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(our science teacher is not married and is young and some girl’s think he’s cute)

Me: Good morning (Science teacher)you look nice today

Science Teacher: Oh you must be one of the girls who thinks i’m sooooooo cute…. your not to bad yourself.

Me: Ummm….. *thinking this getting really awkward* I meant I like your clothes…

(a few minutes later I walk by his classroom where my friend is standing)

Friend: Hey are you…. Oh never mind.

Me: What tell me! PLEASE!

Friend: *trying to contain laughter* Your dating (science teacher)?

Me: Uh…..who told you that?

Friend: I heard what he was saying to you.

Me: no were not dating that sounds stupid.

Friend: That’s great because if you were then like every girl in this school would like hate you!

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Overheard the teaching staff for one of my classes as they headed to the room:

Professor’s Aide: “Can I join you for this one and then go early?”

Professor: “How early?”

Professor’s aide: “Well, will you be giving a talk?”

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(As a senior with a heavy workload and the recent purchase of several lengthy novels, I’ve forgone sleep in favor of memorizing a long list of anatomical terms for class and then a good read. The next day, I’m in the dining hall with a thermos of coffee and a bowl of cereal, and in a very grumpy, tired mood. Suddenly, a freshman who spoke to me a few weeks back plops down accross the table.)

Me: *Looks up and nods in greeting*

Freshman: *Cheerily* “Aren’t you going to drink anything? You know you’re supposed to drink water or juice at breakfast, rght?”

Me: *Gestures to coffee* “This’ll do.”

Freshman: “And what about meat? See, I got bacon. You should, too.”

Me: “I’m vegetarian.”

(At this point, I’d like nothing better to ask her to leave, and very bluntly at that. But besides being a bit short, I manage to keep from being mean.)

Freshman: “Yeah, but you should still eat meat. Don’t you know its good for you? And you really need to get something to drink…” *Keeps prattlig on, even when the bell rings*

Me: *Stands up and collects things* “Well, as enlightening as this has been, I’ve got to go to class. Good day.”

(Definitely not the best start to my morning.)

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I am the director of a medical needs summer camp. Because a lot of our staff have the same chronic illness as our campers, we get staff from all over the country. One of our staff members is from South Carolina, and has the accent to show it, along with all the other Southern gentleman stereotypes. We are in the dining hall, when I overhear this conversation.

Camper (to staff member): Get out of my way, Southern Boy.

The staff member looks shocked but doesn’t really know what to say.

Me: Woah, woah, woah. What is this? Civil War Reconstruction? You do not speak to anyone with that tone, especially staff members. Go and apologize.

Camper (rolls eyes and turns to staff member): Sorry.

(I’m still not pleased with the tone, but decide that my request was fulfilled, and she was probably half-joking anyway, so I let it drop).

Five minutes later:

Camper: [My name?]

Me: Yes?

Camper: I have something on my mind.

Me: Okay?

Camper: What’s Reconstruction?

(We had a very education discussion, especially since the Southern staff member was there to put in his thoughts. It actually turned out to be really good for her, I think).

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(I’m a student at a college, but I’m thinking of transferring. The school that I currently attend has a rather unique history, and as a result, it is not yet accredited. It also has a very similar name to another school. The only difference between the two is that mine ends in “college” and the other one ends in “university.” However, many universities will accept credits from them as they are in the pre-accreditation stage. I’m visiting another school, and I ask their transfer student department about whether or not my credits can transfer.)

Me:Hi, I currently go to [College], and it is in the pre-accreditation stage, so I was wondering if you could accept my transfer credits?

Secretary:Well, let me see. (She begins to look through an older looking book. Meanwhile, one of the admission counselors walks in.) I can’t seem to find it.

Admission Counselor: What school is it?

Me: Its (First part of my school’s name).

AC: Yes, we accept their credits. We get them all the time. Are you these post-secondary credits? We get a lot of those from there.

Me: (Realizing my mistake.) Oh, I meant (college). You’re probably thinking of (university).

AC: Are they different?

Me: Yes, they have almost the same name and are in the same city, but they are independent of one another.

AC: The book says they’re the same. Are you sure?

Me: Yes, it is a really long story. (AC looks at me expectantly.) Well, (College) was the original school, but they started opening up many satellite campuses under the name (University). Eventually, (University) became in charge of both (College) and (University) and eventually (University) closed (College) in 2008. Then (College) reopened in 2012 using money from alumni and is now completely independent of (University).

AC: Really? Well, lets go into my office and look at their website to see their website.

Me: Okay.

(She proceeds to pull up the website for my college and read their “about” page.)

AC: (As she’s half way through.) I mean, this college has been around a while. I don’t know how they wouldn’t be accredited. (Continues reading.) Oh, it says that they are currently applying for accreditation. So, they don’t have it.

Me: I know that. Will you accept credits from them? Some schools will, but not all.

AC: No. We can’t because they aren’t accredited. I can’t understand how a school that old isn’t accredited though.

Me: Well, like I said, they were closed in 2008 and reopened under different ownership.

AC: (Not convinced) I guess that makes sense.