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10 Reasons Why Prom Sucks

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The prom. No two words in the High School lexicon conjure up more fear, more trepidation, more anxiety. More than finals, more than report cards, and certainly more than graduating. But when you stop and think about it, prom actually kinda sucks. And here’s why:

#1. The prom dress.

Beautiful young woman disgusted with price tag on dress.

It’s the ultimate case of “keeping up with the Joneses.” While you’ve probably experienced an unfair amount of competition throughout your high-school career to be ‘on trend’ with the latest fashion, brands, music, and what-not, this will all count for nothing if you end up in a prom dress that’s not up to the standard of the self-appointed cool-kid elite. Home-made dresses are a no-no, almost as bad as a cheap dress or something (God forbid!) last season. Not that seasons matter for these types of dresses as you’re only ever going to wear it once, yet another reason to hate the whole experience.

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