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    Fallopian Noobs

    | St. Paul, MN, USA | Health & Body, Students, Teachers

    (I’m a sophomore in high school and a boy starts coughing and gagging on some crackers in class.)

    Student: “Oh my God, Mrs [teacher], help! [Boy] has something stuck in his fallopian tubes!”

    Teacher: “He can cough so he’s fine — wait, what did you just say?”

    Student: “[Boy] has something stuck in his fallopian tubes!”

    (Everyone in the room stares at the student and then laughs.)

    Student: “What’s so funny?! He’s choking!”

    Teacher: “[Student], he’s fine and he can’t have anything in his fallopian tubes.”

    Student: “What do you mean? Aren’t your fallopian tubes up here?” *motions at her throat*