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Pay Her The Green For Noticing The Green

| UK | Health & Body, Teachers

(I have been feeling ill all day, but since we have an important exam, I decide to just bite the bullet. It is just after lunch, about half an hour before the exam, and we are all filing into the exam room to wait.)

Teacher: “[My Name], you’re green! Are you all right?”

Me: *trying to not to sound it* “I’m fine. Just a little under the weather.”

Teacher: “I think you can do better than that. You’re the colour of algae!”

(She disappeared for a couple of minutes and I sat down. She came back with my tutor and bit his head off, demanding I be sent home. I managed a weak protest, but secretly I was thankful. She arranged to have me sit the exam next week. I had four lessons that day, each with a different teacher. I was also seen by many other teachers during the day, but she was the only one who paid any interest and the first time a teacher at that school showed genuine concern. Whatever they’re paying her, it doesn’t come close to what she’s actually worth.)

The Ingredients For Success

| VIC, Australia | Awesome, Food & Drink, Money, Students, Teachers

(I live in a very loving but poor household, and it is a constant struggle for my mother to put food on the table, and even then sometimes she isn’t able to. I’m told that for a major assignment for Home-Ec. (cooking) we have to make a meal of our choice, and buy the ingredients ourselves. I am at a complete loss with what to do. The teacher is pretty tough as well, and while I’ve never had any problems with her she knows I hang out with several students she has put in detention several times for what we perceive as trivial things. Seeing no other option, I go to the teacher during recess with some friends.)

Me: *explains financial problems*

Teacher: *without pitying or condescending tone* “That’s no problem. What were you going to make?”

Me: “Um, toffee apples from an old Woman’s Weekly guide.”

Teacher: “And have you got the ingredients list with you right now?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Teacher: “Okay, come with me.”

(She takes me and my friends to the classroom, pulls out the ingredients I need, and puts them aside for the assignment.)

Teacher: “I know the recipe says for more, but we only have three apples, so I won’t mark you down for that.”

Me: “Thank you so much. I really had no idea what I was going to do and you’re really helping me out here.”

(I’m most grateful of how calm and normal she was about the situation, and didn’t make a big deal about our family’s financial woes. Come the day of the assignment…)

Teacher: *explains basics of assignment*

Student #1: “But, miss, I can’t do this, my family is too poor! We can’t afford it!”

Student #2: “Yeah, mine, too! It’s not fair on us!”

(Everyone in the class knows they are lying, and I’m extremely offended but too embarrassed by my situation to say anything.)

Teacher: *glaring daggers* “Then why didn’t you come to me for help?! I had a student come to me who couldn’t afford the ingredients and we got it arranged for them! So you have no excuse at all!”

Students #1 & #2: *dead silent, I think mostly out of surprise, because they didn’t realise there was anyone in that bad financial situation in their class*

(I got a good mark on the assignment although the recipe didn’t turn out how I was hoping, and always held that teacher in high regard. Yes, she was a little hard-nosed, but she truly pulled through for me when I needed help and was so casual about it, like it was just another job a teacher should do. I will always remember that story fondly. I’m glad I was able to give her an example to use in her classes against slackers trying to get out of doing work.)

Coasting Through Your Accents

| Chicago, IL, USA | Language & Words, Teachers

(It’s Drama class, and we are assigned a project where we partner up and write a sketch. I’m actually pretty proud of my handiwork and we perform it for the class. I should note that although I have some vocal tics (I speak faster than most and have a slightly nasally voice) I have no discernible accent. After we’re done, I get this note…)

Drama Teacher: “Good job, [My Name]. I liked the writing and your timing. But could you run it once more without the stupid East Coast accent?”

Me: “[Drama Teacher]… This is how I’ve always talked.”

(He’d known me for three years!)


| USA | Teachers, Technology

(The professor is talking about computers.)

Professor: “I’m not a technology native like you all are. I’m a technology immigrant.”

Toe-tally Gross

| Baltimore, MD, USA | Food & Drink, Teachers

(It’s the late 1980s and we’re in the sixth grade. In our social studies class, we’re learning about cost of living.)

Teacher: “How much does a pound of cheese cost at the store where your family buys groceries?”

(None of us actually knows, so one student takes a guess.)

Classmate: “A dollar?”

Teacher: “What kind of cheese is that, toe cheese?!”

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