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It’s A Battle To Be Heard

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(It is springtime, and the windows are all open. We are in chemistry class when we hear a commotion from the history classroom across the corner. The American History teacher, who LOVES history, and waxes dramatic about it, is in the middle of describing a great battle, complete with sound effects. Exactly which one, we cannot be sure of, although it clearly involves bombs, explosions, and noisy violence. The chemistry teacher pauses and the class falls silent as we all listen. After a few moments, the chemistry teacher speaks:)

Teacher: “Gosh, I sure hope we’re winning!”

The Day The Students Flipped

, | KS, USA | Awesome, Bad Behavior, Non-Dialogue

My school has a cafeteria with high ceilings and windows with ledges about 30 feet up the wall. My classmates have been adamantly practicing the bottle flipping that has been going around the Internet, but as the class clown I know I can’t be outdone by some freshman with a sports drink bottle.

The cafeteria sells special juice bottles that I decide will he perfect for my stunt. I buy one, empty it to about right for bottle flipping, and stand near a wall. Keep in mind I haven’t told anyone what I’m going to do, but soon a couple people see me and the entire cafeteria quickly silences.

I can see the administrator giving me the stink eye, but I don’t let that stop me. I toss the bottle up and by some stroke of luck it lands perfectly on the ledge and the whole room fills with cheers.

I got detention for a lunchroom violation, but each day another food item appeared on the ledge. First there was applesauce, then a box of milk, another water bottle, and finally a sandwich, before the school finally posted an SRO near the ledge to watch for people like me.

Full Points For Trying

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I am taking a Calc 1 test in the Student Assessment Center (I have ADD and am allowed double time for exams as a result), and it just so happens to be the day before my 21st birthday. For kicks and giggles, I decide to write on the front of the test, “I’m turning 21 tomorrow. B-Day bonus points, please? :)” as a joke, not expecting anything to come of it.

On a semi-related note, one of the questions on the front gave us a graph and, among other things, wanted us to list at what points the derivative of the function, labeled as “f'(x)”, equaled 0. Unfortunately, I and several others didn’t see the apostrophe and thought it was asking for what points “f(x)” equaled 0. Many facepalms were had when he went over this (and some other problem questions, but that was the real “duh” moment) on the board before handing back the tests.

However, when I got mine back, I noticed that my note was circled, he had drawn an arrow between it and the incorrectly answered problem, and he had written “I won’t count off. There are your free points! =)” next to it.

It was only two or three points, not even enough to change the letter grade, but I was still surprised that he had actually gone through with it.

Throw It At The Densest Student

| NY, USA | Awesome, Math & Science, Teachers

(This happens in an Earth Science class. We are honors students in eighth grade, and we have just started the class. We’re talking about density vs. size and weight, etc.)

Teacher: *holding up two rocks* “Which one do you think is more dense?”

Student: “Uh, the bigger one?”

Teacher: “Okay, we’ll see about that.”

(She picks up the bigger rock and THROWS IT AT HIS HEAD. It bounces off silently. It was actually made of very lightweight Styrofoam!)

Teacher: “See? Size doesn’t always mean density. By the way, I like to do that at parent-teacher conferences. It scares parents.”

The Pen Is Mightier Than You

| New Zealand | Awesome, Students, Teachers

(It is the new school year and I am in a class with these two girls:)

Teacher: “Please use pencils, in case you make a mistake.”

Girl #1: *audibly* “I’ll use pen.”

Girl #2: *also loud* “Yeah.”

(A small while later, it is revealed that the teacher ‘accidentally’ got two definitions mixed up.)

Girl #2: *looking around at everyone erasing* “Oh, my god.”

Girl #1: “I’m so triggered right now.”

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