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I was starting Freshman year at my high school. I was very nervous about the jump from middle school to high school and I used humor to shake off any stress. On our first day, our teacher in English picks random kids and ask random questions. Sort of an Ice Breaker. Being a shy one, I tend to avoid any attention. But she called me.

Teacher: “[My name] what do women want?”

*Cue giggles from the class*

Me: (Starting to sweat, I use a old internet joke) “Uhhh, Deez nuts?”

*Whole class starts to erupt in laughter*

Teacher: (Trying not to laugh) “This would be my first to send a call to anyone’s parents on the first day”

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(The teacher in our computer programming class is horrible, just reads from the textbook to us. Luckily, I’m good at reading so I study and understand the stuff. There’s this well known troublemaker who likes to pick on others. On the day that our assignment is due, he asks if he could look at mine.)

Me: “Okay.”

Troublemaker: “Thanks.” *copies all of my work onto his paper, and then throw mine in the trash*

Me: “Hey!”

Troublemaker: “No one will believe you. So just shut up if you know what’s good.”

(I tell the teacher and he denies it. Like I said, the teacher is horrible so she just ignores us. A few days later, he asks for my work again. When I say no, he snatches it from my hands and presents it to the teacher with a flourish.)

Troublemaker: “Here is my work!”

Teacher: “Thank you…hey wait a minute, this is from last week!”

Troublemaker: “Huh?”

(He had stolen the wrong paper! After that, he didn’t bother me again and the teacher kept a closer eye on him. At last.)

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I’m sitting at the front of the room, having just taken the roll for yr 8, when I fell something hit the back of my leg. There’s a window behind my back but it’s a second story window and the corner of them room so I would have thought nothing could sneak up on me. I look around and jump a little because the thing that hit the back of my leg was a juvenile lorikeet. One of the not so lovely students in the class says
“you jumped sir, you looked so scared, are you scared of birds”
and starts laughing. I say
“you wouldn’t jump if a bird flies through a window and touches your leg?”

The bell rings and we’re all meant to be somewhere else but to my shock this same student chases the poor bird out the door and into the corridor.

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(Back in high school, it was common for music students to sell chocolate in order to afford to do things in their program. I am at lunch and spot someone with a box of chocolate.)

Me: “Hey, do you have any [flavor] left?”

Student: “Yeah. They’re one dollar.”

(I dig through my wallet and realize I only have dollar coins.)

Me: “Here you go.”

Student: “I can’t take that.”

(There is a pause, as I don’t know what to do.)

Student 2: “Here, you can give me the dollar coin and I’ll give you the dollar for chocolate.”

Me: “No, it’s fine. If you don’t want my money I won’t force you to take it.”

(I had a friend in band who took my dollar coin happily, and had no clue why the other student wouldn’t.)

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(Im sitting in history class and I’ve brought a box of Oreo cream dip and I’ve given a a one each to friend #1 and friend #2 . People start to beg/ask me for some snacks and i end up giving my last one to Friend #3. to the disappointment of some people. we all start to back to our work)

Me: *to friend #1* “I gave one to (friend #3) cause i like him more than most people in this class.”

Friend #1: “Yo (friend #3)! (My name) says she likes you better than most guys in this class so i keep on her good side!”

(She meant this not romantically, but the class didn’t take it that way)

Classmates: “Oooooooo!”

Me: *Waving my hand* Im gay so y’all can shut your mouths!”

(This causes an eruption of laughter from my classmates and shock. since most people in my school aren’t really that open about being gay unless asked and the fact i loudly announced it sent out a bit of a shockwave. I still laugh about the reaction)