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Not YouTube But MyTube

| England, UK | Technology

(I am in the computer room for a German class. Our teacher is known for being very funny and hilariously sarcastic. This happens 5 minutes into the lesson…)

Girl #1: “[My Name], are we allowed to listen to music?”

Me: “I don’t know.”

Girl #1: “Can you ask [German Teacher] for me, then? Don’t tell her I asked.”

(I approach German Teacher’s desk.)

Me: “[German Teacher], are we allowed to listen to music as well as do the work? [Girl #1] wanted me to ask.”

German Teacher: “Of course. As long as I don’t see YouTube open on your computer, that’s fine!” *winks at me*

(I go back to my computer and repeat everything German Teacher said to Girl #1. At this point, news has spread that we’re able to listen to music. Note that my teacher has software to see our screens on her computer. Everyone proceeds to open YouTube. Ten minutes later…)

Girl #1: “Hey, why’s my music closed?”

Me: “Maybe it’s just a glitch, try opening it again.”

(She does, but it shuts down again.)

Girl #1: “It’s still shutting down!”

Girl #2: “So is mine!”

Girl #3: “And mine, too!”

(Two minutes in, the whole class has had their YouTube closed by our teacher except me. At this point, they know that it’s our teacher closing the YouTube windows, but she hasn’t closed mine.)

Girl #4: “Hey, how come [My Name] gets to use YouTube?”

Girl #5: “[German Teacher], why does [My Name] get to use YouTube and we don’t?”

German Teacher: “I said YouTube wasn’t meant to be seen by me.” *winks at me again*

(The rest of the lesson went without any complaining. My YouTube was never closed and I still have this teacher.)


System 666 Error

| Escondido, CA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Religion, Technology

(My school’s robotics team is getting ready to attend a demo at one of our sponsors, BAE Systems. We are testing out our robots before we pack them up. One of our mentors enables the robot and picks up the joystick. I do not usually drive the robots, especially this robot, which has a different wheel base.)

Mentor: “Woah, there’s a serious delay! That’s not good…”

Me: “Here, can I try?”

(The second she hands me the joystick, the robot starts to twitch, even though I’m not actually touching the stick.)

Me: “Uh…”

Teammate: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m not touching it!”

(The robot then speeds across the room into an obstacle we had built and stops dead. Everyone goes completely silent and looks at me.)

Me: “Does anybody know a priest?”


Stop Trying To Make Dank Happen

| Boston, MA, USA | Language & Words, Technology

(This takes place during our math class. My friend and I joke about the Internet term “dank memes” constantly, and our teacher is trying to figure out what dank means. There are two definitions, one being kind of damp, cold and ‘musty,’ the other referring to marijuana.)

Teacher: *looking at definition on, which is known to have joking and inappropriate definitions* “You need to stop saying ‘dank.’ It really makes me question what you do in your free time.”

Friend: *silent for a second as he processes*

Me: *starts whooping with laughter as his face starts to slowly light up with laughter as well* “Well, I guess we can’t use the word dank anymore, so let’s find another!”

Friend: *looking up synonyms for dank* “Well, we can use cold or damp.”

Me: “Wait! Look down here!” *shouting* “MUSTY MEMES!”

Friend: “PERFECT!”

Teacher: “Sit down and do your work.”


Well, That’s THAT Lesson Down The Tubes

| Denver, CO, USA | Awesome, Teachers, Technology

(We’re in a technology class. While messing around, I figure out how to unblock YouTube from the school’s network.)

Teacher: “Holy crap, you unblocked it?”

Me: “Um… yeah… Am I in trouble?”

Teacher: *rushes to computer* “Heck, naw! Hey, who wants to watch [YouTuber]?”

(Apparently every year they up the security on YouTube, and the teacher was amazed ANYONE got past it this time.)


A Catalog Of Errors

, | Canada | Extra Stupid, History, Technology

(One of our classmates is a ditz, and very aware of it. We all like her very much, and she provides great entertainment for the class. Our teacher is explaining a book classification system, telling us it was created in 1933 in India.)

Teacher: “We don’t use it here much, but the theory on which it was based has been used to create search engines online, like Google.”

Classmate: “Wow, I didn’t think they had the Internet back then!”

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