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  • Firing Up A Passion For Science
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  • Can’t Follow The Paper Trail

    | CA, USA | Extra Stupid, Students, Technology

    (I work as a lab supervisor in a small private college. My lab has about 80 computers split into four rooms sharing two printers. Many students there are very computer-challenged.)

    Student: ”My paper didn’t print.”

    Me: ”Which printer?”

    (The student names the printer so I direct her to the room its in. Thirty seconds later the student returns.)

    Student: ”It’s not there. The printer says it’s out of paper but I don’t think that’s the problem.”

    Me: ”Let’s take some paper just in case.”

    (It was out of paper.)

    Stupidity Come In Many Languages

    | Denmark | Extra Stupid, Language & Words, Teachers

    (I’m in Mandarin class doing some work with two of my classmates. Despite being Danish, it is not uncommon for us to speak English, which we are currently doing.)

    Classmate #1: *in Danish* “Why do you guys do that? Speak English?”

    Me: *in English* “It’s easier, I guess? We don’t really think about it.”

    Teacher: *in Danish* “[Classmate #2], [Classmate #3], [My Name], you are in Chinese class! You should be speaking Danish, not English!”

    (The entire class giggled while the teacher just walked away, completely oblivious.)

    Flipping Out Over The Music

    | Houston, TX, USA | Musical Mayhem, Rude & Risque, Teachers

    (I’m in beginning band and I play bassoon, so we practice with the saxophones. Saxophones keep screwing up a note involving the middle finger.)

    Teacher: ”Saxophones! Use your naughty finger!” *he starts to wave his middle finger around* ”SEE THIS?! USE YOUR MIDDLE FINGER!”

    Students: *burst out laughing*

    From The Mouth Of Babes

    | Montreal, QC, Canada | Family & Kids, Teachers

    (Our English teacher has come to class with his six-year-old son, since his school suddenly took a snow day but our college has not.)

    Teacher: *to his son* ”There, take some papers and pens to pass time.”

    (It’s been an hour and the kid is drawing or listening peacefully. He then stands up and go beside his father.)

    Son: ”Dad?”

    Teacher: ”Yes? Is it something you don’t understand?”

    Son: ”No. But what you say is really boring!”

    (He goes back to sit and resume drawing, while everyone in the class is laughing.)

    Classmate: ”The truth comes from kids’ mouths!”

    Don’t Fail Your Family (History)

    | Melbourne, VIC, Australia | Family & Kids, Parents, Teachers

    (I am at a parent teacher conference. I am nine. Both my parents and I are Caucasian in appearance.)

    Teacher: ”So, [My Name] has been a good student except for this project, the family history one. In it she claims to be aboriginal. [My Name], this is very disrespectful to aboriginals and their culture. This is meant to be about your family history not a story.”

    Mum: ”But [Teacher], [My Name] is aboriginal. She gets it from her father’s side. She’s sixth generation Tasmanian Aboriginal.”

    Teacher: ”Don’t be silly. Look at her! She’s white with blonde hair!”

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