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    H2-Slow, Part 6

    | Wales, UK | Extra Stupid, Math & Science, Students

    (I’m eating lunch in a common room with my classmates and discussing how people’s attitude to chemicals in food can get a bit ridiculous.)

    Classmate: *mockingly* “Yeah, stop breathing dihydrogen monoxide. It’s really bad for you!”

    Me: “You know, I actually would advise that you don’t breathe dihydrogen monoxide. I wouldn’t want you to DROWN.”

    (Dihydrogen monoxide is water.)

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    I Find Your Lack Of Studying Disturbing

    | Sydney, NSW, Australia | Geeks Rule, Teachers

    (I’m coming out of my lecture on May 4th. Right in front of me is a man, dressed in a black cloak with a light-saber.)

    Me: “Haha, that’s awesome!” *thumbs up*

    Man: “Thanks!”

    Another Student: “Even better, he’s the lecturer!”

    Three Is A Magically Stupid Number

    | Santiago, Chile | Extra Stupid, Students

    (I’m teaching Introduction to Computer Science for first year engineering students.)

    Me: “As this is the first test, you may answer in pairs. Let me be clear, this means two and no more than two students. Are we clear?”

    Class: “…”

    Me: “I’m assuming that as future engineers you can count up to two.”

    Class: *laughter*

    (As I was grading the test, there was an answer sheet with three names. This happens every year without fault.)

    Blowing Advertising Wide Open

    | Australia | Language & Words, Rude & Risque

    (We’re in a business law lecture, and our instructor is explaining false advertising.)

    Instructor: “Of course, most ads are not intended to be taken literally, so people can’t take legal action when the product doesn’t deliver what was ‘promised.’ Let’s look at this one, for example.”

    (He shows us a very old cigarette advertisement with the tag line ‘blow in her face and she’ll follow you anywhere.’)

    Instructor: “So, we have this ad: “Blow in her face and she’ll blow in yours.”

    (The whole class lost it, and the instructor was so embarrassed his assistant had to take over.)

    Canada: America’s Hat, Part 9

    | IA, USA | Extra Stupid, Geography

    (I was in a group of soon-to-be-college students playing a guessing game at our college orientation.)

    Me: Okay, so I’m thinking of a state up north…

    Girl: Canada!

    (We haven’t let her live it down.)


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