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(teacher puts up map of continental US)

Teacher: “This is the MIssissippi watershed. M-I-S-S-I-P-P-I-P-P-I.”


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(My school uses SMART board-like projector screens that are notoriously hard to write neatly on. Using cursive helps, but our geography teacher is writing an acronym that’s necessarily in all caps, and doing a fairly messy job of it. One student laughs out loud at the all-but-illegible writing. The teacher stops.)

Teacher: What was that, [Student]?

Student: Huh?

Teacher: Well, ’cause if you’re gonna laugh, that implies that you can do way better. Do you want to try it?

Student: Um…

Teacher: Come up to the board.

(The student does, and takes the stylus. He writes out the same acronym, taking over three times as long, with the end result looking almost identical to the teacher’s attempt. The class laughs, and the student grins sheepishly.)

Teacher: What did we learn? It’s not easy to write on the board, is it?

Student: No, sir.

(It sounds a bit cruel, but both the teacher and the student seemed good-natured about the whole thing. We all learnt not to mess with [Teacher], though!)


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(Despite being an orange belt in karate, I’m quite insecure and I worry a lot. Our passage of grade takes place on the first of april. I try do do well yet I really wonder if I’m going to get my grade or not. At the end of the exam, the sensei tells everyone what they did right or wrong, and then he says if they passed their grade or not. It’s my turn now.)

Sensei: “[My name], step forward.”

(I step forward and I listen to all the mistakes I did, whether I noticed them or know. And then…)

Sensei: “So, [my name], you got your green belt.”

Me: “Is this an april’s fool?”

(Everyone laughed. I guess I underestimated myself. Yeah, I got my grade!)

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