Never Too Chicken To Love Your Mother

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(It’s Mother’s Day and my second grade class is having an event where they can invite their moms to the class for a party. They did an activity earlier where they had to write a paper about what they like about their mothers. I left all the papers out on a table for the moms to see. I see one of my students run over to the table, find his paper, and write something on it.)

Me: “What are you doing?”

Boy: “Just making a correction.”

(I assume he was fixing a spelling error or something similar. When it’s time for the moms to visit, I show them over to the papers. One mom laughs.)

Me: “What’s up?”

Mother: “This is hilarious. It’s so him to do something like this!”

(I see that she was looking at the boy’s paper. I see what he wrote.)

Crossed Out: “Mom, I love you more than chicken. You are awesome because you can make all the chicken I want.”

Correction: “I just found out how to make chicken. You’re good, too.”

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