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This Teacher Rocks

| VA, USA | History, Musical Mayhem, Popular, Religion

(I am in my Honors World History class. We are talking about the church in the Middle Ages. My teacher uses an app for our warmups and likes to project the answers onto the board. Note that there is quiet medieval music playing at the time.)

Warm Up Question: “What did medieval Christians think would happen to them if they disobeyed the church?”

(I type the answer, Hell, and wait for my teacher to go over the responses.)

Teacher: “All right, let’s go over the answers.”

(He presses a button on his laptop. The quiet medieval music suddenly changes to ACDC’s ‘Highway to Hell.’)

Me: “Did he just…”

Classmate: “Apparently…”


Our Capitalist Generation

| White Plains, NY, USA | Family & Kids, Musical Mayhem

(I’m with my toddler class taking a walk through the building, since we can’t go outside as it is raining. One of my little girls starts singing to herself.)

Girl: “Hush, little baby, don’t say a word. Mama’s gonna buy you a shopping bird.”


Finals: The Musical

| CA, USA | Awesome, Exams/Tests, Musical Mayhem, Popular

(My math teacher is gone on the day of a quiz so we have a sub. Our school has a strict ‘no phones in class’ rule.)

Sub: “You guys are gonna be taking a quiz so I’m just gonna lock the door…”

Student: “Why?”

Sub: “I’m gonna let you guys listen to music as you take the quiz!”

Student: “But why would you lock the door?”

Sub: “So that if anyone important tries to come in we can ditch everything and get away with it! And if we do get caught I’m perfectly fine with it because I’m retiring soon anyway.”

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