Mac Attack

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(I just transferred to a big university after doing my AA at a community college. My major requires me to take some extra intro computer classes, so I find myself in a couple of classes where I am surrounded by 200 freshmen or even dual-enrolled high-school kids. There is this one really rude girl in the class that no one likes.)

Professor: “Okay, so, this week we are going to learn this tool, and here are the hot keys for PC and Mac. Now, remember, all of this is free game on the quiz at the end of the week.”

Student: *raises hand* “Um, [Professor], I don’t use Mac because I don’t like it and I have a PC, so will I be exempt from knowing that information on the quiz?”

Professor: *laughs* “Um, no. Everyone has to get the same quiz, and everyone is expected to know the same information.”

Student: “But I will never use Mac; I don’t need to know this information.”

Professor: “Whether or not you use it is your choice, but you will still be expected to know it for this class.”

Student: “But that’s totally unfair! I only use PC; therefore, I only need to learn the PC information.”

Professor: “Learn whatever you want, but there WILL be Mac related questions on our quizzes, especially since most of the school’s labs use Mac, and you will be expected to know them.”

(The professor continued the lecture, and the girl got up and walked out about halfway through. Funny enough, the quiz that week only had two PC questions, and the rest Mac. I didn’t see the girl again in class so I’m assuming she withdrew from it.)

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