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    Category: Musical Mayhem

    World War Who?

    | Norfolk, England, UK | History, Musical Mayhem, Students

    (I am in my final year of secondary school. We’re covering the Nazi Party in depth which includes a small bit about the First and Second World Wars. The class has gotten off topic somewhat, and is instead singing a derogative song about Hitler.)

    Student: “So… did the Germans win the war?”

    (There is a very long and awkward pause.)

    Student’s Boyfriend: “Don’t you think we’d be singing a different song if Germany won?”

    Teachers Are Master Building Children’s Minds

    | VA, USA | Movies & TV, Musical Mayhem, Teachers

    (It is the week after ‘The Lego Movie’ has come out and the kids have all been singing ‘Everything is Awesome,’ a song from the soundtrack, off and on. A new little girl comes for her first day and joins right in.)

    Teacher’s Assistant: “Man, it’s spreading.”

    Me: “Yeah, it’s catchy. I had it stuck in my head for hours after leaving the theater.”

    Teacher’s Assistant: “What?”

    Me: “From The Lego Movie? It plays over the credits.”

    Teacher’s Assistant: “It’s from a movie?!”

    Me: “Well, yeah. Where did you think they all learned it?”

    Teacher’s Assistant: “I just thought they were all really optimistic this week!”

    Pun-ishing Music

    | CO, USA | Language & Words, Musical Mayhem, Students

    (We are in music history class.)

    Professor: “…so the same surgeon performed cataract surgery on Bach and Handel, and made them both blind. Back then, there was probably a fifty-fifty chance they’d die, but still! How bad must that surgeon feel!”

    Student #1: “I don’t know if I could Handel it!”

    Student #2: “Oohhh! That joke is baroque and you can’t take it Bach!”

    Me: “No Haydn from that atrocity of a joke.”

    Ashen Cheer

    | Provo, UT, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Musical Mayhem, Students, Top

    (Every day of this nine-week course, we sing as a class. None of us has met the other people in the course before and I’m rooming with two girls. We’re getting ready for the day and my classmate is singing to pass the time.)


    (This is one of the most ridiculously cheerful songs we all know and I start laughing, but then get an evil grin on my face.)

    Classmate: “What did I say?”

    Me: “It just struck me… your middle name is Sunshine. You go by Sunny.”

    Classmate: “Yeah?”

    Me: “If you got cremated, we could spread your ashes and sing SCATTER SUNSHINE! ALL ALONG THE WAYYYYYYYYYYY!

    (She pauses for a minute, looking both amused and horrified.)

    Classmate: “I think I’m going to have to write that one down in my last wishes.”

    Woodwind And Fire

    | NJ, USA | Musical Mayhem, Students

    (First period has not even started, and we have had to leave the school because someone smelled smoke and they fear there is a fire. No one knows anything at the time. I am out in the parking lot with a friend.)

    Me: “So, does anyone know what the h*** is going on?”

    Friend #1: “I don’t know. There might be a fire. I can hear the sirens.”

    Friend #2: “I heard that there might be a fire in the music wing.”

    Me: “Wait! Did you just say music wing?”

    Friend #2: “Yeah, why?”


    (At this point, I start to freak out and pace around the parking lot.)

    Friend #3: *grabs me* “Calm down. Your flute is going to be okay.”

    Me: “You three are not in band! You don’t know what my flute means to me!”

    Friend #4: “I played flute once. I know what it is like. It is your baby. It is going to be okay.”

    Me: “But it could be destroyed!”

    Friend #4: *pats me* “Shh! It’s okay.”

    (After a few more minutes of me freaking out and my friends trying to calm me down, we are able to go back in. I run ahead of my friends to the band room. There was no fire, so my flute was safe, but that day, every band member at my school almost had a heart attack.)

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