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    Met The End Of His Days

    | Arlington, TX, USA | Books & Reading, Movies & TV, Pets & Animals

    (We’ve been reading Lord of the Flies in my English class, and have reached the halfway point in the book. The teacher decides to let us watch the 1963 film version for a few days. We start at the midway point in the movie, just as the boys are hunting a boar. As they kill and eat the animal, a boy in the back of the class suddenly speaks up.)

    Student: “Oh, my god! They killed Pumba!”

    Education Has Gone Way Down South

    | CA, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography, Students

    (Our school has a new weekly event where we discuss one country a week.)

    Leader: “Today we are going to discuss South Africa!”

    Classmate: “That’s a continent, not a country!”

    Me: “Um, South Africa is a country…”

    Classmate: “Really? …I wish they still taught geography in school.”

    Making A Complete Boob Of Yourself

    | Pico Rivera, CA, USA | Bad Behavior, Rude & Risque, Students

    (In my 10th grade world history class we are learning about art from a Power-Point and one slide has a revolutionary picture with a woman on it showing liberty.)

    Male Student: “Is that a boob?”

    Teacher: “What, is this your first time seeing one?”

    Class: “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    Didn’t Zinc That One Through

    | QC, Canada | Math & Science, Students

    (In my high school chemistry class, there was a very enthusiastic blonde girl that, well, lived up to the stereotype. This day, in the lab, we burned up some copper powder over a flame and were comparing the weight before and after the experiment.)

    Teacher: “So, in order to gain mass, the copper had to bond with some other element present in air in order to form copper oxide. Any ideas?”

    Blonde Girl: “Oh, I know! It’s zinc!”

    Breaking The Rulers Of Physics

    | Glen Allen, VA, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Math & Science

    (We are in a senior AP physics class with a really cool teacher who is pretty relaxed. During an assignment I get bored and I’m playing with a ruler and I hit it on a scale and manage to balance it perfectly vertically.)

    Classmate: “Whoa, dude. I think you just broke physics.”

    Me: “Hey, [Teacher]! Check this out!”

    (He comes over looks at it and looks at me like I’m just wasting his time but then suddenly he says:)

    Teacher: “Nice! High-five!”

    (We five and immediately the ruler falls over.)

    Classmate: “Sonic high-five!”

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