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The Volkswagen McCartney

| NJ, USA | Musical Mayhem

(I overhear this conversation:)

Student #1: “Who is your favorite Beatle?”

Student #2: “Isn’t that a type of car?”


Canvassing For A Cult

| PA, USA | Art/Design, Musical Mayhem

(While discussing how we chose the subjects of our paintings in art class:)

Classmate: “I was listening to a song at the time about overcoming one’s obstacles in life, so I thought, ‘Let’s paint something like that!’”

Me: “I was listening to a song about a cult burning down an orphanage full of children, so I thought, ‘Let’s NOT paint something like that…’”


Teacher Challenge? Let’s Dance

| Louisville, KY, USA | Awesome, Musical Mayhem, Teachers

(My high school gym teacher was also the coach for the school’s cross-country team. He had a great sense of humor and liked to give his students nicknames. He also liked to make us do cross-country training drills all class. One of the girls he nicknamed “China Girl” after the David Bowie song.)

Gym Teacher: “I’ll make a deal with you guys, if anyone brings in the song the next time we have class, you can have the entire period free.”

(The next day we have class, I wander up to him and pull out the David Bowie CD with “China Girl” on it that I borrowed from my dad.)

Me: “I believe we had a deal.”

Gym Teacher: *laughing* “I seriously didn’t think anyone would do it!” *to the rest of the class* “Bow down to [My Name]! She just saved you!”

(We got the free period!)


A Total Eclipse Of The Class

| USA | Musical Mayhem

(This happens in a class with a pretty lenient teacher, we are watching a reading video, and one student is messing around with the student behind him.)

Teacher: “[Classmate]! Shut up and turn around.”

Rest Of The Class: *starts singing* “Bright eyes!”

Another Student: *continues the song*

Teacher: “I should have worded that differently…”


That One Time In Band Camp

| Wamego, KS, USA | Musical Mayhem, Teachers

(Over the years my band teacher has had to say some pretty crazy stuff, including, but not limited to:)

Band Teacher: “Get that trombone off your head!”

Band Teacher: “How the heck did you get your arm stuck in a trumpet?!”

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