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(I teach a graduate course and provide students with guidelines for completing an assignment. Most of the students, who are allowed to work with a classmate on the assignment, do not follow one of my hints. I think maybe I should improve the hint. I allow the students to re-submit for additional credit if they gave me feedback on why the hint was not effective. These are the responses:)

Response #1: “We believe that there is nothing wrong with the wording of your hint.”

Response #2: “I made more of a judgment call, instead of following the hint.”

Response #3: “I wouldn’t change the hint. It makes sense. We just missed it in the midst of trying to figure it all out.”

(I don’t have a better way of explaining the hint, but it would be helpful to underline or bold the important details within the hint description. In my case I normally skimmed over the hints, but nothing triggered me. I will not be changing the hint.)

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(I do Winter Drumline with my friend, the same person from the story above, and while it is fun, I get home pretty late and sometimes it can be boring or stressful. It had also just started snowing, so I was hoping after school activities would be canceled so my mom wouldn’t have to drive in the snow just to pick me up. Note: My friend sits in the back, while I sit towards the front.)

Math Teacher: *checking emails* “Oh after school activities have been canceled.”

(My friend and I look at each other with an “OH MY GOD YES” expression. We then proceeded to jump up, run and high five each other in a quite epic manner, if I must say so myself. We then sit down like nothing happened.)

Everyone: *starts laughing*

Math Teacher: “Ok, let me restate that. After school activities that start after 6:15 with be canceled.” (Since Winter Drumline starts at 4:30, this means we still have a little bit of practice.)

Friend and I: “Nooooooo…”

Other Friend: “Wait, now you guys have to take back your high five!”

(Other friend and I get up, put our hands together and pull back quickly, doing a reverse high five. Everyone laughs again but then we all settle down. Class goes on normally for a few minutes after this, until…)

Other Teacher: *bursts in* “After school activities are canceled at 6:15! Just think about that… *goes back into his class*

Class: *confused about what we’re supposed to think about*

Math Teacher: *suddenly* YES! HAHA! WHOOOO! *gets up and stands next to my friend’s desk* “[My Name]!”

Me: “What? Wait me?”

Math Teacher: “Yeah yeah!” *holds up his hand*

Me: “OOOH!”

(Math Teacher and I proceed to run and high five each other in the same manner as I did with my friend. Turns out, he teaches an after school class that ends pretty late, so he was pretty excited that it would be cut short. Also, later on that day, I found out my mom emailed my Winter Drumline teacher to excuse me from practice. I told my friend, who still had to go, and jumped up while high fiving myself.)

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(One of my classmates is small and has a high-pitched, sort of “cutesy” voice. She’s called on to answer a question. The answer is “no”.)

Classmate: *normal voice* “No.”

Math Teacher: *makes a “louder!” gesture with his hands*

Classmate: “Um… NO!”

Everyone: *starts laughing at how aggressively she shouted.*

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(My math teacher has hair that sticks up just a little bit, maybe an inch or so. We’re having a normal class when this happens.)

Other Teacher: *bursts in randomly and points at [Math Teacher]* “How tall are you?”

Math Teacher: “7 feet, 10 inches” *He’s obviously not 7 feet and 10 inches tall…*

Other Teacher: “That is a lie!”

Math Teacher: “Fine, I’m [actual height].”

Other Teacher: “Is that with or without the hair?”

Class: *laughs*

Classmate: “[Math Teacher], my hair is better than yours!”

Class: *laughs harder*

(The other teacher then just walked back into his classroom and our teacher acted like nothing happened.)

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(We are playing Kahoot, an interactive quiz game, in class. Unfortunately, the teacher’s laptop is dead and so we are using a touchscreen TV to host the game. The TV is old, so sometimes it refuses to accept user input for a few minutes. We are in the middle of a game when this happens:)

Teacher: Why is the next button not working?

Student #1: Here, let me try it.

(Student #1 is also unable to make it work. Suddenly, Student #2, who is usually quite quiet, stands up.)

Student #2: This should work. (turns to TV and makes rude gesture) WORK!

(Student #2 then proceeds to successfully press the next button, and casually walks back to his seat while the entire class processes what just happened.)