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(My mom is in charge of the nursery/preschool classroom at our church, with me assisting, and is adored by all the kids. One Sunday, a little boy who is particularly fond of her comes in with his dad during silent worship and sits behind us. We wave and I note that he seems to be unusually antsy.)

Me: (to my mom) [Child] seems to want to head upstairs.

Mom: No; he’s fine.

Child: (to his father) I wanna go upstairs.

(My mom laughs silently with a big grin and I smother a giggle.)

Me: This is going on notalwayslearning.


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In 6th grade, I took robotics as my elective. The teacher seemed to have it out for me though, as she would constantly yell at me for doing nothing wrong and cause me to cry. This was one of many events, Which happened on my birthday.

I was just finally getting to work on the current group project, Since whenever I would work on it the teacher would yell at me for ”Not letting my teammates do anything.” All of a sudden my teammate rips what i’m doing out of my hands to work on it herself.

I’m already used to this, So I just lean back into my chair and sigh. The teacher interprets this as throwing a fit and stomps over to me and starts SCREAMING at me about how she wishes I wasn’t in her class and how much of a problem student I am. By the end of it I was sobbing and having a breakdown from the other students laughing at me.

In the end, She ended up sending me to the deans and ruining my record for being a good student. She continued to bully me until I switched schools at the end of the year.


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(In 7th grade, I was waiting in the school lunch line eating a bag of chips out of my lunch box(I was just getting the main dish since I only had sides) All of a sudden the kid in front of me reaches back and into my lunch box, Trying to take some food.)

Me: The f***?!

Kid: Cant I have some?!

Me: No! Seriously, The f*** is wrong with you?! You cant just take someone’s food!

Kid: Its not taking, I’m asking! *Rips the lunch box out of my hands*

(Then the lunch monitor came over and sent me to the back of the line for cussing at him, Giving me a lunch detention too. He got to keep my food, And lunchbox. They didn’t believe that he had took it.)


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I am in AP Calculus. My teacher has just handed out the chapter test. I am tired as I had a lot of homework the night before so my mind isn’t all there. After completing the test and heading out of the classroom, I remember writing something wrong on said test.

Me: Oh god, I put the wrong date didn’t I?

Once I got my test back, I confirmed my suspicions. Note that when I took this test it was December 18, 2014, which was supposed to be written down as 12/18/14. Instead, I wrote 12/18/19. I obviously lost a lot of sleep that year.


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Me: I passed this?

Teacher: Yes. It was very well written. I might put it on display next year.

Me: You didn’t read it then?

Teacher: Of course I did.

Me: Then you would have seen that I called you a witch in the last sentence.

She then looks at my work and goes red in the face.

I ended up getting detention, but it was so worth it. She’s a nasty teacher who picks favourites (which I was one up to that point). She did ultimately put my work up on display, with my witch comment included; I guess she forgot about it. Someone eventually highlighted the sentence and caused quite a bit of embarrassment for her.

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