Can’t Flag Down The Right Answer

| Fukushima, Japan | Geography, Students

(Teaching a segment on counting in my English class where one of the exercises demonstrates counting from 1 to 10 in several languages. I’m asking kids to identify flags before we start.)

Me: “Okay, great. Last one. What’s this flag?”

(Points to the flag of Spain.)

Student: “Los Angeles!”

(I had to leave the room to contain the laughter.)


A Billion Reasons Kids Are Awesome

| Burlington, ON, Canada | Awesome, Bizarre/Silly, Family & Kids

(I teach first grade and for an activity I have asked my class to write down what they would buy if they were billionaires. Here are my  favorite responses.)

Student #1: “A unicorn.”

Student #2: “All the Swedish fish in the world.”

Student #3: “The fortress of solitude.”

Student #4: “Fries.”

Student #5: “Human feet.”

Student #6: “Funner parents.”

Student #7: “The world.”

Student #8: “Legos.”

Student #9: “A baby brother.”


The United States Of Europe

| Lancaster, PA, USA | Geography, Popular

(In third grade geography class, we’re learning about the continents.)

Teacher: *points to North America* “This is the continent we live on, North America.” *points to South America* “Who can guess what this continent is called?”

(No one raises a hand.)

Teacher: “*North America…”

Class: “OH! South America!”

Teacher: “Good!” *points to Europe* “Does anyone know what this one’s called? It starts with an ‘E.’”

(One student raises a hand.)

Student: “East America?”

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