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This takes place in an ethics discussion. At one point, the students are all trying to decide whether there is any action which is inherently wrong in all circumstances. People bring up murder and theft, both of which quickly are done away with by easily bringing up a scenario where that would be the ethical decision, or at least morally defensible. Finally…

Student 1: Rape. Rape is never morally defensible.

Most students agree. There is no situation where that is excusable. Until…

(Male) Student:… Well…

The entire class turns in unison, completely horrified.

(He went on to say that you could perhaps defend it if you were the last two humans on earth, and for some reason the person absolutely refused sex. People agreed that, whether actually ethical or not, there was a valid argument. But the original unified horror was one of the funniest things. And encouraging for the coming generation)

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