Providing Some Medical Inattention

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(I have recently moved from my hometown to attend university. Since I haven’t had a need for it, I haven’t changed my GP. However, I’ve recently had some stress-related issues, and my mum urges me to see a doctor. I go to the uni’s medical office. Note that we don’t pay tuition fees, but rather a small semester fee.)

Me: “Hi, I was wondering if it would be possible for me to see a doctor today?”

Receptionist: “Who’s your GP?”

Me: “Oh, I haven’t changed offices yet, so my GP is in [Hometown]. Is that a problem?”

Receptionist: “Well, to use our medical facilities it’s required that your GP is here. You can easily change that online.”

Me: “I didn’t know that. I could just as well talk to a student counselor, I suppose. It’s mostly anxiety related, anyway.”

(The conversation went back and forth like that for a minute, with her insisting that I needed to change GPs, and me saying that I didn’t know that, and that I only thought I would need this one conversation. I really like my current GP, and I still see her when I’m home if necessary.)

Receptionist: “I can see you’re not feeling too well. Give me your information, and I’ll set you up with one of our doctors today. And read this pamphlet telling you how to change GPs.”

Me: “Thank you. I’ll definitely look into that.”

(I went back to the waiting room, and decided to read the pamphlet. Pamphlet: “Every student who has paid their semester fee is welcome to use our medical facilities.”)

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