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Another Kind Of College Education

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(My sister and I are talking about my college.)

Me: “We have an old building with doors that are built small enough that a woman’s hoop skirts couldn’t fit though. They didn’t want any women sneaking in.”

Sister: “Oh, that’s interesting!” *pauses, probably thinking about the other weird things I’ve told her about my college* “You know, your college had a lot of… interesting facts.”

Me: “Yeah, well, when a college is founded before the country is, stuff is going to get a little weird.”

It’s The Archimedes Principle Of The Thing

| USA | Awesome, History, Teachers

(My seventh grade Social Studies teacher is known best for two things: his wacky, offbeat sense of humor and his equally wacky ties. He has a gift for getting students interested in learning history, too.)

Teacher: “Okay! Who here knows the story of the first recorded streaker in history?”

(And that is how you get twelve-year-olds interested in Archimedes.)

A Photo-51 Finish

| Chicago, IL, USA | History, Math & Science, Teachers

(I’m in my university Human Genetics class, and the professor is giving us a brief overview of discoveries made concerning DNA and genetic engineering.)

Professor: “Okay, who can tell me who Watson and Crick were?”

Me: “The guys who discovered Rosalind Franklin’s notes.”

(Half the class started laughing and clapping including the professor. The textbook didn’t even touch on how crucial her work was, but at least we had a good-in class discussion about it!)

Celebrating Thanksgiving And Independence Day At The Same Time

| PA, USA | Awesome, Geeks Rule, History

(When I was in kindergarten, we made Thanksgiving placemats by coloring in pictures of a pilgrim, which my teacher then laminated for us. I decided to color my pilgrim green because I didn’t like leaving a lot of white space.)

Teacher: “Why is your pilgrim green?”

Me: “He’s an alien.”

Teacher: “There weren’t any aliens at the first Thanksgiving.”

Me: “Now there is!”

(When I showed it to my dad after school, he pointed out that technically all the pilgrims were aliens because they came from a different continent. We still have that placemat somewhere.)

Mein Kampf: The Musical

| USA | History

(I am 15. I have concert band as one of my classes. The trumpets, during this one song we are practicing, are doing absolutely horrible.)

Band Teacher: “In all my years of conducting concert band, never have I ever heard a song as horribly played as that.”

Trumpet Player #1: “So does that mean we made history in this school?”

Trumpet Player #2: “I think it does! We made history!”

Trumpet Player #3: “History! Woooo!”

Band Teacher: “Not all history is good, though.”

Trumpet Player #1: “Doesn’t matter. We still made history!”

(Being fed up, because I hate the trumpets, and also because I take band seriously, I take charge.)

Me: “Adolf Hitler also made history, and see where he ended up!”

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