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My friend and I are walking in the hall to Homeroom, and I tease him a bit. He tries to hit me with his binder, which happened to be open, but as soon as he does all of his papers fall. I laugh and help him pick it up and get it to class.

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I was learning some vocational skills through the US Department of Labor’s “Job Corps” program. My campus offered Driver’s Ed class, including the actual road test and getting a license in the city nearby.

My instructor often cursed, but I never said anything about it. I am a Christian, and one day during road practice I happened to wear a WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) bracelet that a friend had given me. Instead of swearing, my instructor turned into The Lone Ranger. He’d slap my leg and say, “Hi-yo, Silver!”

When I completed my program, I was waiting to enter the gym for the graduation ceremony when I saw him walk by. I handed him a funny key chain – something about driving on the sidewalk – I bought as a little gift for helping me get my license. He gave me a big hug and looked like he was going to cry. I guess it was rare for a student to show him appreciation for his job as a driving instructor.

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We are all quietly working when a student walks into the classroom and offers my teacher a bottle of chocolate milk. The teachers has a short conversation with the student. As we finish up the small amount of work our teacher starts the subject up again. She puts the chocolate milk down on her desk.

Teacher: Is everybody done with the worksheet on the Salem Witch Trials?

Class: Yes

Teacher: The Salem Witch Trials were a horr-

The teacher is interrupted when a student casually starts speaking and making hand motions.
Student: Have you ever thought of how weird the guy who first discovered milk was? Why would you do that to a cow?
The entire class and the teacher all laughed for the next few minutes at the sudden outburst about cows.

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(We’re drawing names for partners for a project. The guy in the seat in front of me has just pulled my name.)

Kid in the seat in front of my partner: (Referring to me) Is she even here today?
Me: (Leans around partner) Hi!

(To make matters worse I’m normally the first person in the room, so he most definitely would have seen me when he walked in!)

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One of the gym teachers at my old middle school was one of the coaches for the high school golf team.

During golf season, he’d have his clubs with him. Sometimes he’d pretend to swing at kids’ heads, only to stop inches from hitting them.

Still don’t know how he could get away with that.