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    Professors Can Come In All Flavors

    | USA | Bizarre/Silly, Musical Mayhem, Teachers

    (My college has just recently built a new lab school, which houses a play-based daycare. It also has classrooms for the college students, an office for the head of the department, and a large common area. A classmate and I are in the common area, working together on our final projects. From the common area, we can see one of our professors and the head of the department in her office, in a heated discussion. After a few minutes, our professor comes out and stands in front of us.)

    Professor: “Girls, I’m glad you’re here. I have a question to ask.”

    Us: “Okay?”

    Professor: “Who’s that rap artist with the big clock around his neck?”

    Me: “You mean Flavor Flav?”

    Professor: “I knew it. I was right. Thanks!”

    (She goes back into the office and closes the door. My classmate and I just look at each other.)

    Classmate: “Did she seriously just…?”

    Me: “I have no idea what that was about.”

    (Both professors then exited the office and offered us chocolate. We decided not to question it too much!)

    Tea And Sympathy

    | Morgantown, WV, USA | Awesome, Food & Drink, Staff

    (I work at the international office at my university. New student check-in at the beginning of the fall semester is always the most strenuous time of the year for us. By mid-day my throat is getting pretty painful and dry from speaking to new students and I am just feeling terrible all-around when a girl comes by with her friend.)

    Me: *automatically* “Hi, new student?”

    Girl: “No, I just had a question. But first, this is for you.” *she holds out a large iced-tea* “I see you working here every time I come by your office for candy.”

    (She smiled and left after another coworker answered her question. I don’t know if she realized just how much she helped me that day and how grateful I was.)

    Big Words, Small Mind

    | Canada | Language & Words, Math & Science

    (We just finished our group presentation and the professor asks the class to give feedback. We get good feedback from the people evaluating us. A random girl in the class decides to interject her opinion.)

    Girl: ”I feel like the last few groups kept using words they didn’t even write themselves. Like ‘organic compounds,’ like really? Who says words like that in real life?”

    Me: That’s what they are CALLED… This is a science class. We are going to use scientific terms.”

    (The rest of the class jumped down her throat and laughed at her because she basically called every other group out for using ‘big words’ she didn’t understand to try to make them look bad in front of the professor.)

    The Devolution Of Education

    | Victoria, BC, Canada | Books & Reading, Math & Science, Parents, Religion

    (I’m sitting in a large classroom waiting for a third-year lecture on evolution to begin. Behind me I hear two students chatting.)

    Man: “So I finally broke down and bought the textbook.”

    Woman: “Oh?”

    Man: “Yeah, but I made the mistake of leaving it lying around my parents’ place. My mom got all defensive seeing it, talking about how evolution wasn’t real. Then she asked me why I was taking the course.”

    Woman: “What did you tell her?”

    Man: *sarcastically* “‘It’s just for interest! It’s not like its one of the uniting principles of my majoring subject or anything.’ I think she bought it.”

    Total Eclipse Of The Brain

    | Nottingham, England, UK | Extra Stupid, Students

    (I am outside a university hall of residence, on the night of a lunar eclipse.)

    Student: “So what planet is the moon eclipsed behind?”

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