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(In our class for Maths, we are doing some word problems with fractions.)

One of the questions is something like “A country wins 84 medals in the Olympics. 5/8 of the medals are bronze…” We are doing work in groups.

A couple of mins later, I notice that “A country” has been replaced with “China”.

Later, I look back to copy down the next question and replace “China” with “Team GB”, while smirking to myself.

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(My last class of the day is Spanish, and the class is full of students who don’t care about actually learning. They talk over the teacher and ignore the ‘no phones’ rule in place. As such, a lot of interesting things happen. Everything that follows happens in one day:)

Teacher: *getting extra copies of the homework* “Okay, how many need the paper?”

(One hand goes up.)

Teacher: “Siete-” *seven*

Class: *laughing*

(Another time:)

Student 1: “I’m an airplane!”

Student 2: “Uh… ok?”

Student 1: “Because I’m always high…”

Class: *laughing*

Student 1: “Me es avión…”

Student 3: “There are sooo many things wrong with that sentence..”

(Another time:)

Student 4: *solving a problem* “Fuiste a la piscina?” *you went to the pool*

Teacher: *copying onto the board* “Fuite” *a misspelling of ‘fuiste’, ‘you went’*

Us: *laughing*

(Yet another time:)

Class: *talking, ignoring Teacher*

Student 1: “This is 50 shades of f****d up in here!”

(I love my Spanish class.)

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I’m taking a psychology class on personal relationships and intimacy, taught by a practicing family and relationship psychologist. I’m also aromantic and asexual and pretty open about it.

The class has also, as a whole, said what their relationship status was, so they know I’m married.

We were discussing differences in relationships when I mentioned being aro ace.

Teacher: “What is that?”

Me: “What it sounds like. A means lack of. I don’t feel sexual attraction and I don’t feel romantic attraction.” (I was a little surprised she didn’t know asexual. Aromantic is a bit more understandable)

Teacher: pauses for a few minutes “Does your husband mind?”

Me: flat tone of voice “We’ve been married for 20 years, so I’m assuming, no, he doesn’t.”

By the way, this is like asking which one is the man or woman in a same sex relationship. It’s ignorant, offensive, and you shouldn’t do it.

Later on the question of children came up. My response was, “just because I don’t have a desire to drive the car doesn’t mean I don’t know how or can’t drive it to an intended destination”.

Such a strange class.

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I am a fifth grade teacher. One of my students has been enrolled with us for 60 days, and has been absent for 30 of them.

The student’s grades are poor, and I had to make a phone call to the parent.

The parent had the gall to ask me “what can I do to bring her grades up?”

In case you didn’t know, there is a connection between actually coming to school and getting good grades.

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I was taking a biology class and my lab partner for part of the course was a young married woman. She was exceptionally good looking and dressed rather “loosely.” I would say “sexy” but that usually implies considerable dressing up which almost nobody would do for daily college courses. Since she was married, I had no interest in being flirtatious and just wanted to get through the labs and get on with the rest of my day. This despite feeling like she was getting more and more casual with her clothing. One day I lifted my head from the microscope I was using and she had moved opposite of me and was bending over. She had on a very loose shirt and no bra. I’m sure I was bright red in an instant. I wasn’t trying to sneak a peek… I was being flashed. I didn’t say a word but reached with one hand to my own shirt collar and made a pinch-closed gesture to her. To my great surprise, she didn’t act dumb, surprised or grateful, but instead snarled at me and moved away and finished her lab work. We didn’t work together after that. I never fully figured out her response to this day.