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Drawn To Your Paper

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(I am a creatively-oriented thinker and enjoy art; thus, I have a tendency to absentmindedly doodle on my papers. In math class, we have unit packets for notes, which are turned in at the end of each unit. The first packet I did had a “what is this” comment on one doodle, which I felt was a warning against drawing on my work. I go in for a conference with my teacher later on.)

Teacher: “So, I was looking at your most recent unit packet, and I saw that you scratched out a lot of drawings.”

Me: “…yeah?”

Teacher: “Don’t do that! After grading packet after identical packet, I love to look at them, and they’re a lot of fun.”

(We continue to talk about my grade, and the conference ends.)

Teacher: *calling to me as I leave* “Don’t erase any more drawings! Leave them on there!”

Me: “Okay, I will!”

(My day was made, especially as I thought the drawing was a problem!)

The Teacher’s Logic Is Lopsided

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(There is one desk in our class that’s very lopsided since the legs are uneven. A classmate walks in to find that he’s the lucky guy that has to sit at that desk. This desk is all the way across the class from the door that connects to the next classroom, which is currently empty.)

Classmate: “Um… [Math Teacher]? My desk is like… well… this.” *points to desk*

Math Teacher: *laughs* “That’s what you get for being the last one.”

Classmate: “Oh…” *tries to situate himself at the desk*

Math Teacher: “Okay, well, we can do… Hmm…” *thinks for a second then walks over to the door combining the two classes, peeking his head in* “Okay, yeah. Here, let’s do this. Help me lift this.”

(They then proceeded to carry the desk all the way across our classroom, plopped it in the class next door, stole another one, and brought it back. The things we witnessed in our math class…)

A Canterbury Tale To Remember

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(English 100 is kind of notorious at my school because they require everyone to learn the opening prologue to The Canterbury Tales and recite it for your professor. No one in my class is excited about the idea. The first day of class rolls around; none of us have met our professor yet. All we know is that he’s been teaching at College for many years.)

Professor: *walks into class after we’re all seated* “Good morning!”

(This man looks to be around 65-70 years old, has snow-white hair, and is wearing a tweed suit with an actual waistcoat and a pocket watch. He is adorable!)

Professor: “I know you are all eager to dive into The Canterbury Tales, and yes, the rumors are true; most of the tales contained therein are a little bit dirty.” *pulls out a copy of the book and puts on a pair of spectacles, with wire rims and everything, then bellows* “Whan that aprill with his shoures soote; The droghte of march hath perced to the roote…”

(He read the entire prologue in Old English, with a voice that sounded like the narrator from Winnie the Pooh!)

Me: *leaning over to my friend beside me* “I’m going to love this class.”

(We spent the rest of the semester enthralled while he alternated between reading the different tales to us in his narrator voice, and talking about how much his wife liked the TV show “Snapped” and how we should check on him if he ever missed a class.)

It’s A Battle To Be Heard

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(It is springtime, and the windows are all open. We are in chemistry class when we hear a commotion from the history classroom across the corner. The American History teacher, who LOVES history, and waxes dramatic about it, is in the middle of describing a great battle, complete with sound effects. Exactly which one, we cannot be sure of, although it clearly involves bombs, explosions, and noisy violence. The chemistry teacher pauses and the class falls silent as we all listen. After a few moments, the chemistry teacher speaks:)

Teacher: “Gosh, I sure hope we’re winning!”

The Day The Students Flipped

, | KS, USA | Awesome, Bad Behavior, Non-Dialogue

My school has a cafeteria with high ceilings and windows with ledges about 30 feet up the wall. My classmates have been adamantly practicing the bottle flipping that has been going around the Internet, but as the class clown I know I can’t be outdone by some freshman with a sports drink bottle.

The cafeteria sells special juice bottles that I decide will he perfect for my stunt. I buy one, empty it to about right for bottle flipping, and stand near a wall. Keep in mind I haven’t told anyone what I’m going to do, but soon a couple people see me and the entire cafeteria quickly silences.

I can see the administrator giving me the stink eye, but I don’t let that stop me. I toss the bottle up and by some stroke of luck it lands perfectly on the ledge and the whole room fills with cheers.

I got detention for a lunchroom violation, but each day another food item appeared on the ledge. First there was applesauce, then a box of milk, another water bottle, and finally a sandwich, before the school finally posted an SRO near the ledge to watch for people like me.

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