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Pro-Life, Con-Sub

| MD, USA | Bad Behavior, Teachers

(Everyone’s favorite teacher is the AP Government teacher. He’s a really funny guy with ADD, so no matter how boring the material is, his class is lively and interesting. We usually come into his class excited and talkative. One day though, we have a substitute, some mustached guy in his 60s. He is super quiet as we come in, just sort of staring at us.)

Substitute Teacher: “Hello, I’m Mr. [Substitute], and I used to be a gynecologist.”

(Everyone goes completely silent, and it only gets worse from there. He keeps trying to weave his political opinions into the lesson, going so far as to bring up abortion and give us a monologue about it. Regardless which side of the abortion debate you’re on, it has absolutely nothing to do with our lesson, and only succeeds in creeping everyone out. Some of us want to leave, but no one wants to talk to him to ask for permission. Our normally talkative class is dead silent for two hours. After our teacher came back:)

Teacher: “So how was the sub?”

(The class gives a long explanation detailing our horror and disgust.)

Teacher: “Holy s***, seriously? I wouldn’t have blamed you if all the girls had just gotten up and walked out of the classroom. We are never hiring that guy again!”


A Photo-Perfect Response

| Gardner, MA, USA | Awesome, Teachers

(My photography/photoshop teacher (separate but similar classes) is a laid-back guy, but still grades pretty strictly, so there’s a running joke that he perpetuates that he’s actually an awful person. The semester after my photoshop class, I pass by his room while he is teaching another class. The door is open so I lean in to say hello.)

Me: “Hey, [Professor].”

Professor: “Hey, [My Name], you’re just in time! Tell them what I do!”

Me: “Destroy hope and ruin dreams.”

Professor: *to his class* “See?! I told you!”


Won’t Take No Answer For An Answer

| USA | Crazy Requests, Teachers

(My Spanish teacher is generally disagreeable, but this interaction takes the cake. During class, she is asking random people a certain question in Spanish and they have to answer. I was absent the previous day, so I’m frantically trying to catch up on my homework so I can have a general idea of what’s going on.)

Teacher: “Señorita [My Name]!”

Me: *looks up* “Huh?”

Teacher: “Since you weren’t paying attention, this one is for you.” *proceeds to ask me a question in Spanish I don’t understand*

Me: *stumbling over my words* “Uh… I-I wasn’t here yesterday, Señora.”

Teacher: “That’s no excuse. Answer the question.”

Me: “I don’t know what the answer is!”

Teacher: *in a sickeningly sweet, patronizing voice* “Well, if you’re refusing to answer, I’ll have no choice but to dock your participation points for the day.”

Me: “I’m not refusing to answer; I just don’t know that answer!”

Teacher: “Then your participation points are gone for today.”

Me: “You know what? Fine!”

(The deduction didn’t affect the A I had in her class, but I was still mad!)


A Poetic Resolution

| MI, USA | Books & Reading, Non-Dialogue, Teachers

It is the first day of class with a horrible poetry teacher.

She knew kids hated poetry, so she hated all of us right off the bat.

She tells us that fifty percent of the grade would be to recite a memorized poem. I raise my hand and ask if I can do it right then.

She was completely shocked, and loved me for the rest of the year.


Turning Up The Immaturity

| Bad Behavior, Teachers

(I am in [Teacher #1]’s class and we are watching a video when a student walks into our class. [Teacher #1] and [Teacher #2] are known to be good friends.)

Student: “[Teacher #2] wants you to lower the volume.”

Teacher #1: “Sure.”

(The student leaves and [Teacher #1] proceeds to raise the volume with an evil grin. The next day…)

Teacher #1: “So today we’re going to-”

(She is interrupted by a blast of loud music.)

Teacher #2: *from across the hall* “Ha ha ha!”

Teacher #1: “…”

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