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(I am explaining to my dad why my mom brought me home an hour after she was supposed to)

Me: Mom said she tried to call me, but I never got it. Of course I didn’t get her call. Having three calculators does not equal having a phone.

(My dad laughed for three minutes straight).

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(I am a huge tomboy and all of my friends were boys, so starting high school was hard for me because most of them went to all boy schools and the high school I am going to has about five girls from my school. I am also in the advanced program, but I am very quiet. This takes place on the first day when I approach the girls that I know from my old school, who are all sitting together chatting and laughing)

Girls: *go quiet as I walk past*

Me: ….hey

Girl #1: um yeah. Would you mind going away?

(This shocks me because I didn’t know where I was meant to be and was just going to ask for directions. I go and sit down by myself in the other side of the class and wait, considering I got in 10 minutes early )

Teacher: ah, it’s (my name), right?

Me: yeah

Teacher: nice to meet you (my name). So…is there anything interesting you can tell me about yourself?

Me: Well…..I know up to the twenty fifth decimal of pi!

Teacher: Go ahead!

Me: 3.1415926535897932384626433

Boy #1: Wow! I only know up to the fifteenth

Teacher: Wow. So, why are you both here so early?

Boy & Me: Oh you know, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey….

Boy & Me: You watch Doctor Who!

(All of this in perfect unison, as the teacher walks off to talk to other students, and we stay there talking about our dual interest in Doctor Who, Pi, and video games. And that is the story of how I met my best friend)

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(We are talking about the book we’re reading in school. One of the main characters is a Vietnam veteran who got suspended from his job as a teacher because of a misunderstanding.)

Student: “If he told them about his time in Vietnam, they could’ve helped him. The school could have offered him an alternative, for example a class without Asians.”

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(We are in hisotry with out new teacher who is very interesting. We end up talking about laws about marajuna)
Student 1: ( Teacher) did you know that in like Colorado you can’t some marajuna in public they have special bars for that

Teacher: your thinking about Amsterdam

Student 1: I didn’t know Marajuna was llegal in Canada

(The class tells him that Amsterdam is not in Canada, still determined he heads over to a map of the USA trying to prove us wrong.)

Student 2: that’s a map of the USA

( the class starts laughing especially student 3)

Teacher:(student 3) stop laughing

(Another teacher walks in who happens to be student 1’s mom)
Teacher 2: why is (student 3) laughing so much?

Teacher: because (student 1) has no knowledge of geography

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I was walking through the corridor when I see another student, who is in my cello class but didn’t show up for his lesson earlier that day. We were having are normal conversation about it, when a teacher comes out of the closest room. She is rather loud and obnoxious.

Teacher: Hey! What were you saying to him?

Me: Pardon?

Teacher: Don’t pardon me! You heard what I said.

Me: Um, I was just telling [Student] that he missed his cello lesson earlier.

Teacher: Don’t lie to me! You were saying more than that! I could hear you from inside.

Me: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Teacher: What’s your name?

Me: [my name].

Teacher: I’ll be speaking to your teacher about this.

I walked away, and she started yelling at the other student, who told her my story was true. She thought I was bullying him, and for some reason he was covering up for me. I never found out what she thought was happening, but luckily she never spoke to anyone.