Jew You See What I See?

| Waterford, MI, USA | Holidays, Religion, Students

(I go to a strict Catholic school. We’re celebrating the countdown to Christmas break and each day a different student gets to draw on the board. Today is my day so I draw a star on a Christmas tree.)

Student #1: “TEACHER! [My Name] hates Christmas!”

Me: “Um, what?”

Student #1: “Stars like that are Jewish! You hate Christmas! You can’t have a Jewish star on a Christmas tree!”

Teacher: “That’s not a star of David. Even if it was, Jesus was Jewish, too.”

Student #2: “No! Jesus is Christian!”

(The teacher tried to explain how Jesus was actually Jewish, but no one listened to her. A few parents even complained about her “spreading lies.” I didn’t draw Christmas stars on trees anymore until I left that school. )

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