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Not So Silent Poetic Justice

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(In my American Government class, the phone policy is that if your phone goes off, the professor gets to take it for the rest of the day and you have to pick it up at his office the next day. We are talking about crimes and their punishments when a girl’s cellphone goes off.)

Girl: “I swear I never ever get calls!”

(The professor doesn’t get mad, just holds out his hand to take her phone.)

Professor: “Your crime is that you didn’t have your phone on silent. Your punishment is your phone taken away, and you have to endure in embarrassment for the rest of the class.”

(He puts her phone on his desk. 20 minutes later the professor’s phone goes off from his pant pocket. He goes completely red and silent. Then he takes the girl’s phone from off his desk.)

Professor: “My crime is that my phone went off. My punishment is to share your embarrassment.”

(He gave her the phone back.)


Pass(word) It Along

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(I go to a public school. My history class is a bit… interesting. We are in the computer lab and I overhear this conversation between the teacher and a student who is audibly frustrated because he can’t log on.)

Teacher: “Okay, well, what’s your password?”

Student: “[Password].”

Teacher: “And did you try that?”

Student: “Of course! It’s not working!”

Teacher: “Was it working before?”

Student: “Yeah. Maybe someone stole it.”


Getting On The School Coach(ella)

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Substitute Teacher: “So the reason why your teacher isn’t here today is because she’s at Coachella!”

(The class starts freaking out.)

Student #1: “Wait, how do you even know?”

Substitute Teacher: “I saw it on her Twitter!”

Student #2: “Great, now everyone is going to be up all night looking for Ms.[Teacher]’s account.”

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