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I have recently enrolled in another school that opens next year. They have made a small error on the open enrollment forms and have me get one from my current school. I am actually supposed to fill one out from the new school. I have recently turned in the open enrollment form to my current school. It takes them 2 weeks to finally look at it.

One day in science, I am called down to the principal’s office to discuss the error. [Principal] starts off talking about how I am supposed to get one from them instead. He then starts insulting the school. Keep in mind this is a very advanced school. He starts claiming the director of the school is incompetent and how they will hire horrible teachers. While he is doing this, I glance at my watch because I was taking a test in science and I only have about 20 minutes left before I have to turn in the test. After he finishes complaining, I start by saying that it was a small error and I also mention how it is an advanced school that will also be taught like a college and all teachers require a master’s degree or higher to teach there.

Towards the end of my speech as I am leaving, I say, “You now, it would have been nice if I was told this when I got this paper… 2 weeks ago… from here”. Little does he know, 1 or 2 of the teachers are leaving to work there. Now I’m just waiting for karma to kick in next year.

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(This story takes place when I was in 6th grade. I am kind of odd, and so I am teased a lot during math by the kids that sit next to me. One girl in particular loves to poke me and dump pencil shavings into my jacket. A few other girls are teasing her about having a crush on me because she always pokes me)

Girl #1: You obviously have poor taste In men.

Girl #: Yeah

Poker Girl: Ugh. And anyways, I don’t like him, (referring to me), I like [Other boy].

Me: Also, I am a potato, not a man! Obviously!

Whole table:*bursts out laughing*

Girl #1: What a straightforward answer!

Me: It’s true!

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(I work at the same school I used to attend. Teacher 1 was one of my teachers, whereas Teacher 2 only came along after I graduated. I was usually known for being a very easy-going and quiet girl in school, but one time a student took things a little too far and I reacted. I’m recalling this incident).

Me: “hey Teacher 1, remember when I punched >student< in the face and he began bleeding everywhere?”

Teacher 1: “yeah.”

Teacher 2: “did the other kid deserve it though?”

Teacher 1: “….yeah.”

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Over the years, I’ve had a few conversations along the following lines.

Me: “How do I do this?”

Teacher: *recites the assigned task*

Me: “Okay, but how?”

Teacher: *recites the assigned task*

Me: “I know what I’m supposed to do. I don’t know HOW to do it.”

Teacher: *recites the assigned task*

Apparently the idea of knowing the goal but not the method is just beyond some people.

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I’m in band in high school. We somehow start talking about non-music related. The following happens when a flute player gets involved:

Someone in the Clarinet section: *makes joke about Dragon Ball Z™*

Someone in Alto Sax section: 2.0’s brother hates that show.


(A little while later, we start talking about WW2.)

Tuba: So what would have happened if we didn’t stop the bomb on Japan?

Flute player: Dropped what? What bomb?

Tenor sax: A bomb. We dropped a bomb on Japan.

Other Tenor Sax: You’re in ROTC. You should know this.

Me, on the inside: I really hate flute players. Moronic POS.