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Toe-tally Gross

| Baltimore, MD, USA | Food & Drink, Teachers

(It’s the late 1980s and we’re in the sixth grade. In our social studies class, we’re learning about cost of living.)

Teacher: “How much does a pound of cheese cost at the store where your family buys groceries?”

(None of us actually knows, so one student takes a guess.)

Classmate: “A dollar?”

Teacher: “What kind of cheese is that, toe cheese?!”

Popcorn Forlorn

| Denver, CO, USA | Food & Drink, Students

(I am in a private study room with my friend. A guy with a yellow bowl approaches us and speaks to us through the large window in the room but we can’t hear him. He ends up running into the glass and spilling popcorn on himself. I run out of the room to see if he’s okay.)

Guy: “Yeah… I just wanted to see if you guys wanted popcorn but it’s on the floor now…”

Will Teach Them To The Bitter End

| Washington, DC, USA | Food & Drink, Math & Science, Students

(Our biology lab is discussing traits specific to certain genes. One such trait is the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide, or PTC, which is harmless, extremely bitter chemical – but only to people with a specific genetic makeup.)

Professor: “All of you take one of these strips of paper. It’s covered with PTC, which will be horribly bitter to some of you but tasteless to others.”

Student #1: “How will we know if we can taste it? What if we aren’t sure?”

Professor: “It’s really bitter. You’ll know.”

Student #1: “But I mean, I drink black coffee. It might not affect me even if I have the right genes.”

Professor: “It’s nothing like coffee. You’ll know immediately if you’re tasting PTC or not.”

Student #1: “But how can we be SURE?”

Student #2: *has put the paper strip on his tongue* “OH, MY GOD! OH, MY GOD! EW, EW, EW!” *spits in sink, rinses mouth* “HOLY CRAP, that was DISGUSTING!” *gagging, spitting*

Professor: “Seriously. You’ll know.”

They’re All Going To Brown(ies)

| Berlin, Germany | Food & Drink, Teachers

(It’s the end of the semester and both the professors and students seem to have lost their motivation for the remaining lectures and seminars. This particular seminar is very interesting but is from six pm to eight pm so we are mostly just spacing out and barely listen.)

Professor: “How are you guys doing? Are you as tired as I am?”

Students: *give no real answer but instead just nod their heads and groan*

Professor: “That’s what I thought, so I decided to bake you guys some brownies!”

(The class basically gives her a standing ovation, as she gets out three massive plates with brownies. After everyone has calmed down:)

Professor: “Now, sadly these are just normal brownies without any extras. If you feel funny after eating them, it’s not my fault!”

(She was our favorite professor after this incident and the brownies were incredibly delicious.)

Making A Class Of Vegetarians

| VA, USA | Books & Reading, Food & Drink, History

(I am teaching my eleventh grade history class about the Progressive Movement. As part of the unit, I have them read an excerpt from Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle. I have two unusually rowdy, but good classes. Everything has gone smoothly up until this point.)

Me: “While you are reading, pay attention to details.”

Student #1: “This is disgusting. How can people do this?”

Student #2: “Did people really eat this?”

Me: “Oh, sure. There was even an episode of [Popular Forensics Show] that displayed the results of non-Kosher killing methods. Some parts are not good for humans to eat.”

Student #3: “So is this now… or… like… a long time ago?”

Me: “This is during the late 1800s. This is when there were no government regulations. I…” *suddenly stops, wide-eyed in shock* “Uh oh…”

Student #4: “What? What’s wrong?!”

Me: “I forgot to tell that to first block…”

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