Writing An Apology Is A Doodle

| Clinton, CT, USA | Art/Design, Bad Behavior, Popular, Staff

(I am in the library for reading time with my class and I am talking to a friend louder than I should be. The librarian comes up to me to tell me to be quiet and since my mind has no filter I say some rather impolite things. I am sent to the principal’s office and told to write a letter of apology. After a while, I finish and start doodling and writing random things on the paper. Finally someone gets me and we bring the letter to the librarian. After a moment of looking at the paper:)

Librarian: *laughing* “You need to get in trouble more often, [My Name]!”


Fail You Fools!

| TX, USA | Geeks Rule, Popular

(Our teacher is talking about lab safety and one of the examples she gives involves Gandalf as the teacher. When she finishes reading, one of the students says:)

Student #1: “Why isn’t Gandalf paying attention?”

Me: “He’s at his desk, grading papers, going ‘You shall not pass! You shall not pass! You shall not pass!'”


Has Beef With Bacon

| Winnipeg, MB, Canada | Extra Stupid, Food & Drink, Popular, Students

(A few days before this story takes place, I had mentioned to a teacher that I don’t like any pork products. Later, in class…)

Teacher: “Oh, [My Name], you told me you don’t like any meat from pigs. Where do you think hamburger comes from?”

(My classmates and I sat dumbfounded that she actually said that. A classmate recovers before the rest of us.)

Classmate: “Uh, COWS?”

Teacher: *taken aback* “Oh, well… I didn’t know.”

Rest Of The Class: “…”