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Chemistry Is Slippery When Wet

| FL, USA | Awesome, Exams/Tests, Musical Mayhem

(At my school, during lunch periods, we have a bell that rings halfway through the period for the students taking classes for the first half of lunch. I’m in a chemistry class that is a lunch period with a teacher who has a very quirky sense of humor. We’re in the middle of a quiz, and the room is dead silent until the half bell rings.)

Teacher: “We’re halfway there, folks.”

(Then, without warning:)


(Yes, the teacher belted Bon Jovi in the middle of a quiz. He then continued on like nothing happened.)


We Didn’t Start The Fire 2016

| San Mateo, CA, USA | Musical Mayhem, Pokemon, Pranks, Teachers

(Being your average middle school, no one ever pays attention to the announcements. Teachers have tried many methods to get us to listen, but this one takes the cake.)

PA: “Kylie Jenner! Beyoncé! Rare Pokémon! Free McDonald’s! Now that you’re listening, join track and field! Tryouts are—”


Piano No No

| Los Angeles, CA, USA | Health & Body, Musical Mayhem

(We have a musical theater program at my school so there are pianos in some of the classrooms. My class is starting so we are all moving items left behind out of the space. I’m moving the piano which I usually do because it moves on wheels. It tilts and falls on me.)

Classmate: *screaming bloody murder* “It fell on her! Oh, my god, the piano fell on her!”

(Apparently, one of the wheels was broken, but the previous class failed to notify anyone.)

Me: *dazed and numb* “Can someone help me? I think I’m stuck.”

Teacher: “Don’t move!”

Classmate: *lifting from the opposite end causing more damage* “I got it.”

Me: “No! Stop! Please stop!”

(A couple other classmates come and lift it from my side — common sense! My teacher and one of those classmates help me up the stairs to get bandaged up at the office. She even blew on my boo-boos before putting on the bandages.)

Teacher: “Why don’t we go back downstairs to get your stuff? I’ll get some ice for you.” *after getting back* “All right, I’ll see you tomorrow. Can you help her back to the bungalow? Rest up!”

Me: “What?! No! Please! I’ve worked really hard. Please let me stay.”

Teacher: *flabbergasted* “Um, er, oh, ok. Sure!”

(She even let me perform my monologue, albeit sitting down with a chair under my injured leg. I’ll never forget the sweet, motherly kindness and understanding of my teacher that day, the stupidity of that girl further injuring me, and my other classmate carrying me ALL the way from class to my front door, princess style!)


Very Odd Talking Heads

| Lexington, KY, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Musical Mayhem

(I am in eighth grade. With the school being on the border of the downtown area and an upper middle class neighborhood, we have a very diverse student body ranging from the typical jock and ”prep” types down to low income, troubled kids. Because of the latter, fights and problems at this school are not uncommon. One day, I’m walking through the hall between classes, minding my own business when I hear someone running behind me at close to a full sprint. Before I can react the running guy grabs me by arm and forces me into a corner. Thinking I’m being jumped, I get ready to swing at him with my free hand when the guy clasps my hands in his, looks me dead in the eyes and bursts into song:)

Random Guy: *singing* “Take me to the river. Drop me in the water. Hug me, squeeze me, love me, tease me till I can’t take no more!”

(The guy then just lets me go and walks off like nothing even happened. I stand there in stunned silence for a moment before I can manage to say something to another student who stopped and watched the whole thing:)

Me: “What the f*** just happened?!”


Using Another’s Flute Leaves A Sour Taste In Your Mouth

| Everett, WA, USA | Bad Behavior, Musical Mayhem

(I’m a little flute girl right before a concert in eighth grade. To make sure that I don’t forget my instrument, I would put my flute with the trumpets and trombones in the back of the band room the day before. I do this because my locker is across the school, passing period is five minutes, and there were people who liked to stand in front of my locker before my elective period. The morning of, during practice, I walk over and check for it.)

Me: “Mr. [Teacher], my flute’s gone. Have you seen it?”

Teacher: “No, did you put it in your locker?”

Me: “No… I put it in the back like I always do; it was right next to [Friend]’s trumpet.”

Teacher: “Go talk to the office to see if it’s in the lost and found.”

(At this point I’m upset, because when I first walked up to the cabinets they were unlocked. It’s the teacher’s responsibility, considering there are about 20 other student’s instruments. After 20 minutes of class of me searching frantically, he drops this line.)

Teacher: “That’s why you should put it in your locker; it wasn’t safe to put it back there. You can take this seventh grader’s flute for the performance.”

(He kept blaming me for a while for my flute getting stolen. Dropped out of band after that year because it left such a sour taste in my mouth.)

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