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(We are in history class and are learning about the Silk Road.)

Teacher: “Remember guys, the Silk Road wasn’t just one road, nor was it made of silk. If it was, it could be like a giant slip-n-slide across countries.”

Me: “Well yeah, but it depends on how wide the silk is and you need water.”

Teacher: “…That’s fair.”

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We’re sitting around talking, and there is a TV on in the background. It’s playing a segment on American ignorance where they interview students and show the worst responses. During a pause in our conversation.

TV announcer: Who won the Civil War.

Student 1: The South.

Student 2: The guys in blue?

Friend 1: Oliver Cromwell’s roundheads.

Friend 2: Wrong civil war.

Friend 3: Francisco Franco.

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(My teacher is bald, and I have massive, long hair)

Teacher: Who let cousin it (character made completely of hair) into the classroom?

Me: You’re just jealous because you don’t have any!

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(I have just gotten into my first period math class slightly late. Note that I tried to get a late slip at the main office, however they told me to run to my locker anyway, WITHOUT giving the late slip.)

Teacher: “Where’s your late slip?”

Me: “I tried to get one at the office but they told me to run to my locker.”

Teacher: “You were supposed to get a late slip.”

Me: “I know, but they told me to get to my locker instead.”

Teacher: You’re supposed to be in class before O Canada plays. I’m going to be calling home.”

(I stop trying to argue and sit down at my desk. I didn’t get confronted about it, though, so I’m guessing she never called.)

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(We haw a sub, and we’ve finished all of work so she tells us to work on things from other classes, student 1 sits near to me, while student 2 is a few yards away)

Student 1: “Miss can I use my phone for educational uses?”

Substitute: “Alright.”

(Student 1 pulls out his phone and IS using it for educational reasons, I go back to reading when student 2, his friend, walks by to borrow a stapler.)

Student 2: *GASP* “[student 1] are you on FACEBOOK!”

Student 1: *startled* “Ahg!”

Everyone: *laughing*

(I get a glance at his screen and it looks nothing like Facebook.)

Student 1: “You scared me! Screaming in my ear like that!”

Substitute: “[student 1] give me your phone now!”

Student 1: “I’m not on Facebook!”

Student 2: “Ahaha, don’t worry miss I just messing with him! He was just checking his grades.”

(The teacher made him put his phone away anyways, but it made everyone laugh and no one could focus for the remaining five minuets.)