This Year’s Books Include ‘Great Sexpectations.’

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(I work at the bookstore and that means we get to handle the textbooks, and students will come in asking for their books. We need their schedule since the books are organized by course. Our university offers an app that includes an easy mobile-friendly page with their schedule on it. All the student has to do is log in. It’s great, except that means students are often times handing us their phones so we can pull the books. No big deal, except we get the occasional call from Mom. That is not what happens this time. I have the student’s phone and am pulling the books when the phone buzzes with a sexting message: a rather graphic explanation of what the student’s girlfriend would like to have happen later. I pulled the books and gave the student back his phone.)

Me: “Your girlfriend says ‘hello.'”

Student: “Oh, s***.”

(Best day at the bookstore ever.)

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