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(I attended the same middle school my mother taught at, which meant I was often enlisted to watch the other teachers’ young children while our parents were finishing things up at the end of the day. One teacher had a preschool-age daughter, [child #1] who was, we could say, precocious. Or we could say stubborn and loud.)

Child #2: “[My name], I have a snack in my lunch box. Can I eat it now?

Me: “Sure, that’s fine. Just don’t spill any.”

Child #1, a few minutes later: *tries to take the other child’s snack*

Me, giving the snack back to its rightful owner: “[Child #1], you can’t take someone else’s snack. It’s not yours.”

Child #1: “But I WANT it!”

Me: “I know you do, but it’s not for you.”

Child #1, becoming upset and shouting: “It’s not for you!”

Me: “I…yes, I know it’s not, but it’s not for you either.”

Child #1, still shouting: “It’s not for me!”

Me: “….yes?”

Child #1: *huffs and walks away*

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