Michelle 2020!

| Lancaster, PA, USA | Politics

(We’re in fifth grade learning about government. Our teacher is a woman.)

Teacher: “Now, if the president dies while in office, do you know who becomes president then?”

Student: *raises hand* “The president’s wife?”

Teacher: *laughs* “No! It would be wonderful if that were true, though!”


Knowing Your Stations In Life

| Chiba, Japan | Language & Words, Popular

(I am teaching English as a second language to a group of very clever elementary school kids. I am teaching them about how to tell directions, and we’re going over landmarks one might use. I’m showing them flash cards.)

Me: “What’s this?” *holding up a picture of a police station*

Students: “Police!”

Me: “Good! Good! Close! It’s a Police Station. Police Station. Now… what’s this?” *holding up a picture of a fire station*

Students: “Fire… Fire… Fire station?”

Me: “Oh, very good! Yes! Fire station! Next!” *holding up a picture of a train station*

Students: “Train station!”

Me: “Excellent! And next?” *holding up a picture of a hospital*

Students: *excitedly* “Doctor station!”


Cloudy With A Chance Of Sundays

| Japan | Language & Words, Popular

(I am an English teacher:)

Me: “How are you?”

Second-Grade Student: *with great enthusiasm* “I’m cloudy!”

Me: *stifling laughter* “Okay… how is the weather today?”

Another Student: “It’s Sunday!”

Me: *unable to not laugh* “Very close!”

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