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(I’m in an upper-level biology course that’s part of a very small major, so most of my classes have the same couple of students and the same professor, so we tend to discuss our material, in this case equipment we saw on a field trip.)

Classmate: So, how much did the big compactor weigh again?

Professor: The steel-wheeled compactor weighed a hundred thousand pounds.

Classmate: A hundred thousand? Wouldn’t that be, like, a million?

Me: No, a million is ten times that.

Classmate: *blank stare*

Me: A million has six zeroes; one hundred thousand has five.

Classmate: OH!


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(It was the 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, and we were in our senior year. We spent two days in government class discussing the attacks)

Student: “Did the planes like, keep flying after they hit the towers?”

(The entire class was obviously shocked at this)

Me: “Uh, no. Nobody survived on any of the planes.”


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(It’s my last sociology lecture of the semester. My lecturer is also my tutorial leader and I’m one of her top students, so we get on really well. I notice in this lecture that she isn’t wearing any shoes, and since I am studying the use of shoes in the workplace, I am visibly amused.)

Lecturer: So, are there any questions?

(She sees me hesitate.)

Lecturer: Any questions, about ANYTHING?

(Eyebrows raised, I put up my hand. She takes one look at me, laughs, and turns away.)

Lecturer: Well, maybe not about anything.

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