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Technology Fail Leads To Win

| Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Teachers, Technology

(I am very forgetful, so I do not turn off the sound of my phone during classes. I can do this pretty safely as usually no one texts or calls me at all. I’m sitting in a classroom well towards the back. Note that this is a pretty large classroom, and can seat about 70 people. The teacher is giving his lecture and the class is really quiet. All of a sudden my phone receives a text message. I know the teacher does not appreciate people having their phone on during class at all, so I put on my best poker face and pretend it’s not me. Everyone starts looking around but because the phone is in the pocket of my very thick coat, which is right next to me on the bench, they do not spot it. The person next to me gives me a suspicious look but doesn’t say anything.)

Teacher: “Who was that?”


Teacher: “Hmm… Was that the projector? That thing has been doing odd things all morning…”

(The teacher gave the projector another suspicious look before resuming his lecture. I felt my face burning but I was really happy the technology at this university fails so often!)

Lacks The Computing Power To Understand

| USA | Teachers, Technology

(I am a graduate level student. I am a full-grown adult and so is everyone else in my class. I do not have a laptop or tablet, so I switch between taking notes on my latest model of [Smartphone] and paper and pencil. I often look up theorists or writers and bookmark them for later. My friend, in the same class, has an ancient laptop that is at least 7 or 8 years old but works fairly well. She also goes between a notebook and computer. My professor calls me in for a one-on-one meeting.)

Professor: “I find it very distracting and upsetting that you are on your phone so much during class. It’s a very small group and very noticeable.”

Me: “Oh! No, I have a smartphone, and I’m using it to look things up and make notes, sometimes order books or papers.”

Professor: “It’s very unprofessional to be texting.”

Me: “You do realize my smartphone is more advanced than [Other Student]’s computer, right?”

Professor: “She is not texting on her computer.”

Me: “Well, I’m not texting either, but you can send texts and messages from the computer to people’s phones. The only inherent difference between the two of us is that my system is smaller and more advanced with a touchscreen.”

Professor: “If you want to bring in a laptop, that’s fine, but I expect your phone to stay in your pocket during class.”

Me: “If you prefer us not to have electronics that’s fine, but you can’t single out my phone without including everyone else’s laptops and tablets.”

Professor: “Phones are not computers! This is very different!”

(I never did convince him that smartphones are computers, but he eventually stopped complaining about my phone after I made an effort to show him what I was doing on it.)

Printed In Ironic Ink

| Australia | Bizarre/Silly, Technology

(I work at a school where teachers sometimes print off online resources to assist their teaching.)

Me: *starts laughing*

Coworker: “What is it?”

Me: “Look.”

(I show her a piece of printed paper with a large heading that reads “Thank you for not printing this page!”)

Phoned In That Criticism

| Amsterdam, The Netherlands | Teachers, Technology

(For my study of English, I have to take a poetry class. The teacher and I do not get along at all. At the last class we get our essays back, plus the evaluation of our class participation. The one on my paper makes me think he made a mistake so I talk to him during the break in our class.)

Me: “Excuse me, sir, but I see her that you noted that I was on my phone a lot in class…”

Teacher: “Yes, that’s true.”

Me: “Well… that can’t be true. I have nothing to do on my phone.”

(At this point I pull my phone out of my coat pocket. It is an old-style Nokia phone, and can’t do much else but text and call. I’m the only person in this class not to have a smartphone.)

Me: “So what exactly would I have been doing on this phone? It is a prepaid phone, too.”

Teacher: “Well, this is not up for discussion. My evaluation stands.”

(Thing is… I had made sure that for this class I would not open my laptop during lectures as he had said he would be grading us on participation… From then on during his classes I would just turn on my laptop as it actually helped me concentrate.)

That’s The Only Reason It’s Dumb?

| ID, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Students, Technology

(My mom is a school nurse at a high school. Technically her job is to only deal with students’ medical issues, but every once in a while she gets some odd requests. Case in point…)

Student: “Do you have a charger? Any charger. Except the kind for a laptop. Not one of those. The kind for a cell phone or iPod?”

Mom/Nurse: “No. I don’t bring chargers to work. Don’t need them here.”

Student: *incredulously* “Really?! Are you sure?”

Mom/Nurse: “I’m sure I don’t have one. You shouldn’t be charging your cell phone at school anyway.”

Student: “Oh, it’s not for my phone! I need to charge my new light-up shoes! This one stopped working and it’s dumb that only one works.”

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