Goofing Off Has Hit The Ceiling

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(It’s April Fool’s Day. I’m in first grade. The teacher is leading a short activity where the first to find five “goofs”, i.e. minor changes, around the classroom gets a prize. I’m not particularly paying attention, so I miss this next part.)

Teacher: “And don’t bother looking at the ceiling; there are no goofs there.”

(The others quickly find four of the goofs, but can’t find the last one. I, having missed the last part of the introduction, end up finding it quickly.)

Me: “[Teacher], I’m finished.”

Teacher: “Okay, [My Name], would you mind pointing out all the goofs?”

(I point them all out, including the one on the ceiling.)

Classmate: “Hey, that doesn’t count! [Teacher] said there’s no goofs on the ceiling!”

Teacher: “April Fool’s!”

Me: *under my breath* “Yay, short attention span!”

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