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(This happens during second grade at third period. Keep in mind that I was a very well-behaved kid during the year in second grade. I hadn’t committed a single misdeed.)

Teacher: ” Excuse me (My Name) please visit me in the hallway.”

When the teacher calls you into the hallway, it’s most likely because you did something wrong. But, I however, had no clue what I had done wrong. I was pretty sure I hadn’t gotten into any sort of trouble during the three periods. I follow the teacher into the hallway anyways.

Teacher looks at me with a very furious expression.

Teacher:” Explain to me why you did such a terrible thing!!!”

I am in utter shock for I know I hadn’t done anything wrong. I just started to cry and stutter.

Me: I don’t….don’t know what you are talking about miss…”

Teacher:” Don’t lie to me (My Name)!!!”


Teacher: “I will not tolerate for such behavior!!! This is your only and last chance, don’t ever do this again.”

I just nodded and went back to class.

(To this day, I have no idea what she was talking about. I assume a student had lied about me.)


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Biochem Teaching Assistant: *teaching a review* “It says Pathways for Pyruvate on the slide, but I call it Fate of Pyruvate. I like it. ‘Cause it rhymes.” (The tone is much that of a nine-year-old).


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(We are bookstore for a small university in Pennsylvania and after working here two years I have seen some crazy stuff with people assuming that since we are the bookstore we must know everything.

We get called because people are tired of waiting and want to get transferred to Financial Aid or the Registrar…yeah we don’t do that. We are a bookstore, not an operator.

Or parents call wanting to know what school supplies they need to get their child. Here’s a clue, maybe ask you’re ADULT children what supplies they think they need. I had a parent ask me if their student needed pencils! Seriously pencils. I replied “Well if you want them to take notes then that might not be a bad idea.”

My personal favorite was when a customer asked me why the Lacrosse roster was made the way it was. I’m a graduate student working a cash register…why would people assume I know anything about who is in charge of the lacrosse roster and why it is the way it is?

Now our books are organized by class. Because if they were by title or author it would be really difficult to get every book for a class if there are five or six books for a certain class. Much easier to pull all the books for ENG 120 at once as opposed to having to look up the books one at a time. Every student is told this at orientation. But do they listen?

Of course not.

Student:Hey I need my books for class.

Me: Do you have my schedule?


Me: Okay can you look it up?

Student:Sorry, I can’t, could you do it for me.

Me: Sorry but that is private information. I cannot do it for you. But I do have a list of classes given this term. Do you know what classes you are taking?


Me: … If you don’t know your classes then how did you expect me to pull your books?

Student:I just thought you would know

*Note there are THOUSANDS of students at this school even if it is relatively small. Did they really think I would know the schedule for each of these kids?

I wish this was an isolated incident but alas it happens every single day. My personal favorite was when one student who actually WORKED for us didn’t have a schedule and didn’t know their classes but thought we could look up the books.



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It’s Finals Week and I’ve managed to find a desk to sit at in the crowded campus library. I focus better when I listen to music, and so after I set up to study I put in my earbuds and turn on “Peponi” by Alex Boye and the Piano Guys. It’s a loud, African style song with lots of drums. About 45 seconds into the song, when the chorus swells, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t plugged my earphones into my phone all the way, and the song is playing loudly for everyone in the library to hear!

Me: (to the people sitting around me) Oh my gosh, I’m SO SORRY! I didn’t realize!

Girl next to me: (seeming a bit dazed by Finals) No worries.

Guy next to me: Yeah, I thought it was a bit weird for you to play it loud like that, but it’s a cool song! I didn’t mind.

(I made sure to play it only through my headphones after that, but I gave both of them the name of the song so they could listen to it later.)


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In first grade my teacher is an absolute bully. She yells constantly, leads the class in laughing at me for a mistake I made on the board while making no effort to actually correct me, and when she brings me a “prize” to reward me for good grades, tells me to dig in her purse for it before calling me stupid when I can’t find it in all the clutter. I am relieved when the year ends, and when I go back for second grade do my best to avoid her.

First Grade Teacher: “[MY NAME]!”

I turn to face her, terrified. To my shock, she gives me a big hug!

First Grade Teacher: “How are you? It’s so good to see you again!”

I am absolutely baffled by her behavior, but begin hearing stories of her being just as kind to more of her former students, confusing them as well. A few weeks later, word gets around that she is retiring at the end of the year, and it is soon accepted that she’s so happy to get rid of us forever that she “doesn’t mind” being nice until then.

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