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    Got That Field-Trip Buzz

    , | WV, USA | Field Trip, Geeks Rule

    (My class is on a field trip to a West Virginian university. My English teacher and ten students are in a monorail cart. It starts to move and pick up speed.)

    Teacher: “I’ve always wanted to try this.”

    Me: “Try what?”

    (He thrusts his fist out toward the ceiling as the cart moves faster.)

    Teacher: “TO INFINITY!”

    Everyone: *in perfect unison* “AND BEYOND!”

    (Best part of the trip.)

    Hot Beats

    | ON, Canada | Musical Mayhem, Students

    (I was teaching a small group about genres of music. We listened to a salsa song, then some Mozart, then some big band.)

    Student: “Can we listen to the guacamole song again?”

    Droning On About It

    | Madison, WI, USA | Language & Words

    (I am in an extracurricular club that’s affiliated with a national civil rights organization. We have just done a presentation for some students on the issues of privacy and drones as part of a larger event, but the response was lukewarm, so the club is discussing what might have gone wrong.)

    Club Member #1: “Well, maybe it wasn’t interactive enough. You saw how [Group before us] had games and stuff to draw the audience and we just talked.”

    Me: “I’m not sure that’s all it is. I think maybe we should have done a more student-focused issue. I mean, this one’s important, we know that, but I think for most people our age, the issue just goes over their heads.”

    (Everyone kind of stares at me and a couple people start laughing. After a few seconds, I figure it out.)

    Me: “Did I really say that?”

    Club Secretary: “I’m putting that in the official notes. [My Name] suggests that discussions about drones go over people’s heads.”

    Wears Slip-Ons


    Blind To His Color Blindness

    | Edmonton, AB, Canada | Art/Design, Parents

    (I am touring my son’s grade-three classroom during parent-teacher night. The walls are decorated with students’ landscape drawings, some of which have the child’s name printed on them and some don’t. I see a picture with the trees, grass, and sky depicted in colours not found in nature.)

    Me: “That’s [Son]’s drawing, isn’t it?”

    Teacher: “Yes, it is. How did you know?”

    (Every year I write a note to his current teacher, explaining that he is profoundly colour-blind, but they never seem to pay any attention.)

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