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The Ultimate Educational Crossover

| Columbus, OH, USA | Geeks Rule, Students

(I’m a teacher at a small charter school. Part of my job is to interview my homeroom students to find out their post-graduation plans. Some of my kiddos are still a little lost about what they want to do. This is not the only conversation I’ve had like this.)

Me: “Okay, now that we’ve done your evaluation, [Student], what is your career goal?”

Student: “I wanna be Spider-man!”

Me: “You’ll need a degree in chemistry to make a radioactive spider.”

Student: “…How about Batman?”


Change Your Opinion In A Flash

| Indian Orchard, MA, USA | Family & Kids, Geeks Rule

(A little kid comes up and he’s wearing one of those plush animal hats that are so popular.)

Me: “Hey, I like your hat.”

Kid: “It’s a cheetah!”

Me: “That’s way cool. That’s the fastest animal on Earth. It’s faster than any person or animal. Even a horse can’t run faster.”

Kid: “Except The Flash.”

Me: “Oh, yes, The Flash.”


Speaker Easier

| Leslie, MI, USA | Geeks Rule, Language & Words, Technology

(I was trying to explain to my brother and his friend why speakers have magnets. After dumbing it down as much as I could.)

Friend: “Okay, I don’t understand because I don’t speak nerd. Explain it in [Friend]’s terms.”

Me: “Magnet make speaker go boom?”

(Everyone started cracking up.)


Lifting Inside The Box

| UK | Geeks Rule

(One of the deputies just got the Head job and is moving her stuff to the bigger office. She clatters around packing for over an hour and then emerges with a single box of stuff.)

Secretary #1: “Do you need a hand carrying the rest of your stuff?”

Deputy: “Oh, no, I’m fine, thanks.”

Secretary #1: “It’s no bother; I’ll come and grab another box.”

Deputy: “There are no other boxes.” *sets the box on the front desk*

Secretary #2: “Then where’s the rest of your stuff?”

Deputy: “This… this is all my stuff.”

Secretary #1: “But you had so much… How have you fit everything in there?!”

Deputy: “Well…” *picks up the box again* “Arthur Weasley’s car is nothing compared to my crate box.”


Bald Defiance

| KY, USA | Geeks Rule, Teachers

(Our principal is a bit of a joke around the school. He has a doctorate and makes it known. Our mascot is the American bald eagle, and since our principal is bald, although young, his nickname has become ‘The Bald Eagle’. His last name is ‘Sapp’, a key point to this story.)

Classmate #1: *seeing the principal walk by* “The Bald Eagle is in the nest.”

Principal: *looks into classroom and suddenly comes in, waits a moment, and leaves*

Classmate #2: “I think he heard you.”

Classmate #1: “He better have. I want it known I do not like him.”

Classmate #2: “Do you know why he heard you? He has Sapp-O-Vision. He utilizes the baldness to see everything in a five mile radius.”

Classmate #1: “He sounds more like a D&D character now.”

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