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(My high school is strict about the rules and dress code is rigidly enforced. During my senior year of high school, the admin take it up a notch and conduct dress code checks during first period, done by our hall monitor whom most of the student body detests. One rule pertaining to dress code is that students cannot wear hoodies in class, especially ones with designs on them even if it is cold. This takes place during my Spanish class.)

Teacher: *notices hall monitor about to come in* Take off your hoodies!

(The student sitting in front of her immediately takes it off causing his shirt to hike up, exposing his abs for the briefest of moments while my teacher stares at him wide-eyed)

Teacher: Uh, ok then.

My class erupts into laughter


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(I’m in a Chemistry lab. My usual partner is out sick, so I’m working with two girls I don’t know very well. We’re boiling cabbage as part of our experiment.)

Girl 1: *puts her face near the boiled cabbage* Augh! Stinky.

Girl 2: I know, the whole lab stinks of it.

Me: *takes a deep whiff* I think it smells beautiful!

Girls 1 and 2: *wide-eyed stares*

(I eventually explained that I have no sense of smell, but the looks on their faces were priceless.)


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(This is a few years back, and it’s recess. We have a 7-11-style minimarket, and the market is half a minute away, so our classes sometimes went there. )

Cashier: Hey, (Teacher), how is everything?

Teacher: My kids are driving crazy, all 24 of them.

*Cue laughter and gasps from a few boys*

Boys that gasped: Then you pay for our candy!

*Sets down a dozen huge dorito bags.*

Teacher: I’m only paying for one bag, and I get to keep it!

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