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Burning Through Your Equality Lessons

| Germany | Family & Kids

(I am doing an internship in a local kindergarten. This kindergarten is taking equality and multicultural learning very seriously. The children come from all across the world, so of course some feature darker skin as well. One afternoon, I am dressing all the naked dolls with the help of a Caucasian four-year-old. One of the dolls has dark skin, too.)

Girl: “Okay, now we’ll take the brown sunburnt baby.”

(I was in shock for a few seconds, not knowing how to react. I tried hard not to burst into laughter.)

Me: “Is this what you children always call this doll?”

Girl: “Yes.” *smiles and hums as she chooses the clothes with the doll in her arms*


Graded ‘E’ For Effort

| Toledo, OH, USA | Family & Kids, Language & Words, Pets & Animals

(I have been volunteering for Vacation Bible School, which has a sea theme, at my church. I am working crafts on this particular day, explaining how to assemble a Styrofoam fish that appears to be in a fishing hook. Later, after the craft is over and we’re cleaning up, my friend tells me about this gem.)

Kindergartener: “Can you help me?”

Friend: “Sure, what do you need help with?”

Kindergartener: “I named my fish Fishy. Can you write Fishy on him for me?”

Friend: “Sure.” *writes Fishy on the child’s craft* “Here you go!”

(The child takes the fish and looks at my friend’s writing for a moment and then looks back up at her in confusion.)

Kindergartener: “You missed something.”

(The child took the pen from my friend and wrote a sloppy E over the Y in Fishy, so that it looked like this: Fish E. My friend had to excuse herself because she was laughing so hard.)


Judged By The Content Of Their Character

| Belgium | Awesome, Family & Kids, Popular

(I have an appointment in a school in a rural area and am waiting in the teachers’ lounge when I overhear the following conversation. Due to the rural area, people are not used seeing other than Caucasians.)

Teacher #1: “How is the new pupil doing?”

Teacher #2: “Well, you know how we have now two kids named David? The kids refer to them as ‘tall David’ and ‘short David’ or ‘curly-haired David’ and ‘short-haired David.’”

Teacher #3: “Really?”

Teacher #2: “Yes. Nobody ever mentions the colour of his skin.”

(Sometimes I think there is still hope for humanity.)


Doll-ing Out Some Interesting Lessons

| Kent, England, UK | Family & Kids

(Overheard while picking up my little brother from nursery:)

Boy: *snatches doll away from girl* “No! Girls can’t play with dolls! That’s sexist!”


Butts Grown Wild

| England, UK | Family & Kids, Homework, Language & Words

(I work with three year olds. Today, I am planting cress with them. I explain to each child that if they leave their cress seeds somewhere sunny they will grow and the children will be able to put them on their sandwiches. This happens when a child is collected later in the day. ‘Butty’ is a colloquial term for a sandwich in some parts of the UK.)

Child: *to his mum* “Mum, look! If I put this in the sunshine it’ll grow into butties!”

Me: “Well, not quite…”