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We had a professor who was retired military and police officer. He was easy going and really go at explaining difficult material. He just had one rule really; do not bring out your cellphone during lectures.
In one morning class we were reviewing an exam we just took, everyone is already half asleep including my study partner (Classmate 1) who came back from doing an obstacle course triathlon in SC the day before.

Everything is going like normal when all of a sudden the professor stops talking and slams his hands onto a desk in the front row.


Classmate 1: *nearly falls out of his chair and looks around in shock* What happened? What I miss?

Me: Classmate 2 in the front row got bust for texting in class.

Classmate 1: Oh thank God, I though the Navy Seals were jumping through the windows.

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(At my school we have a history teacher who you will either love or hate. We both shared interests in the same bands and movies so I ended up being his favorite student. He tends to get mad when students interrupt but he allows me to crack jokes during free times and silent moments. One day we were in class and the topic had gone from history to barbecue.)

Random Student: Hey Coach I hope you don’t mind us cooking anything behind this building. (He has a portable class)

(Seeing the perfect opportunity to make a joke I immediately take action)

Me: (I slam my hand on the table) DAMNIT (Random Student) he wasn’t supposed to know about the meth lab!

(Cue hysterical laughter)

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this is a bunch of stories about the worst teachers I have had. it is kind of long

the first teacher I encountered was in PE. I had gotten hurt one class, due to a bad fall, and showed up to the next one wearing a brace on both arms. Obviously, I couldn’t participate in class, since we were playing volleyball. My teacher however thought differently. She told me that if I didn’t go out there and play she would write me up and give me absence for the class, and that it was unacceptable that I didn’t bring workout clothes. I was not allowed to leave class either and had to sit and watch the others play volleyball, this is the one incident I remember the best but she acted like this the whole year. It didn’t matter to her why you couldn’t participate in class.

My second teacher was an English teacher. After one class where we had a debate, I and one other student had gotten written up, she had written us up because per her we were backtalking her and bullying her in class. We asked the other people in class if they thought we were being rude and they didn’t understand what she was talking about. We asked for a meeting with her to try and figure out what had happened. It was all going great until she suddenly started yelling, that we were liars and that God would know what we did, and we would pay for what we did, because God knew what had happened, and we were horrible people and God would punish us. She went on for a good ten minutes’ whit this before we could leave.

This next one is the worst teacher I have ever had. I still struggle with asking teacher anything because of her. in my school, we could have a small business to learn about the profession we had chosen and to earn some money. This teacher thought in this subject. I had been chosen to be the CEO and the accountant. This meant that I had to write a bunch of rather complex papers to help the business grow and to make it possible for us to exist. My problems with this teacher started when I asked for help to motivate and get the other students to work, the teacher usually wasn’t in the classroom but rather out and visited the ones that chose to intern in other businesses. When I asked for help she told me that the others always worked hard and if I hadn’t been so lazy we would reach our goals. After that incident, every time she came in to class I got nervous I tried to ask for help with the papers I had to fill out but got told I should know how to do this. I was not allowed to look up how to do it in class or to leave school to fix other things. She told me that I had to go and make more products with the others and that I should do these things at home. She would also take me out of the classroom every time I had her and yell at me for being lazy and worthless, she would tell me that she was going to fail me if I didn’t leave the business and got an internship. It got so bad that I would come home from school crying every time I had that teacher. My parents chose to write a complain to the school asking for a meeting, since I was a minor I had the right to have my parents present at all meetings regarding school. While we waited for a response from the school I had managed to find an internship, at that point I had to do it so that I could just get through the year. When the school called my parents, they said they first wanted to just get my side of the story before the meeting. When the head of the department came, and wanted to talk to me he managed to turn it from me telling what was going on to this is what we will do about it. Nothing changed throughout the school year and whenever I had that teacher I would get yelled at and called worthless. The next year I had to transfer schools just because I couldn’t stay there anymore.

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In high school I was always quiet and didn’t really talk muck. I was also known for being a smart ass. A few girls were discussing a biology test in Spanish class, one was the only one who got an A. As usual I was just sitting at my seat being quiet and doing my own thing.

Female classmate: I can’t believe you got an A on that test!

Girl who got an A: *Jokingly* Yeah, I slept with Mr. [biology teacher].

Me: *without missing a beat* Again?

Que laughter from everybody

Girl who got an A: *Wish a shocked look on her face* I can’t believe you said that you never say anything!

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This exchange was common with my Algebra teacher:

Student #1: “Mr. [Teacher], can I use the bathroom?”

Teacher: “I don’t know, can you?”

Student #1: *sigh* “MAY I use the bathroom?”

Teacher: “Yes you may.”

At some point in the school year, this exchange occurred:

Student #2 “Mr. [Teacher], can you go back a slide?”

Teacher: “I can do that.”

Student #2: *sigh* “MAY you?”

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