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(I took a poetry class in college as part of my English major. We read some abstract poems and discussed possible interpretations in class. Our exam was the same thing–read a poem, write an interpretation, and explain how we came up with it. I was not happy when I saw my grade and the professor’s notes.)

Professor (on Returned Exam): Score 15/30. Good interpretation, but the poem actually means this…

(The next few exams were pretty much the same. I realized that I could figure out what the professor’s interpretation was and write that as if it was my own, but I felt that would be dishonest to myself. So I kept writing my own interpretations.

Several months later, my wife (girlfriend at the time) met up with this professor at some university event and mentioned that she was engaged to me.)

Professor: Oh, I know [My Name]. He took my poetry class last semester.

Wife: He told me he didn’t like that class very much.

Professor: Why not? He’s very smart, and he wrote very well. He might be a genius.

Wife: But you gave him a C.

Professor: … I did?

(And that’s one of the reasons I changed from an English major to a Psychology major.)

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Our university bookstore is fortunate to have a rental program that allows students to rent certain titles instead of buying them. They save a little money, we get compensated by publishers. Everyone is happy. However, to rent a book a customer has to have a credit card. They don’t necessarily have to pay with the card, but I have to be able to put a hold on the card as insurance in case the students don’t return the book.
Kid wants to rent his book, but wants to pay cash. Fine but I need a credit card to put on the account

Customer: “My card isn’t activated”

Me: “Well you need to activate it or you can’t rent the book”

Customer: “I don’t know how. Could you do it for me?”

(Fairly sure that is illegal, even if it wasn’t, we were swamped. I couldn’t step away from the register, hold up the line to set up this guy’s credit card

Me: I can’t activate your card for you. All you have to do is call the number on the sticker”

Customer: “But it’s MLK day”

Me: “It’s automated, it’s 24/7”

He steps aside and activates his card and comes back. I run it through, everything is fine so he needs to pay $93.57 in cash for the book. He starts counting and realizes he is getting low and doesn’t want to pay that much

Customer: “What if I just give you $90 and we’re square?”

(Yeah, that’s illegal too)

Me: “you have to pay for the entire book”

Customer:?*grumbles* “Fine”

He hands me $100, I give him change and silently hope I never see that idiot again

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(In Canada, we’ve had plastic bills now for some time. This is while discussing the utility of different forms of currency.)

Teacher: “Here we can see why coins are better than bills. You, you know, as a human, could not rip a coin apart on your own. But a bill you could easily tear.”

Student #1: “No, sir-”

Teacher: “That’s why coins have more durability. Durability.”

Student #2: “We have plastic bills, though.”

Teacher: “No, look.” *grabs scrap paper from desk and rips it in half* “See? It’s not as durable.”

Student #1: “Sir, you can’t rip plastic. It’s made to last longer.”

Teacher: “And if it’s put in the wash, or something…”

Student #2: “It’s plastic.”

Student #3: “I have one, I think.”

Student #1: “Yeah, me too, look.”

Teacher: “Really?”

Student #2: “Yes.”

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In my Spanish class, we were learning new vocabulary, and one of our words was cacahuete, pronounced with hard A’s. My teacher pronounced the word, and the class started laughing. Then she told us the translation, peanut, but with her Mexican accent it sounded like something else. The class couldn’t pull back together after that.

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(In high school, I was a fairly quiet student, but I had a few friends whose presence seemed to make me more outspoken. One such friend not only happened to be in one of my classes but was also seated next to me. We were both involved in school theatrical productions. This takes place on the first day of a new semester.)

Teacher: And that completes your first assignment for this course. Please put your questionnaires into your assignment binder, and on the tracking sheet, label this one, “Getting to Know You.”

Me and Friend: (bursting into song) Getting to know you! Getting to know aaaaaaaaallll about you!

(The class laughed. The teacher just stared at us for about a minute before proceeding with the rest of the lesson.)