Teacher Is On His Own Frequency

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(My physics teacher often gets off topic. At the time we are discussing electromagnetic waves and she is pointing out how the higher frequency waves are more deadly, when she says this.)

Teacher: “Isn’t energy proportional to the frequency?”


Teacher: “I just made that up but it sounds right.”

(Sometimes I love my teacher.)


Beefing Up Your Argument

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(I’m in a hospitality law class. The professor is pretty nice and often throws in a few jokes into our discussions. One of our case studies is about a guy that lost consciousness twice while visiting Taco Bell. Naturally, the class started talking about Taco Bell in general; we digressed.)

Professor: “Now, back to the case. What was the plaintiff’s beef with Taco Bell?”

Me: *starts snickering*

Professor: “What was that? Did you sneeze?”

Me: “No, I’m laughing! You said ‘What was his beef with Taco Bell?’”

(The classroom erupts into laughter. Soon after, some of the class’ laughter has died down.)

Me: “No pun intended?”

Professor: *holding back laughter* “No… that was unintentional!”

(That little unintentional pun made my day and had me smiling like a dork on the way home.)


The Devil’s Music

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(I am in a theology class with one of my roommates. Whenever this particular professor asks a question, he always follows it up by saying, “Now we’ll know who the heretics are.” This exchange happens in our dorm one evening.)

Roommate: *referencing the song that just came on* “I am not a fan of this version of this song.”

Me: “I didn’t realize there were multiple versions as I am not super familiar with the song. I do like it, though.”

Roommate: “Oh, good, you’re not a heretic.”


Me: “You’ve been hanging around [Professor] too much.”

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