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Writing An Apology Is A Doodle

| Clinton, CT, USA | Art/Design, Bad Behavior, Staff

(I am in the library for reading time with my class and I am talking to a friend louder than I should be. The librarian comes up to me to tell me to be quiet and since my mind has no filter I say some rather impolite things. I am sent to the principal’s office and told to write a letter of apology. After a while, I finish and start doodling and writing random things on the paper. Finally someone gets me and we bring the letter to the librarian. After a moment of looking at the paper:)

Librarian: *laughing* “You need to get in trouble more often, [My Name]!”


Blind To Diversity

| IL, USA | Health & Body, LGBTQ, Popular, Staff

(It is 1978. I and my best friend, who is also blind, are on a college tour. My friend doesn’t like the typical canes for the blind and manages on her own in familiar environments, or by holding onto someone in an unfamiliar environment. Since this is an unfamiliar environment she spends the entire visit linking arms with me. After the tour, the guide approaches my mother.)

Guide: “You might not like this school.”

Me: *confused* “Well, why not?”

Guide: *looks at the ground* “Your kind, uh, aren’t that common here.”

Me: “My what?!”

Guide: “You, uh, lesbians. You and your girlfriend. You might not be welcome here.”

Me: *walks away laughing* “She’s blind! I’m her guide!”

(I didn’t end up attending but I love to tell this story.)


Common Sense Is Not On The Cards

| MS, USA | Extra Stupid, Staff, Students, Technology

(I work at a college that uses an automated print kiosk service for the students to do prints. Your choice for payment is to either upload money to a cloud account using your credit card, or use a prepaid print card (similar to a gift card) you buy at a store and print directly from a flash drive.)

Student: “I don’t have my print card with me; how do I print out?”

Me: “Your choices are to upload money to a cloud account, or buy another prepaid print card.”

Student: “Yes, I do have a print card but I left it at home. How do I use it to print out?”

Me: *goes into a five minute conversation on how to print*

Student: “Yes, but I DO have a print card but I left it at home… How do I use it to print?”

Me: “Look, it is like having a Starbuck’s gift card. If you get one as a card as a gift it does not sync up with any other account you have. You just use the gift card like money and once it is gone, it’s gone.”

Student: “But I have a print card…”

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