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    This Teacher Is Grating

    | FL, USA | Language & Words, Teachers

    (I’m five years old, and my usual kindergarten teacher is out. There’s a substitute in her place, who was left with instructions to have us write little stories. I’ve always been intelligent, and started reading at a very young age, so I’m a little rebellious when this sub comes over to review my work. She’s reading over my shoulder, and immediately points out a ‘mistake.’)

    Sub: *pointing at a word I’d just written* “That’s not a real word, young lady. You spelled it wrong.”

    Me: *reading the word* “No, I’m sure it’s spelled right.”

    Sub: “No, no! You see, ‘grateful’ is spelled ‘G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L’.”

    Me: “No, it’s not.”

    (At this point, I’m puzzled, and the sub suddenly becomes very forceful.)

    Sub: “It’s not spelled like that! ‘Grateful’ is spelled like ‘great!’ It’s spelled like great! G-R-E-A-T! ‘Great!'”

    (She goes on like this until I change the word to meet her expectations. I change it back as soon as she’s moved on to another student. I told my mother when I got home, and was very relieved the next day when my regular teacher was back.)

    Unable To Find The Answer

    | CA, USA | Exams/Tests, Extra Stupid, Teachers

    (We are taking a multiple-choice chemistry test using a scantron. A substitute teacher is supervising the class because our regular teacher had a doctor’s appointment.)

    Student #1: “Um, [Teacher]? Question number 26 doesn’t have any answer choices below it.”

    Teacher: “Then it must be a short-answer question. Just write the answer out in words instead of putting A, B, C, or D.”

    (The class is speechless for a moment.)

    Student #2: “We’re using scantrons.”

    Teacher: “So? Write the answer on the scantron.”

    Student #3: “There’s no place to write anything. You just fill in the bubbles.”

    Teacher: “Really? It doesn’t have a short-answer section or anything?”

    Student 3#: “No…”

    (The substitute teacher takes a spare scantron and stares at it for a few seconds.)

    Teacher: “Huh. Can you write in the blank space at the top or on the sides or…”

    Student #2: “The machine can’t read that.”

    Teacher: “Can you write in this blue box?”

    (She points to a dark blue box that reads “Do not write in this area.” Then she sees the text.)

    Teacher: “Oh… never mind.”

    Looking For A Male-To-Male Connector

    | Dublin, Ireland | LGBTQ, Teachers, Technology

    (Not that anyone minds, but there has been some idle speculation over whether or not this lecturer is gay. The lecturer comes into class and begins setting up his laptop.)

    Lecturer: “Hey, guys, where’s the cable to connect this to the projector? There’s supposed to be one in every room.”

    Student: “[Other Lecturer] was in here earlier; I saw him take a cable and leave.”

    Lecturer: “Okay, I’ll go ask him about it.”

    (He leaves and comes back a few minutes later with the cable.)

    Lecturer: “Yep, [Other Lecturer] took it. He said he didn’t but he obviously did. I didn’t want to frisk him. Not in public anyway!”

    (Another mystery solved!)

    You Are Mostly Dead To Me

    | TX, USA | Language & Words, Movies & TV, Students, Teachers, Top

    Student #1: “You know how we had to write a movie review about our favorite movie for [English Teacher]‘s class?”

    Student #2: “Yeah, what about it?”

    Student #1: “I did mine on The Princess Bride. Today, [English Teacher] called me up and told me I had to redo it because she had never heard of that movie and thought I had just made it up.”

    Student #2: “She never saw The Princess Bride? That’s just… inconceivable!”

    (Both students start laughing uncontrollably.)

    By Any Other Name

    | USA | Family & Kids, Teachers

    (I’m a senior in French class with a teacher who is known to be a bit snippy with some of the students. There’s one girl in particular she has it in for. The girl’s sister went to the same school years before, but the teacher still gets her name wrong.)

    Girl: *doodling*

    Teacher: “[Sister], pay attention!”

    Girl: “I’m [Girl], not [Sister], but sorry. What was the question?”

    (The teacher calls her the wrong name several more times, each time the girl gets a little less patient. Finally…)

    Girl: *to me* “I’m not responding until she gets it right now.”

    Me: “Good idea. I’ll play along.”

    Teacher: “[Sister], go up to the board and write the future tenses of [verb].”

    (The girl stares straight ahead.)

    Teacher: “[Sister], move it!”

    (Again the girl doesn’t reply.)

    Teacher: “[Sister]! Do you need your hearing checked?”

    Girl: “Maybe, [Sister] does, but I’m [Girl].”

    Teacher: “So?”

    Girl: “I would appreciate it if you called me by my name and not my sister’s. It’s been seven years since you had her.”

    Teacher: “Oh, whatever. It’s not like me getting your name right is all that important.”

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