Shore-ly They Can’t Be Serious

| Chicago, IL, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography, Students

(I live in a suburb of Chicago and one of the easiest routes into the city is Lake Shore Drive. I’m sitting next to my friend who has lived in this suburb her entire life.)

Teacher: “So, Lake Shore Drive received its name in 1946.”

My Friend: “Wait, is it called Lake Shore Drive because it goes along the lake shore?”


What A Diction

| Dubai, U.A.E | Books & Reading, Language & Words, Popular, Teachers

(We’re studying a poem by Coleridge during English class.)

Teacher: “Look, he’s repeated the exact same words just three lines before. Why do you think he does that?”

Class: *silence*

Teacher: “Because he’s a crap poet with limited diction.”


Locked In Lockdown

| Dubai, U.A.E | Bizarre/Silly, Teachers

(Our school has initiated a lock-down drill after an alleged threat against teachers. The lock down drill occurs during English and we lock the doors, pull the blinds and sit by the farthest wall in the class. It lasts 15 minutes after which a homeroom class tries to enter the English class, but can’t because the door is locked.)

Student: *notices all the other classes walking around school* “Uh, sir… I think the lockdown is over.”

Teacher: *serious* “Quiet! They’re testing us.”

(We remained in the class for an extra 10 minutes than necessary.)