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There’s A Snap For That

| Bismarck, ND, USA | Teachers, Technology

(My engineering teacher was popular with students thanks to his laid-back attitude and willingness to speak on the students’ level about topics you’d normally avoid around teachers. His room has a poster with common courtesy rules such as “Be polite. Be respectable,” etc. This exchange occurs during some free time in class.)

Student: *with his phone out* “Hey, [Teacher], what does that say?”

Teacher: “That sign? One: Be polite, by not playing on your f***ing iPod. Two: Be respectable, by not playing on your f***ing iPod. Pay attention, instead of playing on your f***ing iPod. Show courtesy to others, not by playing on your f***ing iPod. Something something… f*** f*** f*** iPod.”


An Alarmingly Lame Excuse

| OH, USA | Excuses, Technology, Time

(My professor is in the middle of giving a lecture for our 9:00 am class. It is about 9:45 and a student walks in the room.)

Professor: “[Student], I see you finally decided to show up. Would you mind explaining to me why you are 45 minutes late?”

Student: “Apple needs to make the iPhone alarms harder to turn off.”


Problems Of An “Always On” Generation

| Abu Dhabi, UAE | Popular, Students, Technology

(I am an undergraduate student who works part-time at the university library.)

Student: “Um, excuse me, can you help me? This computer is not working.”

Me: “What’s wrong with it?”

Student: *while clicking the mouse* “The screen is black. Can you come, please?”

(I walk over to her computer and see that the monitor looks like it is off.)

Me: “Oh, OK. Maybe the monitor’s plug has been pulled. Let me fix that.”

(I quickly realise that the computer is actually off. Student is still clicking.)

Student: “I don’t know what happened. I shut the computer down, and now it’s not working.”

Me: “Um, OK. So you clicked “shut down” and it turned off, and now it’s not working?”

Student: “Yes.”

(I proceeded to show her how to turn the computer on by pointing at the power button and asking her to press it.)

Student: *when the computer turns on* “Ohhhh!”

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