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Teacher Dishes Out An Ice-Cold Frappe

| Sacramento, SC, USA | Language & Words, Teachers

(Our French teacher, or Madame, often jokes that she’s going to frappe (meaning hit or strike, in French) us when we are being pains. One day, we are on the bus on the way to a field trip and everyone is being a little squirrely. The vice principal also is on the bus.)

Madame: “Please, settle down, everyone.”

Student: “What are you going to do, frappe us, Madame?”

Vice Principal: “What does frappe mean?”

(All the students are trying not to laugh and Madame looks a little nervous.)

Madame: “Uh… I don’t know; they’re just being silly.”


Follow My Misdirection

| USA | Bad Behavior, Language & Words, Teachers

(In Spanish class we are playing Kahoot, a multiple choice quiz game. The quiz is about a specific verb tense, which is formed using the “opposite” of the usual verb endings. When a trick question comes up, the teacher reminds us:)

Teacher: “Remember, you want to use the opposite ending.”

(We all give the correct conjugation for [tense], and the game tells us we are wrong.)

Teacher: “This sentence starts with ‘Creo que,’ which is a time when you don’t use [tense]. It should just be a regular present tense verb. It’s a trick question.”

Me: “Wait a minute, you told us to add the opposite ending. Wasn’t that a lie?”

(Note that although unexpected, the switch-up is not outside what we’ve learned.)

Teacher: “I wanted you guys to get it wrong so I could explain it to you.”

Me: “…?”


Reading Too Much Into It

| NY, USA | Books & Reading, Teachers

(I’m squinting at the board to read.)

Teacher: “[My Name], are you in horrific pain or just trying to read? Or is that the same thing for you?”

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