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(My prof was trying to explain the word “Wyrd” and the unfolding of being and the nature of things being the way they are.

Prof: The way things are is how we expect them to be. It is natural. For example, it is pleasant to see a tree with leaves on top and roots on the bottom, but it is unpleasant to see the roots on the bottom and- I mean, uh, with leaves on… *frantic hand gesture* The flippity-flip!”

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(I am in Ninth grade, in Biology. My teacher tends to be the really rude type, not exactly strict, though really dumb at times while trying to be serious.)

Me: “I got a low score on this quiz, can I have a retake?”

Teacher: “No retakes on ANY quizzes!”

Me: “…”

*The whole class just stares at the teacher as this is said.*

(Funnily enough, the syllabus she handed out said we could have retakes, and only a couple minutes later, she says we can have a retake. This flabbergasts almost everyone in the room.)

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(Note that my homeroom teacher used to be a choir director)

Me: I might not be going to this school next year.

TA: No! We refuse to let you leave!

(There is some talking about what school I’m going to)

Teacher: You know that play “Bye, Bye, Birdie?” And the song “We Love You, Conrad?” (starts singing) We love you [my name], oh, yes we do, we love you [my name], and we will be true.

Me: (hiding under my desk)

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(We are in an advanced placement music theory class. Naturally, the first lesson was on the difference between clefs (such as treble or base) and key signatures (such as A Sharp Major or C Minor). Two months later, discussing a much more complex topic…)

STUDENT: Wait, Mr. [Teacher]? How many sharps are in treble key again?

(He was completely serious.)

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(We are in a history class, going over the French Revolution. The teacher is fairly old and hard of hearing, so we are required to speak loudly and clearly in order to be understood or even heard at all.)

Student: Can you go over the new constitution again?

Teacher: Which constitution? Constitution of the Clergy or 1791?

Student: 1791.

Teacher: Ok, so Constitution of the Clergy…

Student: No! 1791.

Teacher: Ok, so Constitution of the Clergy…

(The student gives up, and lets the teacher explain the incorrect constitution anyway. after she is done, another student raises their hand. )

Student: Can we go over the Constitution of 1791 again?

Teacher: Sure!