Unable To Compute A Decent Excuse

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(I have a student who is terrible about using his tablet for non-class stuff but keeps trying new ways to hide what he’s doing.)

Me: “Computers should only be used for class work.”

Student: “But I was!”

Me: “So why did you minimize the window as soon as I came near?”

Student: *sighs but says nothing*

(Later that day.)

Me: “Computers should only be used for class work.”

Student: “I am! I am!”

Me: “Then why did you go from typing intently to interacting with your lab group the last couple times I came by?”

Student: *nothing*

(Five minutes later.)

Me: “Okay, seriously, this is ridiculous. Put your computer away and don’t take it out in class for the rest of the week.”

Student: “But I was doing class-work!”

Me: *points at my own glasses* “They’re reflective. I can see.”

Student: *sighs and puts computer away*

(I actually couldn’t see anything in his glasses beyond the fact that it was more colorful than a typical word-processor, but his reaction told me all I needed to know. The next week he lost computer privileges for the rest of the term after trying to hide the tablet in his lap. Dude had NO self-control.)

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