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    An Inventive Take On History

    | CT, USA | Extra Stupid, History

    (My fifth-level French class is studying France in the 16th century. In French, the word for “this” is “cette,” and the word for “seven” is “sept,” which sound similar.)

    Teacher: *in French* “Name two inventions from this century.”

    Student: *in French* “The seventh century?”

    Teacher: *in English* “No, in THIS century. Can you imagine if I asked about inventions in the seventh century? ‘Hmm, the wheel, fire…'”

    (The other students continue making suggestions along these lines.)

    Me: “Um… the seventh century was after the fall of the Roman Empire.”

    Teacher: “Oh. So I guess they had fire already, huh?”

    Me: “Yup.”

    Modern Schooling Can Draw Blood

    | NC, USA | Health & Body, Students

    (I just got out of a small private tutor type class room. The next class usually has 5 or 6 kids around the ages of 7 – 10.)

    Kid #1: “[Teacher]! [Kid #2] has blood streaming down her leg!”

    Teacher: “Again?”

    (She closes the door.)

    Mom: “Again…? Is this a usual thing?”

    School Is Building A Reputation

    , | Wichita, KS, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Family & Kids

    (I’m a maintenance worker at a daycare/pre-school that’s attached to a church, and I overhear this one day while I am cleaning windows.)

    Teacher: *leading the four-year-old students outside* “Okay, kids, we’re gonna go outside and walk around the building!”

    Little Boy: “Miss! No! It’s not a building! It’s actually a school. It just LOOKS like a building!”

    On The Road To Madness

    | Scotts Valley, CA, USA | Bizarre/Silly

    (My friend and I are walking home after school. I am in fifth grade and he is in fourth. Our school is called Smith School. The road the school is on has the same name and is thus called Smith School Road.)

    Friend: “I wonder if they named the road after the school or the school after the road?”

    Me: “I would have to say that they named the road after the school, because if the school was named after the road, the school would be called Smith School Road School.”

    Under Testing Circumstances

    | TX, USA | Exams/Tests

    (I am a fifth grader. My class is taking our end of year test, and I am the first one done.)

    Me: “Ma’am? I’m done.”

    Teacher: “Are you sure?”

    Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

    Teacher: *after she has taken my test* “Now, [My Name], I want you to know that you will be receiving a detention for rushing on your test. There is no way that you took enough time to answer each question properly.”

    (I tried not to cry and failed. The teacher continued to ‘make a lesson out of me.’ I ended up getting a perfect score on the test, but I didn’t get an apology.)

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