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Exercise For A Different Type Of Person

| BC, Canada | Exams/Tests, Technology

(I’m in my late forties and taking an evening class to upgrade my computer skills. I don’t know much about computers at this point, but have spent most of my working life in clerical jobs and am a very fast and accurate typist. Most of my fellow students are much younger.)

Teacher: “Okay, class. Now we’re going to do a timed keyboarding exercise. Go to [Site]. Ready? Start.”

(I start clicking away at my usual 100+ words per minute. After a bit, I sense the teacher standing behind me.)

Teacher: “Will you cut that out! You’re demoralizing the rest of the class.”



| CA, USA | Language & Words, Teachers, Technology

(We are in the middle of a multiple choice grammar quiz where you have to choose whether to insert a comma, semicolon, colon, or apostrophe into the sentence.)

Student #1: “[Teacher], what’s an apostrophe?”

Student #2: “Oh, my god, [Student #1]!”

Teacher: “Well, [Student #1], I can’t tell you what it is, but I can tell you that it is located on your computer keyboard. And also that it looks like a part of a semicolon.”

Student #1: “But that doesn’t help at all!”

Teacher: “I know. Good luck!”


They Got The Phone In The Sale(m)

| GA, USA | History, Religion, Technology

(We are doing a mock trial on the Boston Massacre in my US history class, with our teacher acting as the judge. During to trial one of the jury member’s phones goes off.)

Teacher: *staying in character* “What kind of witchcraft is that?”

Student: “Looks like we are going to be having another kind of trial after this!”

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