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    A Seasonal Habit

    | TX, USA | Language & Words, Teachers

    (It is the last day of our human cognition class. Our professor has just finished telling us that this was the second to last class she’ll ever teach.)

    Professor: “You guys were a wonderful class. I had a great time this summer.”

    (We all laugh good-naturedly as she realizes her mistake.)

    Professor: “Well, I had a great summer. I don’t know about you guys.”

    Can’t Take The Heat Of Exams

    | Canada | Bizarre/Silly, Exams/Tests, Teachers

    (We’re all sitting in a midterm exam. Our professor is standing at the front, watching over us. He’s usually a really friendly and generally intelligent guy. He’s told us we should be able to clear his exam in 30-45 minutes. About 20 minutes into the test, the fire alarm starts to ring. We all pause, kind of unsure of what’s going on. Soon, we hear the other rooms around ours emptying into the hallway. We all start to pack up when the professor speaks up.)

    Professor: “No, no, don’t worry. Sit back down. It’s okay.”

    (We all just look up and stare at him for a moment.)

    Student: “That’s the fire alarm, sir. We should get out of here.”

    Professor: *looking at the clock on the wall* “You guys should be able to finish in 10 minutes. Keep going!”

    (Some students uneasily start settling down while others just make for the door. The same student speaks up.)

    Student: “You want us to write this in the middle of a fire?”

    Professor: *casually* “Oh, you’re right. I’m being stupid. All right, let’s get out of here!”

    (We all leave. The week after, we sit down to write the exam again – only to see that he’s using exactly the same questions, just in a different order! Our class average was extremely high, and the professor couldn’t figure out why!)

    Not A Class Act

    | IL, USA | Extra Stupid, Students

    (Our voice and speech class will be collaborating with a directing class that meets at roughly the same time.)

    Teacher: “Their class starts at 2:20 and our class starts at 2:30, so show up to [location] at 2:30.”

    Student #1: “Uh, I have a class then.”

    (We all stare at her.)

    Student #2: “You have this class.”

    Student #1: “Oh, right.”

    Oh, My Professor

    | USA | Awesome, Teachers

    (It is the first day of class. My classmates and I are unsure of how to address the professor.)

    Me: “Sir, what do you prefer to be called? Professor [Last Name]?”

    Professor: “No! That’s way too formal to me, and I won’t answer if you say it. You can just call me [First Name].” *pauses for a moment* “Or you can call me God. I respond to that, too.”

    Wasn’t Attracted To The Subject

    | Reading, England, UK | Exams/Tests, Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Students

    (At a revision lecture for one of the hardest modules in my engineering degree, a student who didn’t attend a single lecture walks in.)

    Lecturer: “Can I help you?”

    Student: “No, I’m fine.” *sits down*

    Lecturer: “This is ‘electromagnetism and its applications.’”

    Student: “Yeah, I know.”

    Me: “Good luck, mate…”

    Student: “I read the lecture note on day one. This s*** is easy.”

    (The next week he sat down for the exam, wrote his name, stared blankly at the question paper for 10 minutes, and then left without writing anything.)

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