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(One of my classmates is small and has a high-pitched, sort of “cutesy” voice. She’s called on to answer a question. The answer is “no”.)

Classmate: *normal voice* “No.”

Math Teacher: *makes a “louder!” gesture with his hands*

Classmate: “Um… NO!”

Everyone: *starts laughing at how aggressively she shouted.*

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(My math teacher has hair that sticks up just a little bit, maybe an inch or so. We’re having a normal class when this happens.)

Other Teacher: *bursts in randomly and points at [Math Teacher]* “How tall are you?”

Math Teacher: “7 feet, 10 inches” *He’s obviously not 7 feet and 10 inches tall…*

Other Teacher: “That is a lie!”

Math Teacher: “Fine, I’m [actual height].”

Other Teacher: “Is that with or without the hair?”

Class: *laughs*

Classmate: “[Math Teacher], my hair is better than yours!”

Class: *laughs harder*

(The other teacher then just walked back into his classroom and our teacher acted like nothing happened.)

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(We are playing Kahoot, an interactive quiz game, in class. Unfortunately, the teacher’s laptop is dead and so we are using a touchscreen TV to host the game. The TV is old, so sometimes it refuses to accept user input for a few minutes. We are in the middle of a game when this happens:)

Teacher: Why is the next button not working?

Student #1: Here, let me try it.

(Student #1 is also unable to make it work. Suddenly, Student #2, who is usually quite quiet, stands up.)

Student #2: This should work. (turns to TV and makes rude gesture) WORK!

(Student #2 then proceeds to successfully press the next button, and casually walks back to his seat while the entire class processes what just happened.)

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I have recently enrolled in another school that opens next year. They have made a small error on the open enrollment forms and have me get one from my current school. I am actually supposed to fill one out from the new school. I have recently turned in the open enrollment form to my current school. It takes them 2 weeks to finally look at it.

One day in science, I am called down to the principal’s office to discuss the error. [Principal] starts off talking about how I am supposed to get one from them instead. He then starts insulting the school. Keep in mind this is a very advanced school. He starts claiming the director of the school is incompetent and how they will hire horrible teachers. While he is doing this, I glance at my watch because I was taking a test in science and I only have about 20 minutes left before I have to turn in the test. After he finishes complaining, I start by saying that it was a small error and I also mention how it is an advanced school that will also be taught like a college and all teachers require a master’s degree or higher to teach there.

Towards the end of my speech as I am leaving, I say, “You now, it would have been nice if I was told this when I got this paper… 2 weeks ago… from here”. Little does he know, 1 or 2 of the teachers are leaving to work there. Now I’m just waiting for karma to kick in next year.

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(This story takes place when I was in 6th grade. I am kind of odd, and so I am teased a lot during math by the kids that sit next to me. One girl in particular loves to poke me and dump pencil shavings into my jacket. A few other girls are teasing her about having a crush on me because she always pokes me)

Girl #1: You obviously have poor taste In men.

Girl #: Yeah

Poker Girl: Ugh. And anyways, I don’t like him, (referring to me), I like [Other boy].

Me: Also, I am a potato, not a man! Obviously!

Whole table:*bursts out laughing*

Girl #1: What a straightforward answer!

Me: It’s true!