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Can Also Be Measured In Daylights, Sunsets, Midnights And Cups Of Coffee

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(This took place in my junior year chemistry class, as we were discussing half-lives. I have always been a well-known theatre geek, and that year a popular musical had just been made into a movie.)

Teacher: “So, to figure out this half-life, you need to know how many minutes are in a year. Who can tell me that?”

Me: *hand shoots into the air*

Teacher: *rolling her eyes* “Oh, I know how you know, [My Name], but let’s see if someone else does. Not everyone knows it that way.”

Girl Behind Me: *who was also in chorus with me* “525,600!”

Me: “See?!”

Teacher: *shakes her head in bemusement*


Trumpeted Your Expectations

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(This story takes place during jazz band rehearsal at my high school.)

Band Director: “[My Name], please play [this part of the jazz piece].”

(I get nervous when I’m singled out, so I play it rather quietly.)

Band Director: “Now that’s real cute and all, but I want you to play it loud. I called on you because you play it correctly. Try again.”

(I do, playing my trumpet at what I think is reasonably loud.)

Band Director: “Can you play it any louder than that?”

(I play the last measure in a volume that’s just short of blasting. Everyone in the room lurches backwards, not expecting that volume.)

Band Director: *feeling his scalp* “I had more hair before that!”


Don’t Give The Answer Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

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(I am almost finished an incredibly difficult chemistry test. My chemistry teacher is well-known for being tough and not well liked in the first place but this test stressed everyone out even more than usual. I have turned my test over to the back where the bonus question is.)

Bonus Question: “For an extra 10%, please fill in the missing step in the A.K. process.”

Me: *thinking* “What the f***?!” *out loud* “[Teacher]!”

Teacher: “What?”

Me: “I don’t think we covered this.”

Teacher: “You can figure it out on your own.”

(Frustrated by his unhelpful answer, I read the rest of the question:)

Bonus Question: “For an extra 10%, please fill in the missing step in the A.K. process:

Step 1) What I got you gotta give it to your mama.

Step 2) What I got you gotta give it to your papa.

Step 3) What I got you gotta give it to your daughter.

Step 4) You do a little dance and you drink a little water.

Step 5) ________”

(Almost everyone in the class answered the question correctly, with the exception of a couple students who didn’t get the reference.)

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