Just Burst Their Kentucky Fried Bubble

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(I’m English. I’ve lived in the US for several years, but I still have a very strong English accent. A pair of customers I’ve never met approach me out of nowhere.)

Customer #1: “It’s so good to see you here! Your coworker tells me you’re a fellow Kentucky alum!”

Customer #2: “Gosh, how have you been? When did you graduate? What brings you to North Carolina?”

Me: “Er… No… What… Huh?”

(This is baffling, because I go to a North Carolina college. I’ve never even been to Kentucky, and my coworker has no reason to think otherwise. Then I look down and see that both customers are wearing University of Kentucky t-shirts with a prominent ‘UK’ logo.)

Me: *laughing* “Oh, I see what happened. No, I’m from the other ‘UK.'”

(Both customers look blank.)

Customer #1: “What other UK?”

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