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Teacher Challenge? Let’s Dance

| Louisville, KY, USA | Awesome, Musical Mayhem, Teachers

(My high school gym teacher was also the coach for the school’s cross-country team. He had a great sense of humor and liked to give his students nicknames. He also liked to make us do cross-country training drills all class. One of the girls he nicknamed “China Girl” after the David Bowie song.)

Gym Teacher: “I’ll make a deal with you guys, if anyone brings in the song the next time we have class, you can have the entire period free.”

(The next day we have class, I wander up to him and pull out the David Bowie CD with “China Girl” on it that I borrowed from my dad.)

Me: “I believe we had a deal.”

Gym Teacher: *laughing* “I seriously didn’t think anyone would do it!” *to the rest of the class* “Bow down to [My Name]! She just saved you!”

(We got the free period!)


The Thought Was Priceless

| Victoria, BC, Canada | Awesome, Students

(I am a student teacher finishing up the last day of my practicum in a grade 4/5 class. I’ve had a wonderful time, and the kids have been great. We have a goodbye party with cake and everything. To my surprise, one of the students gets a nod from my mentor teacher and approaches me at the front of the class.)

Student: “Miss [My Name], I got you a goodbye present!” *hands me a little box*

(I open the box to find a necklace! It’s quite obvious that it’s not anything expensive, but I couldn’t care less. Touched by the gesture, I immediately put it on.)

Student: “My mom helped me pick it out!”

Me: *almost in tears* “Thank you so much, [Student]. I love it!”

Student: *proudly bragging* “And you know the best part? It was REALLY cheap!”

(I found out later that he was apparently very concerned that I would think he spent thousands of dollars on the necklace, and be uncomfortable accepting it. It’s been several years but I still have that necklace, and it brings a smile to my face whenever I take it out!)


Leaping Ahead Of The Teacher

| GA, USA | Awesome, Students, Teachers, Time

(At the beginning of my freshman year of high school, my great-grandmother died. The ensuing funeral activities, requiring a flight across the country, put me out of school for eight days after having only attended one day so far that year. As a result, when I return, I don’t know my teachers very well. This occurs on my first day back.)

Teacher: “[My Name], since you were gone so long, can you tell me why we have a leap year every four years?”

Me: “Because a day isn’t exactly 24 hours, it’s—”

(I finish my sentence, though he talks over me for this particular part.)

Teacher: “23 hours and 56 minutes.”

Me: *finishing my sentence without skipping a beat* “…and four seconds.”

(The rest of the class suddenly “OOOOOH”s, making me a bit anxious because I have no clue what I did wrong.)

Teacher: “I’ll let it slide this once, because you haven’t been here. But you never correct a teacher.”

(For the rest of class, I would catch my classmates glancing over and snickering. By the time class was over, I was almost in tears from the ridicule.)


Don’t Get Antsy About The Exam

| NM, USA | Awesome, Teachers

(My teacher announces to the class that because she has a performance review coming up, she will be working with us more one on one ‘to be extra impressive.’ To evaluate our individual needs, she calls us into another room one at a time during labs. She goes alphabetically, but skips mine, saving me for last. I notice my most recent paper has a note in the back that says ‘we need to talk’ and I am very nervous when she finally calls me.)

Me: “I feel like I’m in trouble.”

Teacher: *laughing* “Not at all; I just need to make sure everyone is getting any help they need.”

Me: “Oh, okay…”

Teacher: *holds up the quiz from earlier* “You got a 90; good job. You’re behind on last week’s lab. Need any help?”

Me: “No, I’m just finishing it up, actually.”

Teacher: “Great! I noticed you drew an ant on your quiz.”

Me: “Cricket, actually.”

Teacher: “Oh, well, I wanted to tell you a thing that happened with ants yesterday!”

(We spent the next 15 minutes chatting. Turned out she left me for last because I’m funny and ‘we need to talk’ literally meant hang out and talk. Later she was cracking up while grading my lab. I’m just glad she likes my sense of humor and gives me full marks despite my comedic additions to assignments.)


That’s No Phone-y Excuse

| Detroit, MI, USA | Awesome, Students

(I am in my favorite class, a computer programming class with a teacher who only loosely enforces the district’s rules for electronic devices. For example, he allows phones and laptops for music and working, but not for texting. One day, I’ve forgotten my laptop, and decide I don’t want to work on the school’s computers, so I pull out my phone, download an app that gives me a notepad with an expanded keyboard for symbols, and start doing my assignment on the phone. Since I’m actually working, I make no effort to hide my phone.)

Teacher: *finishing the announcements at the start of the class* “…and [My Name], just as a reminder, you should not text in class.”

(I hold up my phone so that the display is visible to the teacher. Due to the way the class is arranged, all the students can see it too, but the text is too small to read from distance. Since I’ve been working through the announcements, there is already a full page of code on the screen.)

Me: “Working.”

Teacher: *sounding more surprised than suspicious* “Really? Let me see it.”

(I take my phone up to him without touching the display. He looks it over for a few seconds.)

Teacher: *surprised but amused* “Huh. Carry on, then.”

(He hands the phone back to me. The class erupts in laughter while I’m both grinning yet slightly embarrassed by the attention.)

Another Student: “You just LOST!”

Teacher: “I’d gladly lose that. That was awesome.”

(For the rest of the period, I kept working on my phone with no further interruptions.)

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