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Zero Attempt At Hiding The Bad Grade

| GA, USA | Exams/Tests

(I have to make-up a quiz I missed in class that has two questions and is pass-fail. About a week later I see my grade hasn’t changed.)

Me: “Dr. [Teacher], have you put in my grade for the quiz I made up?”

Teacher: “Yes, I have.”

Me: “But it still says I still have a zero for it.”

Teacher: “Like I said, I’ve already put the grade in for the quiz.”


Mac Attack

| Orlando, FL, USA | Exams/Tests, Students, Technology

(I just transferred to a big university after doing my AA at a community college. My major requires me to take some extra intro computer classes, so I find myself in a couple of classes where I am surrounded by 200 freshmen or even dual-enrolled high-school kids. There is this one really rude girl in the class that no one likes.)

Professor: “Okay, so, this week we are going to learn this tool, and here are the hot keys for PC and Mac. Now, remember, all of this is free game on the quiz at the end of the week.”

Student: *raises hand* “Um, [Professor], I don’t use Mac because I don’t like it and I have a PC, so will I be exempt from knowing that information on the quiz?”

Professor: *laughs* “Um, no. Everyone has to get the same quiz, and everyone is expected to know the same information.”

Student: “But I will never use Mac; I don’t need to know this information.”

Professor: “Whether or not you use it is your choice, but you will still be expected to know it for this class.”

Student: “But that’s totally unfair! I only use PC; therefore, I only need to learn the PC information.”

Professor: “Learn whatever you want, but there WILL be Mac related questions on our quizzes, especially since most of the school’s labs use Mac, and you will be expected to know them.”

(The professor continued the lecture, and the girl got up and walked out about halfway through. Funny enough, the quiz that week only had two PC questions, and the rest Mac. I didn’t see the girl again in class so I’m assuming she withdrew from it.)


Germany-Many Problems

| Bulgaria | Exams/Tests, Language & Words

(I went to an “elite” high-school that specializes in language learning. The really cool thing about their curriculum is that after the initial hard learning in the first year, students take one or more classes entirely in their primary language. For me it was German, and because the school didn’t have enough teachers to cover all subjects, my classmates and I end up with chemistry and biology in German all through ninth grade. Our final biology tests are tough and most of us review all of the year’s learning material, so that we can pass. Skip ahead to 10th grade. Note: it’s usual for schools in Bulgaria to hold “entry level” tests for most subjects, in order to review the most important things from the last year and to ease the transition in the new stuff.)

Teacher: “All right, students, hope you had a good summer, but now things are getting tough again. Our entry level test is on Tuesday next week.”

Class: *groans*

Teacher: “I also have some good news, though. This year we won’t be learning in German, so at least you won’t be bothered by grammar and new biology vocabulary.”

Class: *sighs in relief*

Classmate: “Excuse me, Mrs. [Teacher], we are still having the entry test in German, right?”

Teacher: “Why? It’s in Bulgarian, too.”

Classmate: “But we know all this stuff in German!”

Teacher: “So translate it; you’re smart enough, I believe?”

Classmate: “Yeah, for most things, but those special terms aren’t that easy to translate. All materials we have from last year are in German, and we don’t even know what half of the organs are called in Bulgarian!”

Teacher: “Oh, come on, you can do it. End of discussion. Now, let’s review. Can someone tell me anything about the chemical substances in a human cell?”

Class: *looks dumb*

Teacher: “Anyone? No one?”

Class: *looks even more dumb*

Teacher: *sighs* “All right…” *in German* “Chemical substances in a cell?”

Classmate: *also in German* “I know that one!” *proceeds to explain*

Me: *facepalm* “We’re so failing that entry test.”

(Most of us did fail. I still think it was a very stupid change in curriculum.)


Tough Exam? Game On

FL, USA | Exams/Tests, Games

(My best friend and I had six out of eight classes together last year. I could go on for days on end with quotes and stories, but this particular incident takes place in our math class at the end of the year. We’re both in advanced classes and are preparing for a super-important exam in class, but both of us are on our phones, playing the same game.)

Best Friend: “She released us to do our work. We have an exam in two days.”

Me: “Yep.”

Best Friend: “The study time would be useful.”

Me: “Yep.”

(Pause. He is considering skipping to my empty seventh period class this day.)

Me: “We’ll have all of seventh to play this game.”

Best Friend: “Yep.” *pause* “We’re not gonna stop, are we?”

Me: “Nope…”


Your Grades Are Going Down Under

| USA | Exams/Tests, Geography

(I’m studying for a map test with a classmate in my history class. We were given a study guide, so we know what we will need to label.)

Me: “Oh, there’s going to be extra credit too! Let’s see here… Wait, Australia is extra credit?”

Classmate: *equally surprised* “Yeah, I guess so.”

Me: “Who doesn’t know where Australia is?”

(I check and double check to make sure it’s not actually Austria. It’s not; our professor really decided to make Australia extra credit!)

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