Student #1: “What?”

    Student #2: “This is so like uncool!”

    Me: *reads silently while listening to lesson and finishes everything but the vocabulary for chapter six, as I have no dictionary* “Must… finish!”

    (Bell rings.)

    Student #1: “Wait! Mr. [Teacher]! Is that still homework?”

    Teacher: *nonchalantly* “Oh, that’s just for April Fools’!”

    Me: *looks up horrified* “Hey! I just did all that work for nothing!”

    Friend #2: “YUP! Too bad [Friend #1] isn’t here. She would’ve fallen for it, too!”

    Me: “Well, at least I’ll be ahead… I hate being too productive!”

    (In the end, I WAS way ahead, so luckily, I had no work to do on my birthday!)

    They’re Babying History

    | ID, USA | Bizarre/Silly, History, Teachers

    (I’m in middle school. Our world history teacher is a somewhat eccentric lady who talks about historical events as if she were actually there and famous people of history as if they were her best friends. After a test on ancient Rome, we get this lecture:)

    Teacher: “On your tests, some of you referred to Julius Caesar as ‘Julie-Baby.’ Let me tell you – I’m the only one allowed to call him ‘Julie-Baby!’ To the rest of you he’s Julius Caesar! Got it?”

    (To this day I still think of Julius Caesar as ‘Julie-Baby.’)

    An Alarming Ability

    | MI, USA | Awesome, Teachers

    (I am taking a history class with a world-famous historian. Most of us have taken multiple classes with him and he has specifically asked us to take this class. We view him as a minor deity. One day during class the fire alarms go off.)

    Professor: “I guess we should evacuate.”

    (Twenty minutes later it is clear it was a glitch in the alarms, so we go back to class. Five minutes later the alarms go off again.)

    Professor: “STOP.”

    (The alarms immediately stop.)

    Professor: “I can do that.”

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