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    Mobile/Desktop Bug Report

    Have you experienced the following bugs while visiting our site?

    The MOBILE site shows while on your LAPTOP/DESKTOP


    The LAPTOP/DESKTOP shows while on your MOBILE device

    If so, please try clearing your browser’s cache first. If that doesn’t work, please help us by filling out the form below! Thank you so much!

    Please check all that apply:
     While on my LAPTOP or DESKTOP COMPUTER, my browser shows the MOBILE SITE. While on my MOBILE DEVICE, my browser shows the DESKTOP SITE.

    What device and browser did you experience this issue on?
    (E.g., Windows 8 laptop, iPhone 5, Firefox, etc.)

    When did you experience this issue? Please be as precise as possible.
    (E.g., Monday, May 6, 2013, 5:00pm PST)

    Which site did you experience this issue on? (Check all that apply)
     Not Always Learning Not Always Related Not Always Right Not Always Working Not Always Romantic Not Sure

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