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(There exists a student who goes out of his way to dab at me as he walks past. Today I instinctively tell him to “get a life”, to which he takes offense.)

Kid: “You wanna f***in’ fight me?”

Me: “No, when did I ever indicate–”

(The kid by this point has decided that the best tactic is to prevent me from speaking. Raising his voice with each word, he proceeds to call me autistic and further insult me.)



(He dabs away, whilst everyone acts as if he just scored the winning point. Seriously?)


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(We’re in a math class where the teacher still has an overhead projector on a cart to teach. She has a water bottle to clean it off on the cart. She ran down to the office before class started so we’re in the classroom alone. It should be noted that NOBODY likes this teacher. Classmate 1 is a trouble maker, but usually is pretty harmless, just annoying.)

Classmate 1: (to a friend) Hey, should I hide the bottle?

Classmate 2: I don’t know, man. She’ll probably flip out.

Classmate 1: No way! It’s just a harmless prank.

(Classmate 1 grabs the bottle and puts in on the built in shelves under the windows by his desk just as the bell rings. The teacher comes in and sees Classmate 1 standing.)

Teacher: Classmate 1! Sit down!

(She starts the lesson, and she seems to be in a good mood. All of the class knows that the bottle is missing, so when she goes to grab it, we brace ourselves, but didn’t expect this.)

Teacher: Who has my bottle? (We’re all silent, and she glares at all of us. She starts getting even angrier.) Really? Are you really going to do this? Do you guys really think this is funny? Come on! Who has my bottle!

(We’re still silent, because nobody likes her and is amazed that she’s having a meltdown over this.)

Teacher: You know what? If you guys really don’t like me all that much, then maybe I’ll just jump out the window!

(We’re on the 3rd floor, by the way. We’re all stunned now and afraid to tell her where the bottle is for fear that she’ll give us detention.)

Classmate 1: (under his breath) You can use my desk to vault off of…

Teacher: Excuse me? Do you have something to say, Classmate 1?

Classmate 1: (leans over and grabs spray bottle) I said I found your spray bottle.

(Classmate 1, a bad liar, poorly denies that he hid the bottle and got sent to the office. While he shouldn’t have done it, this was not an isolated incident with her losing her temper. No matter how many reports were made by students to administration about her, we never heard that she was spoken to about her behavior, probably because she was a coach and athletics was most important at our school. I feel a little bad for her now that I’m an adult, but who says that sort of thing??)


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This took place a fair fee years ago, when my class was on a school trip to see a musical at a nearby theatre. Some friends and I decide to go get some cheaper snacks from a corner shop nearby. As we’re walking, a girl who just showed up marches up behind one of my friends and yanks on her hair, pulling her to the floor, screaming something about a dad. We separate them, and I hear more shouting. A guy outside a pub is yelling at the girl, telling her off, while she yells back. The teacher quickly runs over and firmly tells the girl to get back in her mums car: she will not be seeing the performance. The girl and her mum argue with him for a bit but he stands his ground, and as soon as he mentions calling the police they stop and they leave. My friend is alright, but a little shaken.

Our next drama lesson the girl came in looking incredibly sheepish. I never really got a clear story on why she’d attacked, but I heard about a year later she was arrested for assaulting someone else.


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(We are in the fourth grade. The Teacher’s Assistant is making an announcement to the class. She’s not generally well-liked.)

TA: “After this year, I’m packing up my bags and moving to Kansas to work on a farm. I’m leaving.”

Classmate: “YES!”

TA, and rest of class: *stares at Classmate*

Classmate: “Heheh……sorry.”


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(Today is the day of my last examination, and we’re all already in the room. There’s still around ten minutes to go before the exam starts, so the invigilators are understanding if someone arrives late. A man enters the room.)

Invigilator: Are you here for Problem Solving and Modelling? [The unit]

Man: Yes.

Invigilator: Oh, if you’ll kindly be seated over there…

Man: I’m the lecturer.

(That got a laugh out of everyone in the otherwise silent room. The paper did have some humourous remarks in it’s questions, but I don’t think anything was as funny after that.)