• Justice Is An Art Form
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    Justice Is An Art Form

    | White Lake, MI, USA | Bad Behavior, Bully

    (The basic art class in my high school, the one that is a prerequisite for every other art class offered, fills up quickly, partly because everyone uses it as a blow-off class; I am the only one in my class who is in there to actually learn. Most people put in the minimum amount of effort, while I put everything I have into my work. As such, my table-mates like to try to antagonize me, and I can’t move because we have assigned “seats.” The teacher does nothing because they aren’t physically hurting me, so I have no choice but to tolerate the harassment. One day, when we have a substitute teacher, they push me over the edge.)

    Table-Mate #1: *in a poor imitation of me* “Ooooh, look at me! I’m such a great artist!” *waves his paintbrush around, flinging paint everywhere, including on me*

    Me: “Cut it out. You’re getting paint everywhere and if you get it on my canvas, I’m gonna hit you.”

    Table-Mate #2: “Awww, are you afraid it’ll ruin your widdle picture?”

    (I don’t glorify that with a response and continue working, trying to ignore their increasingly rude taunts, even when they start cussing at me. The noise level in the room is loud enough that the teacher hasn’t realized what is going on, especially as we are in the back corner of the room.)

    Table Mate #1: “Stop ignoring me, b****!” *reaches over and drags his brush across my entire canvas*

    (Having had enough of their treatment, I make sure the sub isn’t looking and kick his stool as hard as I can right into his leg. He stumbles back, knocks his easel into his buddy’s, and those both take down the stool they’d stupidly left their paints on — We have tables for a reason: so paints won’t get knocked down or sat on]. The substitute comes over to see what is going, and both of my table-mates proceed to tell her what I’ve done.)

    Sub: “[My Name], is that true?”

    Me: “No. They’ve been back here goofing off all hour and being nuisances. He tripped over the stool.”

    Sub: “I thought so. You’ve never caused any trouble before. Boys, get this cleaned up and get back to work. [My Name], why don’t you come up here and work at another table? I’ll leave a note for the regular teacher to leave you up there so you can work in peace from now on.”

    Physically Unresponsive

    | USA | Students

    (Our physics class takes place at the beginning of the day.)

    Teacher: “How are we all today?”

    Student #1: “Tired.”

    Student #2: “Confused.”

    Student #3: “Alive.”

    Student #4: “Barely.”

    Not The Expected Reaction

    | NM, USA | Bizarre/Silly, Parents

    (My physics teacher is doing an experiment in class in which he tests a student’s reaction time by dropping a dollar bill just above their hand and seeing where on the dollar bill they catch it. This is to explain kinematics equations. The first time the student catches it no problem.)

    Professor: “Okay, now we’re going to test your reaction speed again while you’re talking on the phone. So use your phone; call someone.”

    Student: “Well, who do I call?”

    Professor: “Anyone. I don’t know, your mom.”

    Class: “Speaker phone!”

    Student: *calls his mom on speaker phone* “Hi, mom. I’m calling you from physics class.”

    Mom: “Why are you calling me from physics class?”

    Class: *laughs*

    Mom: “[Student], are you being an a** again?”

    Expanding Your Minds

    | TX, USA | Awesome, Math & Science, Teachers

    (This takes place in calculus class, while watching one of the pre-recorded lessons by our deceased teacher.)

    Old Teacher: “Imagine this curve here is one of the icy mountains of Montana. Now what we’re trying to figure out is how much of this we would need to melt to fill this curve here”

    (Being a science nerd, I feel the need to point out that water expands when it freezes and goes back to its original volume when it melts.)

    Old Teacher: “Of course the water would be less because it expands when it freezes, but we’re not gonna get into that.”

    Me and New Teacher: *laugh*

    New Teacher: “He knows you so well!”

    Doesn’t Want To Do Less, More Or Less

    | NM, USA | Homework, Students

    (For our biology lab midterm we’re working on projects in groups of three. We’ve finished the lab work and are discussing how we’re going to present it. The project has five clear sections to cover.)

    Partner #1: “I want to present sections two, three, and four.”

    Partner #2: “Okay, I can present section one.”

    Me: “And I can present section five.”

    Partner #1: “Wait, you guys are only going to do one section each?”

    Me: “I can cover one of the middle sections so we both have two.”

    Partner #2: “I can as well; I’ve finished my other midterms already.”

    Partner #1: “No, no, I like those three sections. I don’t want to do less; I just want you guys to do more.”